When the June-Patch will go online?

i mean it doesn’t have any maps pros would consider odd or bad or random (like bog islands/mega random). thats why they like it. pros love standard/vanilla maps, so this is the holy grail for them.

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Yeah, it does look that we are not getting a balance or bug-fixing patch this month. Hypothetically, we’re getting a bigger patch in July.

I think that tomorrow will be the day.
AOM patch 2.7 was released a day before the 2DE patch.

If they are taking a bigger time window to release the patch to make it so they can work on things more calmly, efficiently and healthy I even get happy with it.

What sucks is being confused and without knowing what will happen.


I’m fine with that approach but the timing is pretty bad, May patch didn’t bring anything big for balance change


Pretty strange. This is the second month without a relevant balance patch, considering the last one was negligible… very underwhelming…

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im hoping for bug fixes

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I was really hoping for a balance patch. The game is very close to be well balanced… I hope they will not stop balancing right now


As always, the problem is the same, no information on anything about this monthly update or about what will follow.

They let us hype each other here and then they just drop this updates, without saying anything more than the necessary, or anything on the future, on what they think they’ll do for the future, or simply their opinions and so on…

I mean, even if they had previously stated that the current balance is the best there is in their opinion, and that they don’t have any intention of making new balance changes, it would have been fine by me.

I would have put my heart at peace and I would have focused on other aspects of the game.


i doubt they have stopped balancing. there is clearly civs that need a boost. they may be taking longer between patches to collect more data, or to get more feedback.
the patch may also just be hitting tomorrow instead of today.


I hope you are right

I agree, and this is pretty needed especially if you consider that they have almost canceled the low tier, by buffing vietmamese, Teutons, tatars, Lithuanians, koreans, Saracens, Persians, khmer…

Clearly the few civs remained in the low tier (Turks, italians, Portuguese, and maybe Koreans) need to be brought on the same mid level, it makes no sense having 4 civs completely out8


But there arent sense if today change the map pool and tomorrow they take out the patch

we don’t know if the patch is hitting tomorrow though. that is merely speculation.
for all we know, there could be no patch tomorrow, or even this week.

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Also, it is pretty sad since some buffs have been asked a lot from almost the whole community.

For instance the Italian land buff: the majority of us is asking the same for them (free archer armors, reduced training time of genoese…). Similar for turks…

Let us hope in the devs, even if I am becoming less positive :frowning:

Yeah agree. I think people mustn’t assume and then hype themselves up…

I don’t like accropilis and islands in the map pool though.

Accrop is magyar, hun, mongol scout cav rush over and over and over and over and over. Got so sick of it.

And islands there’s like 2 or 3 meta water civ picks, so again the same factions over and over. Atleast continental a land civ can prevail

Perhaps they don’t want to release the patch during the steam summer sale?

Would be this the first time when the map pool is realized alone (without balancing)?

Honestly, stop complaining. The mappool was the biggest problem we had and now its fixed.
This month Age of Mythology was prioritized, currently the game is very well balanced.

Instead of giving us frequent updates every month, its better if we get less updates with higher quality.

actually this is a major patch, very appreciated. I am pretty happy that aom is still alive

This is true. But, They have almost fixed the low tier issue by buffing the weak civs. Which is very good, but in the same time it leaves some weak civs alone, giving a huge penalty to players getting them when playing random (worse than before).

I mean, in the past you could have civs like viets, Khmer, Teutons, persians, Lithuanians, tatars, Saracens, Koreans at the same level of the current weak civs (Italians, Portuguese, Turks).

Currently all the weak civs but Italians, Portuguese, and Turks have been buffed. This leaves 3 civs (plus koreans maybe) abandoned in a low level tier.

Bringing these 3 civs up to the level of the others would put the balance in a top perspective, with all the civs balanced except for the ones for competitive play (Chinese, Aztecs, mayans…), which is clearly fine.

Agree, that is why we were fine with the may patch bringing almost no balance updates.

But that it’s perfectly fine, what bothers me (and most of the other people here too, I think) it’s the completely lack of communication.

I mean, if with the update they stated that for this month there won’t be any bug fixes or balance changes, there wouldn’t be any frustration.

Every month is the same, you don’t know the ETA of the release, you don’t know if the bugs you reported have been addressed or at least look at (still waiting a lot of fixes for the campaigns and language) you don’t know if the civs will be changed or not and so on…