When is the patch actualy coming? with the sping nerf?

Does someone know please when is the patch coming? atm im not playing quick games cuz im whatiing for the patch… but is delayed or something? i had the impresion it was gona come on monday with the server maintainence?..

It might be Monday next week

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They just said this week so lets hope they stick to it. I also stopped playing and am just waiting for the Hotfix.

Me2, it’s unplayable at the moment. Everybody is abusing glitches.

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I do not know what kind of games you’re playing or if u just looking for an excuse, but I din t noticed once that someone used a glitch to exploit the game. I know of all the glitches that people actually can do and some u might never notice. But in 1v1 at least in higher ranks I mean 1500-500 I didn’t have anybody use any exploits’ people general want to win fair I noticed. Still this is not an excuse to let bugs be. And to be fair to the devs they fixed a lot of bugs and that’s just how games are now released. That’s a bit sad, I agree, but that’s how it is nowadays (Jesus I feel old when I say it like that).

Cool story bro. Abuse of glitches happens almost every game.

If u wan t to believe that I can not stop u, I din t notice it at all. I also win most of my games so if people losing to me abusing glitches every game more power to me :slight_smile:

Winning or losing doesn’t matter. Game is currently in a bad state.

They shouldnt break there word with the release this week.

They should give usm ore information whe the patch comes and all thats in it

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Yes, I originally expected them to update the game when the server was repaired on Monday, but it didn’t happen. Now it’s Wednesday, and there is still no news about the new update. What happened?

Maybe, next Monday? (20 char)

Yeah, they promised/said it in the livestream -.-

@SavageEmpire566 Can we get some information about it?

We all are waiting for it and it was announced offical by the stream and post.
Please give us clearity

Lol what about to try teamgames before talking? not a single game in 3v3/4v4 without Chinesse spamming gold into yoling 200 fire lancers or Abbasids with spear range across half of the map.

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100%. XHypnophobie is just a troll. There’s not a game that goes by without witnessing abuse of glitches by either teammates or opponents.

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Honestly, I haven’t noticed anyone abusing glitches in my games. Might just be my elo (high enough that people are really trying to be good at the game competitively, but low enough that people who are cheating to win will probably be higher than me anyway). In almost every case I feel that my wins/losses have aligned with skill. The reality is, moving up in my career with a wife and kids at home, I still have a good understanding of the fundamentals from gaming the past 20 years, but don’t have anywhere near enough time to polish my mechanics (apm, micro and macro are just not going to reach a high level with the time I have available).

Bugs still need to be fixed though. And it’s way harder to compete with Delhi right now than it should be. Maybe (I hope) they’re just trying to get as many fixes in as they can this week, and the patch comes Friday with more fixes than what they’ve currently announced.

@oRiOnfoTizEi Frist question: What race are u playing?

If the Answer is French/mongol/rus. Nice Job u fell in love with a viable faction that dont fight vs bugs.

If u didnt got in a abuser than thank god for that.
Im not playing against china and mongols anymore. They are numberwise and mechanical overtuned thats hilarious.
Why build bombards if u can finish the game with 20 firelancers or produce nearly double the army size for the same resources (oh u get stone for nearly free) like mongols that arnt conflicted with there natural weakness aka low defense capability.
They easiely towerrush u and starf u resources while brood force u with unmatchable unit production.

If u @oRiOnfoTizEi honestly think the game is nearly nearly fine right know. U have to play one of the overtuned factions or u cant think objectivly .

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Dont come at me with high ELO excuses bro. I will tell you again. Go and try to play 3 games in 3v3/4v4 mode. Am in top 1% by CELO in both and it was rare for me so far to get a fair match.

Same stupid answer like Fire lancers are problem only for low CELO nabz who cannot wall of properly. And woala? Fire lancers in every title from 1v1 top player casters a few days later.

In TG they are huuuuuge problem and everybody expect players using this strat. knows it.

Goal posts moved slightly so the team could fit in a bit more; should still be this week. Apologies on the mis-announce.


If this expandes the (short) shared list from saturday it will be great. And in this week sound amazing.

I hoped u would say that :wink: @SavageEmpire566 thanks for sharing

So a little more for the wait :wink:


Calm down guys. I didn’t say the game didn’t need fixing. I just said I personally haven’t run into cases where I felt like people were using exploits. I’m well aware the exploits exist and there are people out there using them. I’ve seen videos of it. But I don’t think it’s anywhere near the majority of the games. I don’t think it’s such an issue that we should be boycotting the game because all anyone does is use exploits in every match.

I’m playing Delhi btw, and I MIGHT be tempted to boycott them specifically in coming weeks if they don’t start fixing known bugs. I think the last update nerfed them unfairly and they have maybe more bugs than any other civ (I WANT Delhi bugs fixed - plus balance changes). Right now Delhi have about 1 viable tech path because every other path runs into a bug wall somewhere. And I play more 3v3 than anything else in premades with 2 of my friends. I’m above average, but nowhere near a top player.

Just my observations. I wasn’t claiming to have a “high elo”. It’s not “high.” It’s just high enough that most people at my level aren’t trolling, but low enough that they’re not tryharding/cheating/whatever for max ladder spots. If you’re obsessed with ladder climbing you should be higher elo than me. That was my point. At my elo, while yes there are bugs and balance issues, if nobody’s exploiting the biggest limitation is player skill. That’s almost always true - beastqt just beat HuT in a tourney match with Delhi vs Rus on KotH - but definitely true where I am. I still think Delhi need some balance improvements (BQT is playing super well right now), but they CAN win.