When will release the DLC Return to Rome of AoE II?

Hello, I wanted to ask if you know or have an idea about when the DLC for AoE II Return to Rome can come out and if it will come with several civilizations etc.

Pd: could will be release this year ??


Definitely this year. I would guess within the next 2 months for sure.

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Maybe on April 21 by the foundation of Rome…


It is really a good guess

Achievements are up (hidden + still named placeholder like) and usually it’s a month between achievements and release.


They did 2 DLCs in 2021.
Only 1 DLC in 2022 but they also did the Xbox port which released in January, that makes sense.
And their road map said they plan 2 DLCs for this year, I’m pretty positive that it will release sooner then later.

There has never been such a big gap between announcement and release of a DLC before. It’s been nearly 6 months.


I hope for three DLC s in this year.


I hope for 16.
Why do you think we could get 3 this year? Because they delayed one that was planned for 2022 for the Xbox release?
It’s already April so 3 is a little optimistic.

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  1. April - Return of Rome DLC
  2. August - Standard 2 civs DLC. (e.g. Georgians and Armenians civs)
  3. December - DLC like Dynasties of India DLC (breaking of umbrella civ - mysterious civ)

I think people don’t want too many new civs in one year.
Not sure if it’s going to be 1 DLC per year from now on (RoR doesn’t count) or 2 again (then RoR does count).

I also wonder what they meant when they said they want to make something like Dynasties of India.

  1. Splitting up an umbrella
  2. generally a DLC with more then 2 civilisations
  3. the way it took ideas from the community
  4. all of the above

plot twist:
RoR adds 16 new civilisations to AoE2 that are based on the AoE1 civilisations on top of an AoE1 mode.
Finally Sumerian Castles and Trebuchets.

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In two months?

Not. A. Chance.


20 characters.

Seriously though, if steamdb didn’t add all the new achievements, I’d assume the DLC had been cancelled.


Why so confident?

What was the longest time between announcement and release of a DLC before?

If we take HD Edition into consideration - 7 months between the 1st dev diary mentioning a new expansion and the actual release in November 2015.

It could mean many other things, possibly more than a single one.

  1. More focus on countries outside of Europe, with possibly several civ for a single modern day country (China, South East Asia, Africa, the Americas…)
  2. More regional units, possibly with UU turned into regional units (Boyars would be one of the main candidates)
  3. Older civs getting their UU replaced (see above) and getting a new campaign as the old one is given to a new civ (Dracula being the main candidate, which as mentioned would be even likelier with Boyars being turned into a regional unit)
  4. Civs with up to 3 UU (no specific idea…)

And obviously, what you listed could also work instead of or alongside all of those.

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My completely unsubstantiated guess is an "Emperors of China " DLC that splits up the original civ. It seems to be a very obvious direction to go.


Difficult, but not unlikely…

Most likely, it will be one dlc (Caucasus or Balkans) more besides RoR…

Then the dlc would have to come out in May…

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I think we will get the trailer in April 21 just like we got the trailer for dynasty of india in April 14 last year… april 14 is the day of new year in most of indian regions including bengal


It would be awesome to see China split into maybe:

  • Han
    [Traditional Dynastic empires (Tang, Song, Ming, etc.)]

  • Bayue
    [Nan kingdom, Dali, and Yue rebellions (Bai, Miao, Yao, etc.)]

  • Jurchen
    [Jin Dynasty, Mohe Balhae, Manchu tribes]

  • Khitan
    [Liao dynasty, Qara Khitai]

  • Tangut
    [Xi Xia]

  • Uyghur
    [Uighur Khaganate, Qocho]

(Of course, Microsoft probably won’t let that happen until they have an economic incentive to not follow the CCP guidelines for the AOE community in China. But hopefully we won’t have to wait for World War 3 to see them!)


Of course, but it would be the launch trailer, I don’t think you have to wait more days to launch it…

Yes, but it is what there is…

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