What's the deal with Windmills? (Just starting U.S.)

So Windmills crank out a small amount of food every second.

Is there something you have to do to claim them?

If I find a Windmill on the map what do I have to do to get ownership of it?

Are they indestructible?

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The windmills function the same way as capturable trade posts on silk road - kill the guardians and move into the area of the windmill to claim it as your own.

They cannot be sieged, but you can delete them.


Funny, I don’t recall seeing any guardians.

Can you name some maps that have windmills so I can check this out?

Spain, Dnieper Basin, Vistula Basin, Low Countries

Although on Low Countries you start with one that doesn’t have guardians.


I like the addition of the windmills and hope they explore more map bonuses like this.


I made a suggestion for villages and fishing villages that could increase the population cap and allow for infinite fishing.


Mountain Monasteries cannot be built on gold mines near windmills, even ones in your own town. Ethiopians have an inherent disadvantage of maps with windmills.

True the should ecenomic buildings allow to build close to windmil

More neutral structures are a must!

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Does this mean that I can demolish them if they are under my control?

yes. You can just delete them ^^