When the June-Patch will go online?

Hey all,

does anyone know, when the new patch will go live? I am looking so forward to the fixes, which will hopefully come (to finally play multiplayer again), but sadly I can’t find any information, when the update will be available…



Am pretty sure it’s going to be available tommorow.


Am pretty sure it’s going to be available on Wednesday.

The june patch is already only …

… if you believe Spirit of the Law.

Everyone else is playing on the may patch and is waiting for the june patch.

If it will be the june patch, it needs to be today or tomorrow. Otherwise it will be the july patch.


The patches have been in the last days of the month so what they called the “May-hem” patch was only May for a few days.

You probably mean July patch. The pattern of the patches is that they go online during one of the last days of the month in the early morning (GMT). Therefore, it should be tomorrow in the morning, maybe even at the beginning of July if devs need more time.

Seems like they call the patch to the month in which it is released. The devs even called the latest patch (release end may) the May update.

wheennnnn :open_mouth: i cant wait for condo to be buffed, militia line buff, porto buff, archer stacking nerf(seriously!!), CA frame delay buff, goth feudal buff, turk feudal buff, wheennnn why is the patch not out

ahhhh why hasnt it happened already!! whyyyyy


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Probably tomorrow, I be wating too, the quarantine effect 11

Tired of this pattern of releasing updates at the very end of the month T_T.
But I smell that Lithuanians, Teutons and Tatars don’t get heavy nerfs

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Tatars: I can’t imagine Tatar nerf.
Teutons: I can see losing 1 cavalry melee armor and recieve husbandry
Leitis: Leitis will be nerfed 100%

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I don’t think there is an update this time. They just released the ranked map rotation


I still think there’s one upcoming

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pretty good map pool, but also fairly generic. it’s like they made a poll of most popular 1v1 maps and said here you go.

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Will there still be an update soon?
because dev restricted us watching old version recs, this info is important for tournament host.

were expecting an update tonight. whether it comes or not is another story.


If you read the new patch notes, is very probably that for june doesnt realese patch

If is the case then again the Lithuanians and Leitis win another month :slight_smile:
Also here is the listo of known issues:

little surprised honestly no update this month, a few civs out there that definitely need love, and of course the known issues

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Yeah the pros were hyping it like it was second coming, seems pretty standard to me

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