Where are the .dat files?

i downloaded DE from the microsoft store, does anyone know where the .dat files are located?
im trying to make a mod but can’t find them

In Microsoft store version you cannot access game files.

BTW mods are downloaded into:
*C:\Users\ [UserName]\Games\Age of Empires 2 DE[ProfileId]\mods\subscribed*

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oh, dang it!
thanks for the information

microsoft store users can access game files if change themselves as owner of game files.

how to do that??
change the owner

when you get locked window just press continue/ok button and it will open protection window where you can change ownership & file rights. I believe i first gave full rights for admin account and then in other widow wrote account name for changing ownership.

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sorry im not a techy guy, what’s locked window / how to get there
also, if i change the rights of the game to me, will that mess up the game in anyway?
lastly, the way you saw “rights”, im just wondering if its a bad thing to change them or not

By locked i mean just that window you get when trying open folder without having rights to view it.

It should do any mess, i was still able to install or launch games. I wasn’t able revert change sameway though so consider that.

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okay, ill just get steam version to mod
but can i submit custom maps with the Microsoft store version?