What's up with the cavalary bias in regional units?

Rare upgrade is regional just like Winged Hussar is.


On top of rarity, the geographic location has to be considered.

Poland and Lithuania touch each other. The battle elephant is given to South East Asian civs and the 2 easternmost Indian civs, they touch each other, it remains quite compact.

The camel goes all the way from the Malians and the Berbers, to the Chinese and Mongols. Draw a line from West Africa to China, it’s big. And they were introduced before the idea of regional units appeared, the first were the eagle scout.

Anyway the difference matters little as contrary to UUs that get punished by the samurai for some reason, there is nothing special about them.

This whole discussion itself is pointless. From American perspective, horse is regional, from Indian perspective cav archers is regional. Even the AoE wiki says regional units is an unofficial definition given by some people. Another person says wiki itself is pointless because it is editable. One person here is writing long walls of text to define what he thinks is regional using some 75% logic. Why are we even doing all this I don’t know? What are we trying to achieve?


Correct, the real question is what regional units should be added.

  • Hwacha rocket launcher (Chinese, Koreans, Mongols & Jurchens)
  • Monster bombard (Magyars & Turks)

If more african civs are added maybe a sharpshooter, knife thrower, boarding ship.

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Which weapon do you have in mind ? Bow, crossbow, arquebus ?

That already sounds like the gbeto. And throwing knives are awful compared to an axe (at least it has some mass) or a javelin (it has both mass and the point in the correct direction), it would be awful against armoured units

A succesful boarding converting the taken ship, ignoring heresy ? This could be interesting for meso civs too.


Ask @Mahazona , who was the first to question it 11

I disagree, rare upgrade is not regional, is just rare, but who cares… I agree with you that the discussion is worthless, just lets drop ideas for tentative new units…

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It will be a bow, numidian archers, archer of the eyes of Nubia, fulani archers, Africa has many sharp shooters. Maybe it can have an animation where it bends forward a bit and uses a small sized bow.

Yeah only that it can be something that fits barracks instead of the castle and a male guy. Again africa has many such knife throwing groups of different variety.
It can be made ranged and ignores armour.

Yeah something like that. Maybe it is to be made cheap and dies after it boards to balance.

Another idea is pipeblowgunner.

Some poison mechanism will also be cool where hitpoint drains out after being hit.

Another Idea is of bolas thrower as a regional unit. It will slow down the enemy with a small amount of attack.


Makes sense, the crew abandoning their old ship to take over the boarded one.

Poison would hardly be regional. It was common for archers to plant their arrows in the dirt, not only did it make them easier to pick up when shooting quickly, but it also had chances of infecting enemy soldiers that got hit. And when it comes to that category, the gold medal comes to the Golden Horde that used catapults on a genoese town in Crimea to throw some plague-infested bodies. The result is one of the cheat codes…

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Honestly, it is kind of annoying when I attempt to answer your questions, and your response is “why are we doing all this? what are we trying to achieve”

That is the question I addressed first. It was you (and a couple of others) who dragged this entire conversation into a pointless semantic game about what regional units are.

Also, if you didn’t want the answer, why did you ask that question?

The broad issue is this; stable has a lot of diversity, way more than the other two buildings. Barracks kinda sucks. In imperial, you have just 2 units there. I want that to change.

Actually, it goes further than that. You can use stable units to counter everything else in the game. Pikes? cav archers. skirms? knights. M@a? cav archers or hussars. Onagers? Hussars.

You can’t do that with Barracks or Archery range. And that doesn’t feel good.

I think I’m gonna draw a map demonstrating your point. I’ll be back.

Poison was primarily used by jungle region civs in my imagination as in large open field battles you cannot just wait for your enemy to die out. I think it is a good idea to make this for some jungle civ group.

A melee version of poison mechanism can be made too. Maybe a Fire Lancer for East Asia.

Or how about a naptha bomb thrower for oriental civs.

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That’s the UU usually considered for the Jurchens.

For Saracens and who else ?

Persians, Mongols used it too.

Sure why not.

That drain mechanism can then be also used for buildings for some kind of flamethrower weapon for Byzantine or Chinese.

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To annoy you and waste your time.

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Boarding Ship can be for Swahili, Somalis, Ottomans, Persians and Arabs since they dominated Indian trade. Bantu Runner/Warrior with assegai spears or throwing knives can be for Shonas, Swahili and Kongolese.

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Fire lancers were mainly for charging so it could be a charge attack that causes some debuff, not continuous damage like a flamethrower.

And there was a lot of pirate ships in the whole of Indian Ocean in medieval age especially in the west side that is Africa side. Boarding ships sounds very cool for this region. Berbers can also be given this ship, barbary pirates.

I asked for a different unit line upgrade for militia line for bad stable civs - Malay, Dravidians, Koreans, Bengalis.

Note that, I also proposed regional tech which will be a new thing into the game.

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A unit can be made that can switch between charge (run weaker) and defend mode (walk stronger).
I have made a similar concept as Ramdao Warrior in Dharma Expansion Mod.

But this mechanism can be made a new infantry line idea or a regional infantry line for civs with weak stable.

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