When is the patch actualy coming? with the sping nerf?

I’ve played around 150 games so far many being team games. So far I’ve come across 1 bug exploiter.

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I had 2 chinese abusers yesterday alone.
Sometime u have to check the statistics afterwards or something looks wrong. I checked the statistics and replay after the chineseplayer had a only 2 mins later imperial than I had and I was playing HRE fast castle into imp. One of the maybe the fastes way. Afterwards I saw a 8k goldspike from the chineseplayer in late feudal. So it was realy clear but I thought about it allready ingame.

Even had the stonewall abuser serveral ( i think 3 times) before it was fixed. A french player with a 7min castle with 3 TC´s. That feels “real legit” if u scout this.

I reported everyone of them and I think i wrote 10 report now for abuse. I dont care about toxic players. But If i lose a game I wanna find a way to improve but this isnt possible vs abuses.

So im not saying that ur not “high” enought or something like that. Maybe ur only lucky and u have to think that u have only 3 random enemys were a abuser could be. My abuser games were most solo qeut into 3vs3 or 4vs4. Only the french stone dude was a random teammate and we stoped playing and chatted with the enemy that he deserves the maximum of reports

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One can never be high enough :drooling_face:

I always look at stats, it’s possible someone abused like 1k gold or something but I’ve never had a game where they get like 50K resources from nowhere.

Yah, I can’t swear nobody squeezed out a couple thousand resources somewhere. But I don’t recall encountering people with crazy things going on. Usually I can point to exactly where a game was lost, and it had nothing to do with suddenly someone was way ahead in tech or military. In my case it’s always been an issue of strategy, decision making, or execution.

Happy to wait months, provided you don’t add any new delhi bugs.

My guess would be that the patch turned out to be completely broken, and is silently being moved to the next week.


akchually the hotfix for the coming patch is undergoing testing right now.


maybe to deliver it tomorow or friday? if its going well?

Isn’t friday tomorrow?

They should update us if they move the patch to next week. This silence doesn’t do any good.


I think this patch already tested and ready for rolling out, because all previous patches they upload a week or even few weeks before actual update. Yes, they definitely testing it more, just for case, so likely we should expect this patch today.

Only they know :wink:
Comms haven’t been the greatest but I don’t mind that much.

We got the info or?

Sometimes we have to ask politly. I did it and so we got our needed news

Yeah comms are not the greatest. But thanks for asking.

They do still have 2 1/2 more days. When they said this week, tbh it sounded like they implied it wasn’t Monday to me. I’m a bit surprised it’s not here yet but it’s still the right week so far.

Hold your horses. The patch for the hotfix of the patch released last week is being worked upon. Stay calm don’t panik

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Can u be more precice?
Ur confusing more than working on clearity. The patch of the patch of the hotfix of a expansion of a dlc and so on …

What is now released tomorrow? (last working day of the week)


Didn’t you mean hotfix of the update of the patch?

Any minute now just count till 10