Where does the UI actually grab its minimap colors from, specifically for the various colorblind modes?

Hello everyone,

I’m colorblind (red/green) and the regular in-game colorblind modes work well for me mostly, the blue for player+light blue for team mates etc. is great. I’d just like to adjust the somewhat muted yellow that’s being used for opponents to be a little more striking on the minimap.

I’ve found a “uicolors_deuteranopia” file that even has lines specifically for “minimap” for each of the colors, but adjusting the numbers there didn’t appear to change anything at all (mode is active, tried restart etc.). Does anyone know where these colorblind modes grab their actual colors from?

I’m not sure if simply adjusting a few lines there would qualify as “modding”, but this still seemed like the best place to ask since many mods obviously manage to do a lot more than that, including with minimap colors.