When will we likely get another DLC according to you?

When will we likely get another DLC according to you? I know that LOTW has just been released, but I wonder how many DLC we’ll get in a single year, if one or more.

Just one per year, LOTW is still very young and both Burgundians and Sicilians need buffs, plus fixing the issues.

This next one we will see for 3 DE probably.

I wouldn’t be surprised to see a new one this year, even if this means near the end of the year. When it happens, I think it will include more civilizations than the previous one, at least three.

as soon as hindsight kicks in and people realize they lost their mind over not very much.

Given the nature of this forum, not soon.


There is a rumor that there will be an Age of Empires event on April 10. Maybe there could also be an announcement for new AoE2 content in addition to AoE4 news.

Hopefully none - or if we get one then anything above a price tag of 0$ is inacceptable

I didn’t checked how many copies LotW sold or wether it was a succes or not, but my general impression from reading the forums (here and reddit) is that campaigns were good but the new civs were recieved with a lot of dissaproval. I wouldn’t say they are eager to release a new dlc as soon as possible after the critiques the first one recieved.
But that depends on microsoft’s commands anyways.

I saw that LotW has a very positive acceptance on Steam, idk how many copies sold however



You, sir, are as wrong as it gets.
Would you prefer the game’s support to cease by the next year, or would you like constant updates, bug fixes and, preferably, some balance changes in order to balance all the civs and give them all a chance to appear in tournaments?

If A) then why are you even here on this forum?
if B) then who will pay the devs to do the fixes and updates?

yeah, DLCs are necessary to keep the game going and updated. I’d love to pay 10 bucks for bohemians and poles, as well as like 4 new campaigns (bohemians, poles, slavs and magyars) → these civs would be lovely without really breaking the game, and the new campaigns might benefit SP players.

While the 10 bucks we will pay will keep the game updated and supported;)


What would be your preferred method of financing the support for the game?
Lootboxes like in EA Games titles?
A subscription model for online play?


at this point the game could be perfectly balanced, bug free, and the DLC 5$ and he’d still find issue with the game.


I mean that guy literally just spams toxic posts. I don’t think I’ve seen anything positive from him in a long time…


What fixes are you talking about?

So you want the game to die off? Good to know

You can read just the latest build’s fix list:

  • Updated how the game utilizes CPU and GPU resources to avoid taxing systems not running Vsync.
  • Fixed numerous crashes reported by the community.
  • Fixed an out-of-sync error when spectating a match with fog of war disabled.
  • Fixed an animation hitch when advancing from one Age to the next.
  • The tech tree now displays the correct health values of units and buildings.
  • Buildings can no longer be overlapped when you can’t see the enemy’s structure.
  • Fixed issues which prevented units and secondary projectiles from dealing their intended damage.
  • Adjustments to the Burgundian Coustillier and to Sicilian bonuses and unique technologies.
  • Numerous localization fixes.
  • Ongoing investigation into more community reports!

And this is not yet it - the devs are continuously fixing and improving the game. Yes, they occasionally break things (e.g. the lag in 4v4 post imp matches) and that is quite bad, but there are more and more insiders testing things out - there should also be something like a “community beta” → which is on the way i believe, where similar bugs could be reported and fixed even before a patch is deployed.

If it’s still not enough, then pay attention to all the events that are on the way (i also think that some icons/official mods could be unlocked like half a year after the event is over for new player or for those who were unable to finish all the challenges, but at least we are getting something), map rotations and even sponsorship of events (microsoft just donated 70k for the Hidden Cup 4!) → everything is funded by the game and DLC purchases! And to keep these things coming, some DLCs are necessary.

Also i am not only speaking about “cut” or “worthless” content like blood/faction unlock dlcs for total war games or skins for some fps games-> i am talking about brand new civs and brand new, elaborate, fully voiced campaigns. Without the DLCs and stuff like that, the game’s support could end just like that, with many bugs still not yet fixed.

Additionally, as a developer myself, i know how difficult it can be to reproduce and fix some bugs, especially if you do not want to break anything else - and that is also made worse by the fact that everyone is basically running the game on different computers, OS versions and settings - so if there are some bugs still persistent, they are going to be fixed eventually…even though some take much longer than they should (and i wouldn’t mind myself to be hired by MS to fix or develop some stuff)

For example - another great game - The Witcher 3 (as well as all the previous titles) are no longer supported ->and the patches and fixes are only delivered via community modders (e.g. I have posted about 12 bugfixes fixing about 60 gameplay bugs in total in the game for those interested, this is the latest one;)).

So again, would you really want the game to lose support? Or demand all the people to work for free?


Yes in fact the game was perfect before DE came along. Also new civs should be free to compensate the poor game quality they released the game with

Sounds great so we can go to voobly and have fun again

I dont understand why they cant just add a “Donate” Button and just let those who want to donate the game donate. Without forcing everyone to pay for DLC’s. Just add a Premium pass with exclusive Campaigns or something - but all civs should be free to ever player in order to generate a fair battlefield in the first place

I really don’t understand why you play DE in the first place if you hate it that much. Voobly still has a lot of players so why don’t you play there? Spreading hate about DE on aoezone, reddit and here doesn’t really help anyone.


yeah balance was SO GOOD before DE. you got to be kidding me.

so go back to voobly then. its still there. seriously. pack up your crap and go. clearly voobly is superior, so it shouldn’t bother you.


I don’t see the “poor game quality” → the only drawback of DE is the pathing, nothing else.

Not only no really good player stayed at voobly (maybe except metal), but DE made players long gone (capoch, chris - who was thought never to play again) to come back!

The villager indicators (idle/working on respective resources), research/queue indicators, queuing techs and units, tech + market hotkeys, multiqueue, zooming, gold/stone depletion indicators, great graphics, building destruction, sounds, better civ balance and new civs that DE brought → i can’t imagine playing without all this again;)

Btw: just a friendly remainder → since the only thing you do is flame flame flame, the devs will simply ignore you. It would be much more helpful if you actually asked nicely and were constructive!