When are devs going to address game freezes?

How long are you guys going to take to fix a crucial part of the game experience? I see so many people in here talking about how their games are freezing a quarter of the time. Mine literally just froze the first two games I just started today. Literally turning away so many people from wanting to play the game because of these constant problems. It’s been a month since the update and hotfix and this should be the number 1 priority which gets fixed asap. How is it possible that a game is freezing up multiple times in a row and still no fix? I get it, you guys are trying your best to give monthly updates, but seriously I’m so tired of having to leave a game because a defect in your product. It not only affects my experience, but the experience for my team. Who think I AM LEAVING THE GAME FOR NO REASON. Now they have to quit and restart the game because of my game freezing. PLEASE FIX THIS. I literally endure all the other crap that is buggy about this game, but this one takes the cake as the most infuriating. Nothing is worse than when you’re about to win a game and then your game freezes. THANKS DE.

p.s I have been so patient to throw out this rant, every time it happens I get so angry and I’m prepared to write a whole rant, only to patiently just say to myself “they’ll fix this soon” It’s been one month already, is it just one person working on the patch updates or what?


Check the integrity of your game files after each patch (reinstall), if you’ve ever used mods in the past, old incompatible ones might still have some data cached in C:/AppData/
Windows always had a pretty stupid way of caching app data, instead of putting system settings in .txt files they overcomplicated it with the registry and ApplicationData, this is why Trojans and Spyware can be impossible to delete permanently because they tangle themselves up in this abomination stitched together with dead features that were kind of started and abandoned in Vista.

I too get these weird bugs and issues, but only because I mod the heck out of my game. Once it gets too buggy, I simply do “verify integrity of game files” in steam. After the fresh install, everything is back in tip top shape.

Have you ever used mods in the past?

The issues I’m seeing reported in the forums like yours sounds like the issues I’m experiencing a lot only after intentionally breaking my game with crazy mods.


  • If I tell the AI to research a technology I created myself in the Genie editor, game would just flat out crash in the middle of a match if the tech ID was null.
  • I run into the freezing issue in a modded game where each civ has a pop cap of 1000 rather than 500, after 30 mins if there’s too much action happening everywhere the game freezes as if the CPU is trying to catch up.
  • I had a mod that made dead bodies decay 15X slower, this lead to instability with a freeze then crash seconds later.
  • Certain game sprites were glitchy (stables were invisible) I could never figure out what caused this, when I ran the same mod on a different PC, the sprite glitches were gone. Once again reinstall eventually fixed the sprites on the buggy client on my laptop.

I only run into problems when I get my crazy mods involved, if crashing persists, I reinstall and everything is fine again.

I don’t run a crazy amount of mods. It’s not crashing it’s the game just frozen, i can scroll around the screen hear the voices of the units speaking with each click command, but everything is frozen, even the timer. This is a problem which has been posted numerous times so far on this forum and seems to be only occurring since the latest update.

Ah, you’re right. Have not tried the new patch yet, but the previous one did make some major changes that forced me to reinstall. I’ll check it out now and see how it handles.

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This issue is being adressed step by step. It is already much better than some patches ago for me. I still do agree: they still need to work on it to also bugfix the still standing freeze issues as well. I feel they will take care of the remaining freezes.

If this issue has been occurring for awhile, why is it that it seems tk be getting better for some people and then worse for others? Lol that just means the problem is flattening out to more people which is worse. Are the previous freezes yiu got the same thing? Again this is not a crashing game problem, I can still resign, and it’ll show me the statistics of the match, but the map won’t show all visible like what happens normally.

I made this thread about the lag i notice. The game just freezed frequently. For me this seems fixed, but it seems like not fixed for all. I know for sure the devs try to improve the performance in every patch. For example: There were frequently crashes fixed too. So i feel it starts getting better and better (overall), but i really agree with you: They arent done with this issue. They have some work to do and i hope they will fix your freezes soon too.

Is there already a thread in the report a bug section about your kind of freeze? If not, then make one.