When Stormgate launches AOE4 must be in good shape to survive

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I think most of you already heard from Stormgate.

The game is from some of the creators of Starcraft 2. It is a RTS game.

Here is a video:

Already in the beta 2023 and especially at the launch, the hype will be huge. In order for AOE4 to survive, it needs to be in good shape at this point, so that there are enough players who remain loyal to the game.

This means the development speed must be increased. Otherwise I see a dark future for AOE4.

I hope the management will realise that. I really hope AOE4 and the franchise as a whole will be successfull again, because I love AOE.

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I found out about this game from some Pros that had inside acces to the project. It sounds good in theory.

  • Aoe 4 needs a competitor of sorts.

But there are differences. The game is sci-fi so theres a much larger potential for unique than Aoe 4.

  • Aoe 4 civs are limited by the era they are in.

The only concern for me is the Free-to-play model.

  • On one hand it can atract alot more players than a paid RTS. 60$ is way too much.
  • On the other it depends on the monetisation model they implement.
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I predict this game will have more players than all other RTS combined. These are the people that made SC2 and from all the interviews I have seen they have a really deep understanding of what makes a RTS great, and what mistakes RTS games, including SC2, has made in the past.

AOE and SC2 will still have players of course. But Stormgate will dominate RTS just as SC2 has for the last 10 years.

They are also correct that making the game free to play is the right move. Making a RTS game cost 60$ and then get an expansion 1-2 years later does not work anymore. You need to make the game excellent from the start, free to play, and then have frequent updates for small amount of money (new campaign, new co-op heroes etc).

They will focus on single player, co-op, team games and competitive 1v1 equally, which is the smart thing to do. You need all four of these in order to grow a games player base.

I hope they study AOE4 in order to realize what not to do. AOE4 is great game at its core, but how it has been handled with slow updates, buggy release, not enough single player content and slow patching is a disgrace. Basically Relic killed their own game, even though the core of the game is really good.

In the beta almost everyone told them that the game needed to be delayed. They ignored the feedback and released the game too early and here we are. 90% of the player base gone. All this could have been avoided if they just delayed the game and released it when it actually was in good state.


It’s a very good news to me. Tbh if i like a game, i will spend some money on it (like skin or stuff like that, even if i don’t care about skin). So if the game is good we will have a big community (and most of them will spend a various amount of money on it) and if the game is garbage then we wont care about their monetisation.

Plus it will force the devs to improve their game over time if they want use to spend money. It’s not just a one 60$ shot and let him die.


Would love to see AOE4 continue to improve, especially at a faster rate. Let’s called it slow and steady progress so far. That said, I have zero interest in Stormgate. Part of what appeals to me about aoe4 is the medieval setting and the logic of the unit counter chart. I can’t even tell what half the units are in sci fi setting like sc2

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So you tell all around the world to all ppl who play games that because AOE4 is meant to be during 9th and 15th century we can’t have only unique unit civs? Gimme break.

Each civ for certainly had its own variation of units in history with different weapons and how stats are affected is not tied to history in any way. For example Mongols could have 5% faster lancers (change name too) and deal 1 more dmg. Just easy example. Stats or abilities are not tied to history in any form or way. No english longbow would make campfire that heals them.lol

Its super simple to have aoe4 game with completely unique units for each civ with different stats and have them play a lot more differently than what we have now.

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I like how you interpret words to suit your narative. i did not say Aoe 4 does not have potential for unique units i said is limited in that regard to the era is played on. And a sci-fi genre has no such limitations.

  • Like you cant put tanks or planes or … etc. Its more like technologically limited.
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Exactly the same for me. Some people are the opposite, e.g. Wintergaming said he prefers sci-fi RTS games. Having said that, I will certainly give Stormgate a try, but if I find myself having to learn about arbitrary made-up mechanics that aren’t intuitive to me, I’ll probably quickly stop playing.

Sure I do realize that, but can you say that there couldn’t be more variety on units and uniqueness in aoe4? There is plenty of weapons or siege weaponry that were not added in AOE4

Not at all, that game is for those of StarCraft, here the majority is medium “elo”. I don’t think they like a finger speed game, so it won’t affect anything.

aoe is the medium pace comparing to sc but yeah for sc2 players it feels slow.

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stormgate will be a flop. ugly comiclook (this time it really looks like a mobile game), 0815 fantasy-bull**** setting, free to play scam

dunno but let’s pray it doens’t. We can only judge when a beta or gameplay sample is released

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I also think the game looks a little bit boring but I still hope it will be a success. It would be good for the RTS genre if they won’t able to make it successful the RTS genre will be dead. For me, the trailer was very bad and meant nothing, and the units based on those screenshots are terrible looking. So overall I am not that hyped for stormgate anymore, but I still hope I will enjoy it. F2P is a big no for me, but let’s see, if they create a good model then I will buy something to support them from time to time.

thats true,but i dont believe the change the setting to some more adult , historical and not cartoony fantasy

I was interested because of the focus on PvE content but visually its uninspiring. You’re making a brand new sci-fi universe and you go for such generic looking factions. It looks like Terran, Zerg and Protoss again with some slight changes (Zerg got some Diablo thrown in)

Remember Rise of Legends? Italian Da Vinci Steampunk guys vs Magical Arabian Nights vs Aztec Alien Worshippers where is that kind of creativity?


this game is also cartoonish and it will fail by the looks of it.


Yes, I’ll download it when it comes out…

Of course, it will most likely be like a free SC2 and with paid skins…

Sure, like AoE Online but well done…