Where's the hotfix?

9 days and counting.


I hope it is coming soon :slight_smile:

I haven’t played this game in over a month now. Nice to see every time they do a new patch they end up creating new problems. And I see the profanity filter is still in the game un touched after people have been complaining about it for 3 months. I’ll continue to play other games over this politically correct unfinished product.


The game is great to play. No reason to not play the game :wink:


They’ve made severeal changes to the profanity filter the last game, just read the patchnotes. Many people still missing that it is not optional (me aswell), but it definitely got much better.

They said they will bring up a hotfix for the malay and the disconnects, we are still waiting. I think it should arrive this weak or maybe early next weak, because these are really big problems.


2civs are broken. Sometimes units dissappear and sometimes they pass through wall. There are reasons not to play the game

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I only know malay, what other civ is broken? I have never seens units to disappaer or pass through walls. So if those bugs really exist, they arent common at all. So no game breaking bugs.

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They’re game breaking bugs. Even if they don’t break all the games. And ethiopians. Sometimes they gett 600 food when they past an age. And sometimes you havebto research feudal age 3 times in order to research castle age.

Man, I don’t know why people support the idea of “hey, this is broken, but not THAT broken” i don’t know about you guys, but I want a fully functional game


I have never noticed those bugs and i havent heard about it on this forum. Also if a civ is bugged, just dont pick the civ. Benefit of pick civs in ranked games.

Of course the game isnt bug free. There are bugs. Non of them seems really game breaking to me. The impact is too small or the frequency too low for being game breaking.

I would even go as af as saying: No game is bug free.

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I was lucky enough to not get them either, but not getting them shouldn’t be an excuse to ignore what happens to others.

There are many other places than these forums to hear about them, and anyway they have been mentionned.

It does mean that it sucks for people who liked these civs or playing random. Not to mention some people who want to abuse the game will keep playing Ethiopian and pray to get the 600 food bug.

Even if this reasoning was true this kind of bug would just need to happen once at the wrong time (like the qualifiers for Memb’s tournament that are being held right now) to have a way too big impact.

In the end I can understand why you want to defend DE and all, but it’s not because there have been some misguided critics than DE should be “blame free” now


@CactusSteak2171 said pretty much everything. Don’t take this forum as a reference half of the people just started playing aoe, or know jack about the game. In aoezone you can find all of this bugs detailed.

I agree with cactus. I understand why you want to defend the game, but rught now, devs don’t have an excuse. They broke a lot of things from last patch to this one. Probably only to add some silly cheat codes


Dont take me wrong. I still want a hotfix for those issues. There is a reason i asked for an ETA in the thread about the latest update:

These issues really needs to be fixed. There is no doubt. I fully agree there needs to be a hotfix.

On the other side because of low impact or low frequency you just still can play the game and enjoy the game for the most part. If Ethiopians always got 600 food, it would be much more broken. Now it happens ‘sometimes’ and ‘someties’ you have bad luck. There are so many match ups that dont contains one of these civs. You can just play with those civs and have no issue at all.

So dont understand me wrong: I want a hotfix too for these issues. Better today than after the weekend. No doubt. But you still can enjoy the game and dont experience anything of the broken civs.

Unless they put a toggle switch to turn off the profanity filter it’s still broke. Every other game I play has that option to turn the profanity filter off with a click of a button. Microsoft doesn’t allow that because they want this game to be played by 5 year olds. Voobly and Steam I could say whatever I want. This game treats me like a child. Therefore I boycott Microsoft products and I doubt I’ll be playing this game anytime soon. Unless they make a change to my favorite Civ which they still haven’t addressed properly. (Goths)

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Other questions is:

  • Where’s the QA on AOE DE?
  • Why they pushed to production a heavy bugged patch?
  • Why they do not rollback if they not gona push a hotfix in the next 10 days?

get used to this: they patch it at the end of each month.

I have hope for an hotfix:

No, I won’t get used to not being able to play properly during 10 days of the month

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have they done any hotfixes in the past of de?

yes, lots of hotfixes
-february 13 - hotfix 35209
-january 24 - hotfix 34793
and there were many in december and november when the game arrived

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i think they went into the slow development mode… 4 months is long enuf.