Where to suggest new civs?

I have 1 or 2 suggestions for future possible new civs. Where can I talk about it without the public knowing about it? Don’t want to give much detail right now, but I think this civ should be looked into. Thanks.

What exactly is the reason for it? Why do you not want the public to know about it. It’s been kinda shown that the devs read the forums (or Reddit) and have taken inspiration from other people’s suggestions there.

Maybe emailing them can work, idk. Try emailing Bill Gates! :smiley:


Let’s say I talk about a possible new civ, and that civ comes out, If I talk about it in public view, then it wouldn’t be a surprise to the AoE II community.

Theres a ton of talks about civs so if they choose your idea it will still surprise everyone


With all respect… the best ideas come from collaboration… Share your thoughts with us. Don’t be shy

wait till they message u here. maybe they saw this thread

I want to keep it a secret for now. 11

You can’t privately suggest civs. Also, I don’t know what you have in mind, but I doubt it’s anything that hasn’t been suggested already, and not meaning to be offensive here, but I don’t see why you should get to make private civ suggestions to the devs when no-one else can.


I’m not even saying that I want to talk to the devs. I just want to find out if there’s a place where people chat privately about possible future new civs.

Here’s what I’ll do. I’ll give a fairly detailed list of what the possible new civ should be on reddit in the coming days. With ideas layout.

Never mind, that civ is already out in the form of another civ.