What would you like to see in Myth Retold?

★ I hope to see most beautiful graphics im AOM Retold even better than AOE III DE’s graphics (Gorgeous maps - Seas - Buildings - Units - …)
★ Let us choose our favorite color in the lobby like AOE IV

★ Increase population limit (I hope 200 pop cap) & let us freely build towen centers (With build limits) for booming purposes & making our colony glorious & bigger
★ Let us rotate camera & rotate our buildings (When we want to build them)
★ Better zoom & zoom out
★ Let us build the statues of our major gods to make our colony more beautiful & maybe they can trickle a tiny amount of favor

★ Increase the model size of some buildings (Especially watch towers) & units (Especially naval units) to become more realistic

★ Change the icons of these techs for Norse :

Its really bad to see greek helmets instead of northern helmets for upgrading Norse units
★ I hope some well known heroes of single-player make it to the multiplayer like : Arkantos - Kastor - Gargarensis - Kemsyt - Kamos - Agamemnon - …
★ I hope some powerful units of single-player make it to the multiplayer too like : Arkantos (Uber) - Living poseidon statue - Guardian - Osiris - …
Imagine you can revive these super strong units in some specific maps by finding their weapons - body parts - …
This would be definitely a game changer !


★ Mummy : Please completely rework the mummy . It was expensive- fragile- high pop cap unit - super ugly & thin (Model) & weakest instant - kill myth unit in game.
Please balance & buff his stats & his ability & change his model & use proper model for him :


★ Sun of osiris : Please let us heal son of osiris in AOM Retold . Let us heal him very slowly with pharaoh or priests

★ Please give proper sandals to some units & heroes especially Arkantos . It’s really hard & odd to walk on hot sands of Egypt & icy grounds of North :

★ DLC : I really hope you add new fresh contents after the release of AOM Retold . I personally like to see Persian mythology based on rich & great Achaemenid culture & Zoroastrianism :

★ And finally don’t be hurry to release the game as soon as possible . Work on it with patience & give us what we want (Beautiful - Glorious - Epic mythology)
Thank you very much :heart::heart::heart:


Another suggestion I’d like to give: Keep to the original design philosophy of AoM.

For example, the greeks are very Ray Harryhousen, the norse are Wagnerian, and the Egyptians are very The Ten Commandments. Keep the designs “retro” and ensure that new units are also “retro”.


For any who will be zooming in to view their feet while managing the resources and stuff, I think that will be a great time. :ok_hand: :wink:

As for the mummy: it may appear as weaker, but also creates a free myth unit (minion) in place of the probably expensive myth unit it took down.

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This man forgot cinematics are a big part of campaign.

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Look out for AoM news today, AoEmpires wrote in instagram comments that they are showcasing it today by itself


I’ve always wanted the buildings and ships in Age games to be in proportion to the human units.

I definitely want to see this in AoM Retold.


Did the showcase happen? :smiley:

Was just this I’m afraid

Yeah, I think a showcase might happen next year.

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Ok, so I finally managed to read all of the comments and take notes. This will be my second recommendation post. Also, I hope you let us know when we can stop making suggestions…

I think the most important thing to remember is that AoM is not AoE. Whatever it is that the devs produce, whether a remake or a DE, must be AoM and not AoE. My general preference is a DE, but I won’t assume that’s the goal. In my opinion, there are several things that separate AoM from other ES titles, particularly AoE2:

First is wildly different civs. Civs must play and feel different, while not being inherently inferior or superior to each other. As to what civs to include, obviously the AoM1 civs will be there based off of the teaser. As I previously mentioned, I’m agnostic about the Atlanteans as they are really just the Greeks with a new skin (if they are being kept, maybe replace them with Romans, who are a civ that actually existed and also hijacked Greek mythology??). I hate the Chinse and welcome never seeing them again in AoM unless they are fixed. In my opinion, if you remove a unit from a civ (elephants from Eggys) to give to another civ (Persian/Indian civ?) and make the game a little more realistic, I don’t think the community will deeply care. If you add seven new civs that are all variations of the Greeks or whatever, then we are now playing Age of Empires, Mythology Edition instead of AoM, and many people will care. Quality over quantity, and take your time.

Second is the major/minor god system. This has to stay in a meaningful way. I welcome adding new major/minor gods if you want, but they need to be balanced so that they are all generally viable as much as possible.

Third is that compared to AoE2 in particular, AoM plays differently, and often much faster (in my experience, at least). Three things create (or at least greatly facilitate) this unique play style: settlements being fixed, units taking more than one pop space, and limited numbers of houses/pop. These three factors, I think, create AoM’s play style. They force you to make terrain decisions that you don’t have to in other Age games, and you have to be very selective of what units you build. Greeks can’t just spam a ton of colossi and go to town because they take so much pop space. I therefore think that these elements need to stay, or at minimum should be the default settings. I’m probably in the minority on the pop cap question, but I think the limited house number and pop cap is integral to the game. Maybe increase max pop cap a little, but don’t under any circumstances make all units take one pop space or double the standard pop cap.

Last is 3D graphics. Units can’t stack on each other in the way they can in AoE2.

I think everything else is gravy. I know you’re going to improve on the graphics and will redo the score. If this is a DE, I think being able to toggle between new and old music score is good. If you do keep the Atlanteans with their many multi-use god powers, I think that certain GPs in other civs should also be multi-use.

Here are a few other points that I saw in other peoples’ posts that I wanted to comment on:

Titans: I like Titans and would like to see them in the game, but keep titans an optional setting. Pathing for them can be really frustrating, and they can’t go through water. These should be addressed. They should be able to walk over darn near everything and dish out trample damage. At least one person also mentioned adding more skins, even one per major god. I don’t know if that many are needed, but maybe two skins per civ, and which one pops up is random?

Home menu updates: I hate the stupid default Tales of the Dragon start menu. Make the start menu more like the original games. Also, adding Art of War missions (for each civ??) is a good idea.

If DE, please get rid of new EE units (I’m looking at you, Norse Archer guy).

A few people mentioned favor cap or GP adjustments, such as using favor (and maybe gold) to be able to reuse a GP. The 100 favor limit does seem a little restrictive, and I’m personally ok with reusing GPs as long as it’s balanced well and only applicable to specific ones (Meteor Shower probably should be a one-time thing). Either way, I think you have to keep favor since it’s a mythology game, so don’t add stone.

One comment brought up limiting how many trade caravans can go to a single TC. This seems like it could be interesting, as it would increase trade risk and I think could make the game more interesting. Maybe it’s worth looking into.

Please leave auto-production/ auto-queueing. Maybe have it as an option that can be turned on/off.

Campaigns: If DE, remaster/reshoot the campaigns. If not, I think that the AoM1 campaign that covers a single over-arching story and jumps thru the civs is the right approach. Either way, if you release more civs, then create more campaigns that also switch around between the civs. Short campaigns that stick to a single civ are fine, but main campaigns should not stick to a single civ, IMO.

Can we make the relics look different, with each one looking different or a few different skins based on what they impact (military, economy, myth units, techs)? This was supposed to happen when the game originally released, but ended up not for some reason.

I’ve seen a lot of comments on the scenario editor. Create something that allows people to showcase their own creativity please!

Lastly, once again, best of luck with balancing and all of the other things that go into making something like this successful. Thank you!


I agree that pop space works fine, especially balancing units like the Titans or Greek Colossi.

However, I always felt that limiting pop space based on the number of TC’s restricted gameplay too much. Maybe one player wants to make a comeback, or had units with lower mobility, and cannot compete late game. Controlling more TC’s means that you can produce more villagers and have more resources (gold) anyway, so giving a fixed maximum pop cap (regardless of number of TC’s) would make the game more fun in my opinion.

I was considering writing a long extensive essay on what I’d like to see, but I think I’m just going to try and keep this “short” with some bullet points I’ve written for myself. This is not comprehensive so I may reply more than once. My first real experience with strategy games was with the original Age of Mythology game when I was still learning to read. I was a ###### #### you see, and when I saw the game in a store, I knew I wanted it. At the time it was my eldest sister’s birthday and what did I do? I got her the game when it was actually for me. She was disappointed in me but gave it a chance. It wasn’t her cup of tea, but we laugh about it now in our late 20s.

  • Pantheons/Civilizations/Religions

    • Everyone has their favorite and want their own to be showcased, or for those that have largely survived to modern time, not at all for one reason or another. What I’ll like to see is at least one from every continent. I know next to nothing about African civilizations and think that would be cool to learn more about them in a game. More people are learning about Japanese culture through modern media, but for the more of the deeper historical aspects, it goes over people’s heads past the world wars. It might be a strange choice to some people since we got a Chinese pantheon and both landmasses are so close, but you can use this to show the unique differences and similarities between both.
    • Others I’d like to see are those of the Native Americas and maybe some fictional ones down the line in a form of DLC. The Cthulhu mythos and Lord of the Rings seem to be quite popular among the fans of your game that I’ve interacted with over the years.
    • Lastly for those you can’t or won’t add, give the community the tools to craft their own Civilizations whether they be based in reality or fantasy. That and other modding tools should give the game a longer lifespan. I’d like to try a crack at making one based on Touhou Project.
  • Myth/editor units

    • For those units that don’t fit in anyone civilization or scenario, throw them in the editor and give us more tools to work with for custom games. I think it could be a fun creative exercise for some game developers. Thunder Birds, Werewolves, Mothmen, Vampires, Dragons, Unicorns, Skin-walkers, Leprechauns, Angels, Oni, and Tengu. Hell, even one-of-a-kind creatures of myth and Gods! Also, why stop at ancient creatures of legend when we also have more creatures from the past 100 years till now? (Cryptids, Urban Legends, Local Legends.) [Edit. I’m talking about editor-only units that might be useful to custom game creators.]
    • It would be cool to see Mothman as a unit that can attack in the air and land, or even a God unit with more than one attack and a special.
  • The Editor

    • A tutorial and a how-to guide would be nice, I’m still learning new things! Have a look around Age of Mythology Heaven, the Steam Workshop, and even talk to some experts like Nottud, Yeebaagooon, or Zenophobia.
    • Consider giving us more player colors and support for colorblind players.
    • Let us use more than four god powers at least in custom games.
  • Better Mod Support

    • Not a mod creator myself but I think it would do you some good to talk to those that do create mods. This would help further extend the life of the game and draw more people in.
  • Campaigns

    • I love the current campaigns, but I think it’s time to give them their own makeovers rather than just improving the graphics again and altering missions slightly. I wouldn’t mind a redesign of The New Atlantis or Tale of the Dragon that changes story elements or give us more missions. I’d also like to see new campaigns that don’t necessarily take place in the same “world” as Fall of the Trident.
    • AoM Extended Edition was graphic overall, let Retold be something new with familiar elements.
  • Difficulty, Handicaps, and AI

    • Sometimes I like fighting the AI instead of playing multiplayer, but often when I raise the difficulty, I’m just raising the handicaps of the Ais without making them act smarter, they become predictable in a way. For AIs I think you should be two different difficulty options. One that affects how smart the AI is and one that just gives it various handicaps that make it appear stronger (faster resource gathering, unit training, tech speed, etc.). It’s a pain to make a custom map with AI players only to learn they’re too dumb to navigate the map without advanced triggers.
    • Titian is the hardest difficulty in AoM. Going into Retold, should test RTS players to their limits and advanced knowledge of the game, punishing any mistakes. Saying that it should be possible to beat a Titan AI one-on-one or a campaign on Titan in its entity. I’ve beaten every campaign mission on Titan but Tale of the Dragon because of how broken and unbalanced it was without exploits.
    • Consider rewarding players that beat X campaign or all the campaigns on the highest difficulty. (The old flash game Warlords 2: Rise of Demons rewarded players who beat the game three times by letting them play as a hidden advanced faction. Consider rewarding players who beat all the campaigns on the highest difficulty by allowing them to play as a hidden civilization. This could be a joke civilization, an advanced civ with units welding modern weaponry, or an amalgamation of every pantheon. Obviously, this civilization would be banned from ranked games and the random god pool.) [Edit. I’m suggesting a possible reward for players who beat all the campaigns on the highest difficulty in the form of a civilization meant for fun and not serious gameplay. Joke and modern civilizations have no place in an RTS game bout ancient religions and societies]
  • Music

    • Please keep the old music untouched. I would also love it if you added extended new versions or just new music.
  • Population

    • Please increase the population limit/make some units cost less population.
  • Buildings

    • Why is it that I have to build a town center on a settlement, but Age of Empires players can build a one anywhere? Please get rid of the arbitrary build limit at least for non-ranked games. I wouldn’t mind seeing a new expensive wall type that is used to keep out infantry and weaker to Sige and myth units. Stone walls should be hard to destroy for normal units.
  • Minor Gods

    • Consider letting players choose more than two minor gods. If I’ve playing on a mostly water map, I want to see the mad lad that picks all the minor gods that give sea-related bonuses.
  • Resources

    • With Caravans, farms, and fishing we can effectively get infinite gold and food, but what about wood? If we are keeping these ways to get infinite resources, then I’d like to see a way to get infinite wood with a tree farm that takes time to grow from an obnoxiously large building with a high-risk high reward so you can harvest it.
    • Let villagers fish if they are close to the land.
    • I think it would be neat to be able to store more favor and purchase god powers with it in some way.
    • I don’t mind if you give us stone as a new resource
  • Map size

    • Please give us large maps for those long single-player games and tiny maps to test our macroing skills.
  • New Game modes

    • I’d like to see a casual game mode for less experienced players that just want to have fun without worrying about matchups, hotkeys, or balance. This game mode would introduce new expensive tech that doesn’t necessarily care for balance and is more about making your myth units unstoppable killing machines, giving players more strategic options considering what they should invest in, and fun. There could also be multiple ways to win rather than just supremacy like gathering all the relics for a set time, killing a player’s Regent, etc. I’d love something like this for those long single-player games on huge maps. Designing the techs could also be a fun creative exercise for developers during downtime.
  • Titans

    • I like the normal titan units as a concept but once you see one titan you see them all. They should feel more like these massive unstoppable creatures that are the culmination of all your progress. They shouldn’t just be giant damage sponges that are good at destroying buildings but should be unique with their own special attacks that fit the legends they are based on, and capable of walking through water. If players don’t want titans then they can play without them via the host settings.
    • If summoning Titans doesn’t fit with Retold’s story, then let players summon avatars of their major god as a new super unit with more than two attacks.
  • Healing

    • Please give us a way to heal any unit/building, I don’t care how slow or expensive it is I want to heal my one-of-a-kind units (Titans, Son of Osiris, Nidhogg).
  • Multiplayer

    • I like playing multiplayer and I like playing long custom games with hundreds of units and more than six players, but at a certain point, AoM just doesn’t like to work. Lag, crashing, visual glitches, etc. Playing any kind of multiplayer game with more than six players for an hour is causing trouble and we’ve been forced to adapt. Please fix the multiplayer connection issues.
    • I think we could use more host options for games. I don’t enjoy competitive ranked play, so I usually don’t pay much mind to it. Some players seem to think we should be doing away with auto-queue for units which I think is silly, so as a compromise I think we should make it a host option for at least in non-ranked games.
    • Chat settings, let players talk how they wish if they consent. It’s annoying when I’m talking to a player and the game censors a word that’s not even a curse word.
  • Quality of Life Features/Other

    • Why is it that when I put units on auto attack, they don’t attack my enemy’s multilayered walls and I have to manually click everything?
    • Add shallow water where both land and sea units can move around in.
    • Keep things at least somewhat historically accurate, this is a game about myths and legends after all (most of which have multiple interpretations).
    • Don’t rush the game, quality over quantity. Every Civ should feel unique, and the game should feel like AoM not just with a new coat of paint or AoE. Embrace the title of Retold
  • Graphics

    • I’ve always loved the style and art of AoM and AoE2, I don’t think anything has to change in a major way. I’ve never thought of it as cartoonish.
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If we were to include recent cryptids then that means the regular units would then be carrying guns, piloting airplanes, helicopters, missile launchers, etc…

I don’t know all about that man.

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This was intentionally done to incentives map control and to stop people from ‘cornering’ and refusing to forfeit.


The first idea was an idea for editor-only units and the second was a suggestion for a reward to incentivize players to try and beat all the campaigns on the highest difficulty. They both sound silly and even stupid for a game based on ancient and mythological combat, but they could be fun to play with in a carefree casual setting. I’m looking forward to the new cheat units they let us custom game creators play with.

Ah okay. Thanks for the clarification!

True enough, I was just mostly spitballing ideas and seeing what others might say in response. Another idea could be to let players build town centers anywhere at an increased cost and maybe nerfed stats, but also letting them cost cheaper and have normal stats if built on a settlement. If that sounds more like a hassle then we can just keep things the way they are for town centers without reinventing the wheel.

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I would just say that the key thing about the settlements is that they are the only other way to raise your pop, so if you have a more expensive TC that also impacts pop that you can build anywhere, you have gutted the terrain-control aspect of AoM. You’ve fundamentally altered a key point of concern (holding settlements) that separates AoM from other Age games. If you can build it anywhere but it doesn’t impact pop, then it could help you boom, but I’m not sure how practical that is.


All good points, thank you for furthering what [SoullessHeathen] was trying to tell me. I think I just might stick around longer in this thread. I’m still peeved that they got rid of the discord thread and didn’t give some of us the time to archive responses. Overall this way is more organized and feels more formal.

One thing I think would be cool is if every major god got access to a unique human unit similar to the Greeks. Atlanteans on the other hand might instead have their unique unit instead be awarded through the choice of Mythic minor God like Helios.

Another thing I think would be good would be “Treasures” aside from relics (like statues that can be used to gain resources or special huntables that give favor in addition to food when hunted) sown across the map and guarded by monsters albeit much similar to Age of empires 3, albeit much less prominent.

Another more minor idea would be to classify myth units in a similar manor to Human units and some heroes for countering purposes -among the classical greek myth units for example, The Centaur would be a (Cavalry)Archer, while both the minotaur and cyclops are infantry.

Also, building upon my prior idea of minor civs being within settlements and enabling access to new gods/ units, here are a few ideas for greece-

Hades/Cthonian Settlement
Minor gods unlocked:

Classical age - Persephone -focus: economy
God power - Coming of Spring- Instantly spawns up to 9 farms in a 3x3 and provides abreif increase in their gather rate.
Myth unit - Orthus: Giant two headed dog that leaps into battle with a weak aoe attack
Underworld pomegranate - Reduces the non favor cost of myth units
Plutus’ wealth- Makes markets and caravans available in the classical age and increases the rate of which they generate gold.

Heroic age- Tartarus -Focus: anti hero units
God power: Imprison- Seals units in the target area away from the world for a time. Units cannot enter or leave imprisonment. Units that have been imprisoned are for all intents and purposes “paused” and cannot take any form of action or be acted upon (such as being attacked). Any temporary effects on the unit such as poison or healing are also paused and will resume upon the moment imprisonment ends. Imprisoned units do not take up population
Myth unit- Caucasian Eagle- Flying myth unit effective vs heroes
Tantalus’s torment- Human units to bonus damage to heroes
Sisyphean task- Human units take less damage from heroes

Mythic age: Typhon -Focus: Myth units
God power: Typhon unleashed- Costs 50 favor and 1000 of all other resources. Cannot be used if those resources are not available or if Titans are not allowed. Creates a special titan gate where when finished will release Typhon onto the world. Typhon is an extremely powerful ranged unit whose attacks deal AOE damage but is significantly less effective against buildings than other titans.
Myth unit- Ladon- Ranged variant of the Hydra (Grows head in battle).
Father of monsters- Heroes occasionally spawn myth units like Loki or in the case of Loki’s Hessirs, increases the rate which they spawn them. Pharaohs and Greek heroes spawn myth units faster than mass produced heroes other than Loki’s Hessirs.
Rage against the Heavens- Myth units take slightly reduced damage from heroes and greatly reduced damage from god powers.

Troy Settlement

Human units unlocked-
Trojan worker- Limit of 5. A worker that works at 2 times the rate of the civ’s standard villager or 2 times the rate of a Greek villager when Atlantean, but costs twice as much and requires twice the population. Instead of normal walls and gates, can build Trojan walls and gates which cost more and require more space, but are proportionally more durable and are automatically improved upon age up.

Minor gods unlocked

Classical age- Demeter – Focus Economy
God power- Revolt- targeted enemy economic units aside from ox carts will refuse to collect resources, build, or repair for a time and move slower. Norse infantry in the target area will also refuse to build and repair but will not be forced to move slower.
Myth unit- Calydonian Boar – Powerful boar unit that occasionally fires bolts of lightning
Harvest season- increases all food gather rates
Drought and Winter- Cavalry and cavalry archer type units do bonus damage to villagers
Two Queens- villagers train faster

Heroic age- Eris- Focus Economy
God power- Anarchy- A more powerful one use version of chaos.
Myth unit- Siren- Myth unit that can transition between a flying form that is and a sea born form. Can occasionally stun a human unit with their attacks.
Apple of Discord- Myth units cost less favor
Aeneas’ Legacy- Villagers gain HP, harvest all resources faster, and build structures faster
Enthrall- Decreases the time necessary for sirens to wait between stunning enemies. Also increases the movement speed of air form and damage of sea form

Mythic age- Hesta- Focus houses
God power- Time of wonder- Places the foundation of a wonder anywhere on the map at reduced cost. Cannot be cast if the player has insufficient resources.
Myth unit- Geryon- Multiple bodied giant. Can attack multiple units simultaneously.
Sacred hospitality- Houses provide 2 additional population and manors provide 4 additional population.
Ambrosia- Houses heal nearby units.
Lady of the Hearth- structures slowly recover hit points over time.

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