When the June-Patch will go online?

Are you serious? You expect the Devs to give you information what they will do in the patch?
What you prefer, an Email or via WhatsApp? :slight_smile:

They always gave us a precise list of what they did, thats more than enough and awsome communication. Spreading rumors and give us uncertain changes that might be undone before they release something will create frustration and ruin any trust in what they do. Its a small team with a small budget, so maybe let them focus on the important thigns and not complain about nonsense.

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it really wouldn’t take long to post saying they expect a balance patch in x week or on y day, so that we aren’t sitting here wondering what is or isn’t going to happen.


The lack of communication it the exact reason why rumors spread.

Look at what happened today, everyone was expecting a balance/bug fixes patch, since that’s has been the trend until now, and without any information from the the devs rumor have started to spread, and now here we are, speculating again, and potentially spreading more rumors…

I mean, I don’t want to know the details of everything the devs are working on, but some more info in general it wouldn’t hurt.

For example, I would like to know if they think to adjust the balance of the portoghese in the future and how they mean to do it (I say portos but it could be any civs), but even if I would like it, I completely understand why they would never share such information with the public.
What I would like is simply to know if they have planned for new balance changes or if they mean to stop for now, or for a period of time, if there will be a balance update in a few day, in a month, or there won’t be any. And the same thing happened with the buff fixes, or with map pool.

For example, those people who were more concerned about the map pool, I think that they too were frustrated that they didn’t know what to expect until today, so why people who were more concerned about other things shouldn’t be

That simply the kind of info I would like for them to share.


Yes, the devs should communicate more but no way they are going to tell you what the changes will be in the future. They are probably just ignoring balance discussion because if ppl saw, that the devs are reacting, they would have started arguing like crazy.

I would recommend you to stop fantasizing and speculating about buffs and nerfs and start enjoying the game as it is and you will eventually overcome a lot of things by getting better at playing, and ultimately, you will be a happier person.


It seems like no patch this month. Maybe it is because we had a hotfix?

New map pool seems pretty decent to me. I will enjoy this map pool. What i dont understand: Why only 7 maps for 1v1? There are many good maps, why not just have 9 maps like it was and add some good maps? Maybe the standard DE maps arent great, but there are many user made maps. Why not use them?

I don’t mean to criticize or being ungrateful versus their work and effort. Though, when something here on the forums get flagged, or 2 topics are merged, or there is something important, they are quickly to act and respond, so that why it seems that it’s not a problem of manpower, but simply their policy.

I would be hypocratic if I deny that I wouldn’t like it, but I would however understand and I know it will never be that way, but knowing if a balance change is coming or not, of the trend of monthly release is ended, or changed, or delayed and so on… those are info that I would like to know.

We discuss those both because we want to share our opinions and for fun, yes maybe we are a bit disappointed when we find out that our ideas aren’t considered, but at least for me, it won’t be the reason for stop playing the game.

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I still dont like this map pool (still better than the previous one)
Four Lakes - boring Japanese mirror
Golden Pit - walled fc boom all the time

I wish there were 20 maps in the map pool and players had infinite bans

That’s why I hate Persian nerf: makes hybrid maps even more boring
You pick Japanese all the time if they are available, sometimes Malay. Italians can be viable if navy is important

EDIT: Golden Pit was removed, Gold Rush is much better…

Not everyone likes the same kind of maps. I think it is good to have some variance in the maps. Not every maps needs to be open. Not every map should be a land map. So i think the devs did a good job to give us a mix of everything.

I think Four lakes is one of the best hybrid maps to me. If they want to include some hybrid map, i do like this option. In the previous patch with Four Lakes it didnt end up with Japanese all the time. You can also go for other civs. You can fish boom into land aggression if you want.

Golden Pit / gold Rush kind of a map centered about the center of the maps. That is just something else than just Arabia. Maybe a bit too wallable, but that is all. I have no issues at all with those maps.

Malay and japs will be the go to civs, italians onestly in ibrid maps are weak, so it’s likely that we’ll never see them, but they will always be used in islands, vikings and Mongols as always will be the most common civs for both full water and ibrid maps.

seems like the devs need a bit more than 30 days to make a good balance patch without bugs. They were probably planning to do more than just a map pack, but discovered they couldn’t finish it this month. That would explain getting a mini-patch at the last minute.
Seems better this way than if they’d released a buggy, boring or unbalanced patch. And if my interpretation is correct we might see a proper balance patch in the next couple of weeks.

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I haven’t given up hope that there will be a patch at least the next days. Someone posted this link lately where from my understanding you can see which AoE II DE builds are currently around for the devs and probably testers.


There was a final test build 19 hours ago and an official final test build 3 hours ago. So to me it seems they are working on bringing a new patch soon.


If that is the case, it wouldn’t hurt a brief statement, a post here or on the social media, to sey that.

The microsoft_build_final_test branch sounds pretty promising. Also, there is a lot of activity going on (look in the history section). If we don’t get a patch in june, it’s gonna be a big one in july.

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I doubt in June… I mean, why realizing the maps and the patch separately?


I don’t know what their intention is, maybe you are right and there will be no patch. I’m absolutely ok with waiting another month if they actually test their newly implemented changes.

I agree, for me i dont have problem if theyre take even 3 months, but at least that they let a bit information about that in this month there isnt new patch.


Looks like I will not be playing in July as well. Quite sad. The devs need to improve ranked matchmaking to make the game more enjoyable.


Four Lakes is much more than just a Japanese Mirror, you have many different options, many strats viable as proven by pros. You can go wall into fish boom, you can go agressive with scouts (some civs even man at arms), and other strats are viable too. Some of the viable civs are Japanese, Huns, Italians, Persians, Mongols, Malay, Malians, Vikings, Spanish and probably many others which I forget to name. It’s a perfect hybrid map. Like an arabia with the added complexity of the 4 lakes, and the aspect of fighting for control of them versus your opponent, deciding if you will only stick to 1 lake, take 2, or even be more agressive and invade your enemy’s home lake.

I have been hoping for a fix to the significant pathing issues. Melee units dont attack sometimes, especially when up close against ranged units. Trade carts get stuck at markets. Hunters stop intermittently when walking. Previously it seemed like they were working on it but this has been lingering on for a long time now…


You are joking, right?

The mappool was not even close to be the “biggest problem”. I also don’t care about balancing and stuff, thats all bonus for me, but a working multiplayer would be nice. I did pay money for this game, so I can expect that at least the basic functions are implemented without drops, lags, afk’ler, freezes, disbalances, non-pathing units and so on and so on. I am not asking for any crazy extra-features.

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