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               <p>WELCOME BACK TO HISTORY! The wait is over! Age of Empires: Definitive Edition is available now at the Microsoft Store on Windows 10. We are so excited for you to experience all the new features that we’ve brought to this classic RTS. Beyond the upscaled 4k visuals and remastered soundtrack, we’ve found that these quality-of-life … Continued</p>
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no automatic reseed farm function in the granary? :frowning:

Can you guys please fix the attack animations of the Armored Elephants ? They seem to make strange moves with their heads and often engage in empty space. The normal War elephants are okay.

The game is great plays just as I remember and the sound design is amazing, however if posible if you could add formations to the units and an automatic reseed farm option on the granary it would be a completely perfect game.

The only thing that is needed furthermore are gates in the walls and automatic farms. These modifications would make the game perfect!

Why is the option to play against the system disabled?

now we need gates! :smiley:

You should be able to pick your color in multiplayer. Also the pathfinding has actually felt worse to me than on the original. I played the original all last week so I definitely have a recent recollection of it.

It’s beautiful. OTOH, didn’t even start to play a few online games, it dropped me from the game. AoE 2 HD all over again. That wasn’t fixed, I bet this won’t be fixed either. So obviously, why not take (again) a pretty good game and crap on it with such bad networking.

Why is this game not all over Gamespot, IGN, and Metacritic?. Stop being cheap. Cut them a check and let them rate your game. It will bring in A LOT more money. I don’t understand what is going on with your marketing team?. This game is an amazing piece of art. MARKET IT CORRECTLY!!..I WANT MORE PLAYERS PLAYING THIS GAME…hire me and ill market this game correctly.

I cannot get the first villager to move. Cannot find HELP and the info bubbles are useless, their totally unreadable.
I must need to adjust some settings but I cannot figure that out yet either.

Automatic farm reseeding and formations are a must. I can’t believe most of the above wasn’t in the original game but farms and formations definitely belong in this list too

would be nice if they can seads (plant new tree’s in the ground, or for new food or something) what i mis is also that i can see with of the villigers are standing stil. Im happy with the game.

Where do i see the rating of my enemies? Is there no ingame Rating / Ladder at all? (Elo rating, Powerrating or similar?)
Mostly i play against fully new players sometimes against beta players with fast bo and early infantry harass or other pushes.
I would like to know how good my enemy is - and how do we change the gamename? it seems to take my username as game name.

It keeps saying I have to connect for multiplayer and cloud storage, but I just want to do single player things. Why isn’t this game letting me in? It keeps sending me here when I hit “ok.”

Not able to interact with villagers in pause mode which was possible in earlier versions, quite handy when handling lots of tasks

I can’t play Multiplayer.“No Xbox Live service connection” error message, and yet I am logged in to Xbox Live.

Whenever I try to start a game my game instantly crashes and just keeps doing it.


Game is running so slow its unplayable for me, aswell i can hardly read any of the text in the game as its trasparent. havent gotten to try multiplayer yet since i cant be botherd if the game isnt working for me. how do i get my money back?