When are the devs going to nerf the english?

literally sick to death, 2 days in a row i am facing nothing but english… they sit in their base, wait for an attack next to a tower that gives network of castles buff, wipe your whole army out with just archers, then march your base, its becoming pathetic, i literally yet have to come across a different tactic used for the english, it makes the game boring, watching them sit in there base, waiting for you to attack and not even making a move, then you attack out of sheer impatience, lose your whole army and its GG, its actually becoming stupid now, people with no skill are literally civ winning and in my personal opinion its pathetic and the devs need to fix the english civ, literally, too many economy bonuses, then bonuses from castles and towers, then early man at arms, not to mention free gold from farms, its becoming pathetic and i personally feel its killing the game, i prefer to play any other civ than the easiest and most over powered civ in the game and it leaves me at a disadvantage, its actually stupid, why cant the devs just remove network of castles from towers, and only five it to keeps, or landmarks, its officially becoming dumb just watching them spam stupid towers all over the map and get huge bonuses from it!!!.

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The meta is economic boom with 2TC, surpass the opponent’s economy and then attack, the heavy knight surpasses the man-at-arms and has armor against arrows, the mangonels have attack bonus against ranged units. Observe and learn from those who have won English

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thats exactly what i did, 2 TC boom, i had more vills and more economy than the enemy, yet i still lose everytime, i even have more unit production buildings, i out produce them, but because of 1 towers, giving 50% bonus damage in castle its impossible, like literally with that bonus their archers counter everything, knights, man at arms, i had mangonels as well, but they die to their melee units, or 2 springalds, its becoming dumb, like literally english are the hardest civs to counter, on one game i even denied them their white tower landmark, he got to castle but i destroyed the landmark before he could get use out of it and still lost, regardless of what you think the bonus the english get from the network of castles it just completely stupid, tell me why 90% of players are playing english if its not overpowered?.

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If I see that a problem of Silver going down, but in the major leagues they have 50% winrate, watch how they play

regardless of what you say english is a free win civ xD

Maybe you can tell us your nick and we’ll see what you’re failing in the game.

English is among the best civs (lower leagues too) because it’s easy to use, you defend relatively easy with them, and longbow archers are very annoying if you don’t have good timing.

Well they win slightly less than half the time…

English has been the most popular civ since the beginning. Even when they were considered one of the worst civs.

Don’t expect any nerfs that you’ll be satisfied with, because they just aren’t justified. Any nerfs will likely be minor or have buffs elsewhere to compensate.

That image shows the pick rate for <= Silver rank.
That’s the opposite. You want the other one >=Gold.
Otherwise you’re showing the pick rate for people Silver and below, which would not be the majority.

what I underlined was the pick rate not the winrate

Either way my point still stands. (Fixed my post.)
Unless you believe the majority of the player base is Silver and below, which is not true.

**Disregarding all that, the ENG pick rate stays consistently 32% until Plat for the most part.
Plat is 23%, Diamond is 18%. Conq is 17%. So either way, 1/3 of low rank people player Eng, and about 1/6 of high rank people play Eng. The majority player base would play Eng about 1/4 of the time.

we don’t care about the pick rate that’s not the debate. It’s simple english are broken that’s all. MAA with tower buff can equal a knight in 1vs1 with less than 50 hp diff. Remenber how cost a knight and how cost a MAA? just for the fun fact yesterday i played a tournament in my community with a civilisation ban. All OTP player have theyr main civ banned and imagine what they play? English… i litteraly saw one of my friend WHO NEVER play english before destroy a plat 3 player with english… my friend is diamond 1 .
This civ is just a joke. Not because they have too much bonus lot of civ have huge bonus but because you just need to wait bootcamp on your TC and Q click without micro for win …
English are frustrated because they don’t play the same game than other civ. If you wanna ressource with lot of civ you should go on map and win some fight! As an english you don’t need that because your food and wood are on your base. That give you a free feodal economy without any micro when other civ need o go everywhere and took risk. If in case you totaly forgot to protect your wood who care you can fire on your opponent and kill it because … dunno why maybe dev can explain? Every other civ should back or wall or tower. But no as english you have the privilege to kill your opponent …
i can written a book of frustating game against english. One of my favourite is a game of 1hours against an english who litteraly rest on his base put 3TC defend go imperial and spam MAA/crossbowman/treb with 80 farm and no stone and no gold and no wood from the minutes 40. He litteraly let all the map and all relic to me an he was close to win … I was chinese … unbeliviable.


this is fact, i was fighting an english player yesterday as rus, i had more knights and archers than he did, killed all of his units 2 times, it was early game, then i just ram rushed him, he killed the rams, then i just backed off, i was harrasing everything for the whole of the game, but he fought off the rams, came to my base and killed everything, it was so frustrating that he just sat in his base, and waited, then just came to my base and it was GG nothing i could do, the network of castles buff, makes it so every unit they have is too strong, maybe if it was just ranged units, but because its melee as well, it makes spearman Maa and everything else in between some sort of super unit, its silly and needs to be limited to just ranged units in my honest opinion.

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There is no evidence to support that claim though.

Please look up your match up here. English is in a good spot right now. Also take a look at win rate (game length) graph which shows that the civ is strong in the first 15 minutes, then becomes quite weak and gets stronger again after 40 minutes. Watch your replays or/and twitch streams of good players and learn how to deal with the english. The civ clearly is not too strong.

I’m always rushed when playing the english and lose in the first 20 mins

If eng is a free win just play them till Conq III.
Then maybe you can learn to play against them.

English was one of the best civs in season 3 and it got several buffs. Not saying the civ is OP, but these buffs completely changed the way some match ups are played and these changes even removed the win condition for some civs when up against English. Think HRE vs english for example where one of the win conditions for HRE used to be to survive to castle age and win with their better maa.

Council hall which was already used 100% of the time got a completely unnecessary buff imo when what they were supposed to do is change only the unused landmarks.

At the very least i would like to see the civ starting with -50w again to slow their start down a little bit.

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if english are just a normal civ, tell me why, around the 30 minute mark, that i have double the amount of units he has, but i lost pretty much all my units compared to his, look how many units i lost compared to his amount, just because i was attacking his base, its pathetic, he can just sit in his base, sending 1-2 knights and have me chasing him around his base, yet, i cannot even survive a full scale assault on his base, with double the amount of units he has, with more siege than he has, its stupidity, literally watching people get to diamond with ease… all because they are playing english, the devs need to wake up and nerf english in some sort of way, the first place i would start it literally making it so only ranged units get the network of castles buff, all units getting it makes it pure stupidity, make them become super soldiers!.

mate, genuinely do me a favour and understand that what people are saying about the english is true, if the crap about pick rates is true then why have 90% of my games been against english players, if the player base is so unbiased to OP civs then why am i only facing england and everyone knows england is OP otherwise they would not play it, its actually funny because people like you most likely do not play the game enough to understand everyone on ranked picks english LOL. i bet even if you did play the game it was custom games.

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