Where is the Quickmatch and Ranked queue in Return of Rome

We absolutely need Quick Match and Ranked queues. The custom games way to find a game ruins the experience and is disappointing… It takes too long to find a game with the settings we want, no map ban and when you find one the host has been afk for awhile. Can a dev confirm this feature is being worked on ?


Yea I was pretty disappointed by this.

Back to the days World’s Edge announced ranked lobbies for DM, they said that popular game modes could have a ranked lobby and, if got even more popular, it would be in the matchmaking.

Quote: “Deathmatch will be the first mode to receive Custom Ranked support, and if we see good results (sentiment & matchmaking quality), we’ll look at adding ranked ELO to more game modes. That means that as other modes increase in popularity, we’ll slowly layer in (optional) competitive-friendly features for them. The system we are envisioning will have three levels, beginning with unranked Custom Lobbies for all modes (currently available), graduating to the DM implementation where there are things like standard competitive settings and ELO, and finally landing at Ranked Matchmaking. Modes will move up or down in this “graduation system” based on the number of daily matches being played and Community feedback, so in essence – we are putting YOU, our Community, in the driver’s seat for what happens with competitive play in the game.”





Exactly I buy the game just to play 1v1 RM Ranked but I stopped trying to find a game because nobody can see you because of the filter that is by default in Unranked

Even in AoE DE was easier find people because all the games was showed by default.

I hope in the next update fix this and in some point add the Ranked queues that could be awesome.

Is not a crazy idea, many AoE2 players found RoR very fun and have his Elo from the main game so they are active ranked players

Yes, I expected the Return of Rome would have ranked queues and disappointed to find out there isn’t any ranked queues. They should definitely add this.

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We dont really miss quick play. It is the most useless feature added to AoE2. So we dont really need it in AoE1. Or maybe not for pvp game. For against the AI it is fine. But i still think it is used very little.

I do miss ranked match making. I was really surprised it isnt part of the DLC. Ranked match making is the easiest way to get into a game in AoE2, but somehow not important enough for AoE1. I see this as a big mistake from the devs. I really hope they will add a ranked match making to AoE1.