What would you like to be the next new civ? (Poll)

To read before answering the poll.

To keep the poll as unbiased as possible, please just answer the question and don’t post comments on why it should be one civ and not another one. I just want the oneast and first answer that comes to mind to people, I’m interested in the discussion, and there are already plenty of topics dedicated to that.
All clear?

If instead, you think that I forgot a civ and you would like to see it added to the poll, just post a single comment with just the name of the civ or culture that you want to see, and I’ll know that I have to add it. I’ll try to post all fan requests, starting with the most famous, but it maybe be that some will be forgotten, please don’t take that personally.

Lastly, this is about the civ that you wish to see as the next hinted civ, not the civ that you think it’s most likely to be added.

So, what would you wish to be the next hinted civilization? (if you don’t fine your civ here, check on the other poll and ignore this one)

  • Italians
  • Morocco
  • Persians
  • Brazilians
  • Koreans
  • Danes
  • Austria
  • Zulu
  • Poles
  • Mayans
  • Mapuche

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Thanks for your participation, and remember to be polite and respect the rules above.

I’ll add here a new post, if you didn’t find your civ above, check it here to see if it was added in a second moment. If you voted in the poll above, just ignore this poll. (you can also ignore the non of the second poll answers, since it’s there just to let me see the results).

Consider this poll as an extension of the previous one, so if you voted before don’t vote again.

  • Congolese
  • Omani
  • Siamese
  • Non of the second poll

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Here instead is the link for the newer and bigger poll, where you can express your vote on more options, and you can give a vote to each civ.


Fell free to link this poll in inherent topics and discussions, here on the forum but on other forums too.

The most people we reach, the more accurate the results will be.


I don’t see Mapuche which are a popular option around here


Ok guys, sorry I thought that adding new civ won’t reset the poll.

I ask to everyone who already voted to vote again.

Sorry again for the inconvenience. In the future I’ll add other civs in another way.

Added, but if you voted I ask to vote again, my fault…

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Missing Congolese, Omani, Prussians and Siamese at least.

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I think Prussian are included with germans, even though there are some arguments against it.

I’ll add the other ones here and put a lint in the first post.

I’ll add here and in this manner the new civs, since adding them to the original post risk to reset the post.

I still invite everyone who voted before to check if their votes are still there, and in case re vote.

Like Austrians you mean?

True… I still don’t know, the germans always sounded more inspired by the prussian…

Listen, I’ll wait a bit to add them to see if other people want them too, and also so that I’ll add eventually more forgotten civs.

Sorry guys, don’t hate me or report me for spam, but if I want to get more people as possible to answer the poll I need that this topic stay visible and high on the forum.

Remember to link the poll to every inherent topic and even off forum, so to get more people votias we can.

This poll might not affect the decision of the next civ that will be introduced, but it might show that we want even more civs later on, and that what we want.

might make some sense making a “what DLC do you want” poll then, rather than single nations.

Meh, I wanted to see first for what civs people are hoping for after the hint.

Seeing what DLC people might want after that is a consequence.

I want them all especially the first 5 choices. I hope the devs continue releasing DLC, I’ll buy them all.


The Persians are surpassing the Moroccans!

My greatest preference are Italians with Renaissance themes.

PD: At least add Polish winged hussars! (Unique unit) I love them!

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btw just want to point out but people who vote on second poll have also voted on first, so that gives an impression that those factions are likely more wanted than they actually are.

just keep that in mind before you think that Siam are nr 4

I already noticed it, don’t worry.

After gathering enough votes, I’ll close the poll and consider only people who voted one time. People who voted 2 time will be considered in a second moment, still don’t know how, but I may decide to split the vote in half.

In the end there will always be people who don’t read everything correctly, so error is expected.

Can someone tell me why Omanis were important ? just want to know

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as far as i know because they had colonies and they are seen as a “placeholder” for “generic Arabian civ”.

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