Where are the challenge scenarios? (Mongol Raiders, Barbarossa Brawl)

There was an announcement in September 2020 where the developers stated that there would be a place for these challenge scenarios such as Mongol Raiders, Barbarossa Brawl and leaderboards, but since then we have not had an update on this.

I know that there is a lot of stuff going on with coop scenarios and Dawn of the Dukes but is this still planned and are we getting more of these challenges in the future? They were really fun to play and I think I’m not the only one who enjoyed them.

Would be nice if a developer could give us a brief update on this.

Quote from the update notes:

While the Barbarossa Brawl replaces the Mongol Raiders scenario, don’t worry; we’re working on a home for all the scenarios and leaderboards in the future!


Yes plsss.
I missed the Mongol raiders, but the Barbarossa brawl was fun.

But I feel that the TG ranked queue and performance/crashes is still more servere and should be addressed first.

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Of course bug fixes and all that stuff is more important, I was just curious if they still have the challenge scenarios on their radar.

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Bro Britney Spears has more things on her radar than the mgmt and dev staff of the game 11

would be cool if there was a way to save high scores and show a leaderboard for custom scenarios. the official challenges are well made and high quality but aren’t anything that cant be made in the scenario editor.

while the devs are busy why not check out some of the fan made custom scenarios. i am currently working on a few of my own but i can personally reccomend some maps worth checking out that stay within the theme of the game and feel genuine.

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This is still missing. It’s strange that the devs haven’t provided any way to play it. Surely it wouldn’t be hard to at least make it accessible from a menu somewhere.