Where are healthbar colors defined?

Title, essentially. I’m creating a tool to easily edit the eight player colors. I’ve managed to mod ingame colors as well as the UI (minimap and text). But I am still lacking the file which is responsible for the healthbar which hovers over the units ingame.

The files I’m modifying so far are:

Does anyone know where to find the last missing piece?

I’ve also been looking for this, it’s the last thing I need for my color mod to be complete.

@ExXHaloMasterX By the use of incredibly sophisticated analytical analysis of the game data (screenshots + searching for RGB values in game data) I was able to find the corresponding file. The colors are all stored in the file resources\_common\drs\interface\50500.bina, which is just another palette file. The colors for each player are distributed as such:

P1: Line 24
P2: Line 40
P3: Line 245
P4: Line 247
P5: Line 255
P6: Line 256
P7: Line 17
P8: Line 89

Edit: It appears though this file can not be modded?
See my other thread here:

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It’s amazing how you managed to actually find something that obscure. Thank you for sharing. I will let you know if I find out how to make it work.

If the game is not using the “HealthBar” properties in UIColors.json that sounds like a BUG worth reporting.

@OxDBAOE2 UIColors.json is responsible for the healthbar which is shown in the UI on the bottom once you select a unit. I’m looking to mod the healthbar which hovers over the units themselves.

I know. And it makes no sense that the game should not use it for both which is why it should be considered to be a BUG.

I went ahead and reported it: