Where is music for RoR located?

Does anyone happen to know where the Return of Rome music files are located in the game directory (or what the file path is for the music files)? I have been trying to replace some of the Return of Rome music but I have had no success.

"MOD NAME\resources_common\sound\music" for mods.

The actual “sounds\music” folder doesn’t exist in the game folder since I believe that is actually packed under the wwise folder .pck files, but creating a mod and using the previously mentioned directory should work.

RoR music files use “aoe_” as a prefix. (e.g: aoe_ingame01.wem)

I’m pretty sure there is a bug at the moment that doesn’t allow modded sounds/in-game music to play correctly on RoR, win/loss/credits music works but the in-game music doesn’t play

Heres an Excel sheet with more info: