What's the Problem with Mix and Mashing Bonuses?

Some people hate it when a civ contains a similar bonus to another one, but really, who cares? I see no issue as long as it isn’t exactly the same and the other bonuses are not similar to said civ.

Some people need to calm down

they are clinging to this naive idea that 45 civs can be balanced the exactly same way that 18 civs were balanced* 21 years ago

*and they weren’t actually balanced


Because it’s uninspired and lazy.

There’s a lot of things you can do besides plagiarizing old ideas if you’ve got an imagination.


because you like to take barely balanced bonuses and make them absolutely broken and pretend that it would be balanced.
remember your initial proposal for Polish?
you took Slavs faster working farmer bonus (10%), which had been nerfed in order to make it balanced - and then just added every single food source in the game too it, as if that would somehow be balanced. and after the free food is gone its exactly the slavs bonus.

Well it’s better to plagiarize aoe2 ideas instead of aom/aoe3 ideas (flemish revolution, first crusade) and slap them in a game where they don’t belong.

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or how about coming up with something new - i agree that FR and FC and AoE3 style ideas are pretty bad, but there is room for original aoe2 style bonuses without just lifting htem wholesale from other civs.


I don’t know, I’m quite uncertain about this. While I agree that there are some unexplored bonus that can be used to build new civs aroung, expecially on the eco side (faster working vills, faster food collection on every source, + wood per age, cheaper military building, longer lasting trees), latest released civs wasn’t very encouraging to be honest. I’m not only talking about LotW civs, if you think about last khan civs:

  • Lithuanians are basically a one trick pony civ built around a questionable bonus.
  • Tatars and bulgarians are okay-ish now, but they’ve been basically useless for almost 1 year. Tatars improvement came partly thanks to CA buff, and bulgarians buff is basically a reboot of spanish bs bonus.
  • Cumans are an unredeemable mess, 2 TC bonus in feudal has been a trainwreck, it’s basically impossible to balance for both open and close maps.

I’d definitely prefer to have new solid and playable civs with some borrowed or unoriginal bonus, than having civ with flashy bonuses but 0 practical playability.

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I never made this. My bonus was 2 vils one farm

this thread right here

go to your very first version of the post, where you suggested for Poles

  • All food sources are gathered 10% faster

so yes, you did suggest it, the evidence is there.

heck this post right here

even has it quoted

why bring up something that is of no relevance anymore?

Anyway A civ is still unique even if the bonuses are brand new.

Yellow, red and green in one bag.

Blue, red, orange in another

Yellow, blue, purple

No issue if each color represents a bonus

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There are tons of ideas to add them to game as a new unique bonuses for new civs. In general I don’t know what equal bonuses that the civs have that you are talking about, because every civ have unique bonuses without any recycling, yeah there are some bonuses have some common things with others but still in general not that much. The 2nd thing is what make the game not that difference is the units themselvs, I mean we have 37 civs and 2 on the way, but all of them played with only 2 major units, knights and xbows, so I don’t know if adding new units with new bonuses and unique things for their civs will make it better, or maybe buffing the infantry (militia line) like giving them charge attack with +15% speed in one shot would make the game better, I will make a topic about this idea.