Which areas of the world do you want to see more content for after the next dlc?

  • Northern Native Americans (Comanches, Mohicans, Powhatans, Seminoles…)
  • Central Native Americans (Mayas, Mixtecs, Purepechas, Zapotecs…)
  • Southern Native Americans (Guaranis, Mapuches, Muiscas, Tupis…)
  • Colonial/Post Colonial States (Argentina, Australia, Brazil, Haiti…)
  • Northern/Western Europe (Belgians, Norwegians, Scots, German/Italian splits…)
  • Eastern Europe (Greeks, Hungarians, Romanians, Serbians…)
  • West Asia (Georgians, Omanis, Persians, Tatars…)
  • South Asia (Kannadas, Marathas, Mughals, Punjabis…)
  • East/Southeast Asia (Koreans, Manchus, Siamese, Vietnamese…)
  • North Africa (Egyptians, Moroccans, Barbary Coast…)
  • West Africa (Ashantis, Jolofs, Songhais, Yorubas…)
  • East Africa (Kanembus, Sudanese, Somalis, Swahilis…)
  • Central/South Africa (Congolese, Malagasy, Shonas, Zulus…)
  • Oceania (Hawaians, Maoris, Samoans, Tui Tongas…)
  • Somewhere else (Antarctic, Indian Ocean, Siberia…)
  • All of them!
  • None
  • I don’t know
  • I don’t care
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Hey! Some of you may already seen or even taken part to my previous polls for AoE2 and RoR, and to be perfectly honest I have more experience with those two games but I’m still interested in AoE3 and its development so it was only a question of time before I started invading your space. Sorry.
Just to be clear, I’m not a historian, even less so an expert in AoE3’s timeframe. Also, I don’t necessarily suport the addition of the civs I’ve included as exemples for each option (though I know saying that will not prevent some people from assuming I actually want the Antarctic Penguin Empire in game, because I obviously do and so should you).
I’m pretty sure some people have already proposed this specific poll in the past, but I still wanted to be thorough and start with this very generic opening question. With all that being said, I hope you like this and there may be more in the future if people are interested.

I gotta be honest i feel these categories are too narrow. To me the options should be based on the “culture groups”, so i for example could vote “native americans” for Mapuche and Commanche.

I think there is basically zero chance for more European DLC, Denmark and Poland will for all intend paint out the map.

Belgians only notable achievement was the Congo, which i don’t think microsoft is at all interested in touching.

Norway only had a couple of rebellions but was otherwise de jure always under some other countries jurisdiction, specifically Denmark and Sweden. Prime revolution material but no way it can be its own faction. It is likely to me that the Danish faction will have at least a couple of Norwegian references.

Scotland is a part of the British, and have been since around 1600, they might have the best claim to fame here but i still don’t think they are that likely.

German/Italian split is basically impossible.

Hungary and Romania exist as revolutions, i think that is a fair depiction.

Serbians and Greeks are possible i guess but i don’t think they are that interesting, i feel Greece pretty much is covered by their royal house.


It’s a multi-choice poll, so you can vote for all native options at once.

If you look at the results, so far absolutely no one (me included) has voted for Europe, so I think you’re preaching to the choir :smile:


Shhh, one of those options includes the German Split™ - it’s only a matter of time before someone comes in to tells us the joys of the Prussians and Austrians . :wink:


I can’t imagine why… It’s not like Leopold’s Congo was one of the most brutal, depraved endeavors in history. /s



We need Khans and Shahs.

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I think Malay fit the AOE3 timeline better than most.

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Someone mentions that which cannot be named in a list with dozens of bad civ suggestions and so far all the responses have been singling it out to shit on it and say it’s never going to happen. This is the same crowd that always complains about the topic being brought up.


I don’t really understand, but is Oceania popular? To be honest, with the exception of some Australasian Maps, most of them should be Naval Maps, but with the current Naval Warfare and AI, I don’t think anything good will come out of it.

So if there’s a good thing, it’s that there might be kangaroos and thylacines on the Maps or also some legendary ruins like Moais or Nan Madol.

Yes it is popular, and no, most of them shouldn’t be naval maps.


Don’t forget New Zealand, it would be almost like bringing Middle Earth to AOE-3. There were even giant eagles in real life.

I would love too see some revolts from around the Indian ocean, in order to replace the Gran Columbia and Peru from the Portuguese revolt options

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Zanzibar would be a good option for Portugal and a potential Oman. The actual event didn’t take place until the cold war, but the reasons behind the unrest had been smoldering for centuries.

I wouldn’t really go with Zanzibar because, in the admittedly tiny chance that we get an Oman civ, the homecity would, counterintuitively enough, be Zanzibar in the most likely case.

Why? It was only the capital for like 20 years before they divided the empire. Muscat would be the obvious choice for the home city.

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Greeks are in the last years of the timeline, so maybe they can fit, but given there’s dozens of Empires, Kingdoms and cultural groups who cover more years, peoples, languages and religions than Greece, I wouldn’t hold my breath


Still waiting for the Age franchise to feature Oceania officially. Maori would be dope.

Africa still has a lot to offer and more Natives wouldn’t hurt the games. Age of Empires 3 is also a game about the colonized, not only the colonizers.


We are clearly overdue for an Asian DLC…


This also. South East Asian buildings and fauna would look great.

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Ah, welcome then to the AoE 3 forum…

As long as it is a civilization that existed between 1400 and 1900, it could easily enter the game…

In addition to being quite late…the Belgians did not do much from 1830 to 1885, and when they entered Africa the game was in its final stages…the Kongo on the other hand could easily be an African civ, recruits Portuguese units from the palace like the Ethiopians and just in imperial you can ally with the Belgians…

You have Wallachia and Moldavia, but they were vassal states of the Ottomans…

Yes, Johor and Aceh…

Yes, you have the Maori (which they included in the Wars of Liberty mod), you have the Hawaiians and in the middle the voyages of James Cook…

Or Rustaq…

Yes, besides the fact that Greece became independent the same year as Mexico and Mexico is in the game…

Rise of the Rajas but in 3D…