Where are all those campaign players?

“Hey, IamDalv, most people play campaigns, not multiplayer, campaigns is what matters, stop asking for MP features 90% dont care”


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Idk who told you multiplayer doesn’t matter lol.
Imo its super important for the game’s lifespan.


lol. They exist, they just aren’t playing 40 hours a week to grind out all of the campaigns. =)


Did someone beat french campaign in hard? I found mission 4 just impossible lol

Most people playing the campaigns will not be anywhere close to finishing every campaign. I’ve only done the Norman one.

Even in fully single player games the achievement percentages show not many people finish the game


I’m a campaigns player but haven’t done a single bit of the campaigns yet. I intend to work through the masteries for each civ first.

To compare against multiplayer, we’d need to know the % of players who have played multiplayer for a similar number of hours to that needed to complete all the campaigns.

I only play campain when i have less then 30 minutes less to play left, and dont want to start a 1v1 i might have to leave early.

Ah yes, all those many people saying that.

Campaign achievements are bugged. It’s been reported that if you reload a save during any mission you won’t get achievement.

I did, still I had to try like four or five times. I won by initially balancing booming on trade and wood and spearmen production to fend off the three raids (to beat the last raid of like fifty English knights it takes like a hundred spearmen, so try not to lose many on the earlier raids); then to beat the main English army that splits in three groups it is enough to have some Royal Knights (about forty should do it, especially with the surviving spearmen to use as meatshield)

Wish I had more than half an hour a day to get those campaigns finished. I’m sure I’m not the only one who’s short on time every day. Completing the campaigns this early is probably not the best statistic to go off of there.

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I don’t do campaign. Never really seen the fun in RTS campaigns. It’s all scripted, the ways to defeat the enemy tend to be so few and the path(s) so narrow making it so predictable like you know exactly what to do before you head off. Then you don’t have full control over your units because scripts.

Just keep it all fresh and be your own leader in Skirmish.

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Finished 2/4 campaigns, I am taking my time :stuck_out_tongue:


You mean the one where you have to defend the village?
Produce out of 2 barracks to spam spearmen while booming, scout the east of the map (there are raiders guarding a gold ore), go to next age, spam crossbows from landmark and royal knights.
Make optimal use of your resources, sell if necessary.

Same i do the campaigns when im not doing the masteries

We know that the AoE team have very good numbers on how many people primarily play single players.
It’s about 50/50% split between Mulitplayer and Singleplayer…
Just because they haven’t finished the campaigns yet doesn’t mean they don’t play them.

You should try Homeworld!
The narrative is amazing and you have a lot of freedom in the campaign.

No the most important part of the game depends on what you’re asking for. When you ask for multiplayer features then most people care about campaigns. When you ask for graphical details or color selection then most people care about mp.

After all the keypoint is “if something is not yet in the game, it’s fine and most people do not use it anyway. If it is added later, it’s a great addition.”

I’m a campaigns player and I have done them all, but due to the achievement bug, it only records 2/4 and thus, the relevant achievement isn’t unlocked for me either. More campaigns are always welcome.

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Depending on how valuable the achievements are to you, you could repeat the affected missions on story mode to get them.