What's up with the cavalary bias in regional units?

I’m so with you in this statement. Sorry for spam this every time I get the chance, but beyond I would make some minor changes to it, here is a topic with ideas to rework barracks to achieve in part this issue with it:

I am convinced that something like this would greatly enrich the game, not only the infantry meta

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Here’s the map I made. It has all regional units (except for Armored Elephants and Dromons), as well as Camels.


You did annoy me, but you did not waste my time. Others can still use that reply and I can refer to it, or copy it when I need to. I do not personally consider contributing to the community a waste of my time.

On the other hand, it was indeed my mistake treating you in good faith and cordiality after your behaviour in the other thread. You are nothing more than a bad-faith troll, and I will remember to treat you as such in the future.

Animals have regional distributions, thats natural. Camels and Elephants don’t live in Europe.

Beside the naturally regional Camels and Elephants there are Eagles, Steppe Lancer, Elephant archers, siege Elephants and Dromons, so one for each building.

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The camel’s spread would be even more impressive if ignoring areas out of civ territories (so cutting most of the Americas, Greenland, northern Siberia, Australia and the southern half of Africa).

Northern Africa + the Middle East + Central Asia + some civs touching these regions (Byzantines Hindustani and Chinese), it’s a large chunk of the map.

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Would be more appropriate if you take it as “why there are so more stable units than barrack units and archery units”. I do think they should make more barrack units. Also, I don’t think there is a regional unit in this game because they are literally treated as just generic units that’re available to some civs.

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