When will they start making the game fair?

or should we all just play Tier1 Civs? So Swedes, Spaniards, Dutch, British or Porto. It’s just so badly balanced, then this toxic community. You only get insulted, if you notice certain things you are immediately a noob. It’s ridiculous anyway, I have to be insulted by Tier 1 players because they can’t do anything except exploit the strengths of the unbalanced civs.

Porto is completely broken on all water and land maps. You can’t rush because of 2 village centres and especially colonial militia :smiley: Plus this ATP. Why don’t you give Porto a free win, what do you think of that? Organ cannons, the best dragoons, excellent skirmishers and musketeers :smiley: :smiley: :smiley: :smiley: It’s just ridiculous.

Dutch as well - why do they have an envoy? They don’t need any reconnaissance anyway, they always hang around their base like the biggest lamers in order to be able to get to the third safely. Colonial militia is also completely inappropriate here. The Germans, with the same troop combo, don’t have that either. In general, why give economic peoples such opportunities? Every second game is for the ■■■.

Japs just the same - you destroy 10 shrines and it just doesn’t buck, because at some point the masses are there.

But the biggest joke is still Sweden. You rather release useless hotfixes that fix something your developers already screwed up before instead of taking care of the civs. With the 3 maps for the Carolinians it’s a freewin and people who don’t understand the game at all are suddenly plus 200-300 Elo. The best example is Drongo. He gets hit much more often with every other Civ, but as soon as the Swedes are there - fire at will.

I spend so much time in this game, but you and your really ■■■■■■ up stuff ruin the game completely. No action is taken against smerfs at all, there is no support either, what do you actually allow yourselves?

Then more criticism: the Elo system. Completely ■■■■■■. You constantly play against opponents with 150 or 200 Elo more and that with less than 3 minutes. Ei it was even so far that I could play against AgeofKiller after 2 minutes. Guys seriously ? 650 ELO difference. In team games exactly the same - my mate and I both at 1900 and what do we get as opponents ? Top 20 players, who are you kidding ?


Protectors opinion:

with even most people complained.

Sweden and Port need big nerfs. Spain is very strong atm and might need some tweaking. Dutch was barely played before the buffs so I’d rather way with nerfs.

Sweden is obviously overpowered, Svea Lifeguard needs to get deleted, Mamma Lukes card in Age 4 needs a nerf. Torp gathering needs a nerf.

Portugal needs a big nerf on their town militia card. It should be less effective for Port because they often times put 2 TC together. They don’t have to build a single unit until Age 4 because they can just send CM. If they get attacked, just send the army of minutemen. The big army of minutemen should only be available once in a single town center, not in all of them and should be nerfed.

Port earlygame needs a big nerf, 10/10 is breaking the game for months now. Its way too much tempo and there is nothign you can do to stop it.


I agree with you in the most points, and there is fortunately Hope that de Devs bring some changes into the game, because they did so in the past as well. It would be cool, if Balance Changes could be made more often, but i’m pretty sure that at some point the Balance will come, because the Devs actually hear to the Community and their Wishes. This is great, compared to the Original Game where never a single Change from the Devs was made.

Good post. Balance is the achilles heel that could make or break this game.

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