Which civilizations do you bet will be?

Choose and tell us the reason why it should be inside.

  • Italians
  • Brazilians
  • Another African Civ
  • Another Oriental Civ
  • Arabs
  • Poles
  • Argentina
  • Chile
  • Another Native American Civ

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I usually say PLC and Italy (I wish names in-game were more formal whenever possible, so ‘Kingdom of Poland and the Grand Duchy of Lithuania’ and ’ Kingdom of Italy’).
But the second one (unification of Italy) came very late considering AoE3’s time period. So in that case I’d probably love to see two ‘smaller’, more weird and creative Italian civs. Hell, even three.

Certainly Venice, I love their history. Plus some other strong regional players. Milar or Florence.
The cultural base and general design structure would be the same, but with different special units, varied architecture, unique techs that would reflect their nature.
Maybe it would be just Italy, but with unique leveling mechanics, where players can choose leading cities, doctrines, focus on different things like trade, diplomacy etc (just like choosing states with US civ).

Maybe universal ‘Italy’ would be fine, but with like 6-7 minor factions (cities) that are present on a new set of maps centered around Italian regions. But maybe this would fit more ‘Napoleonic’ expansion.

Anyway, there’s not a lot of big things left. And at the end of the day, it would be probably better to introduce a new campaign, PvE coop modes or other things that would attract new players, than pick some completely obscure irrelevant political entities and force them into the game as new civs, for ‘having more civs’ sake.

Also not a lot of people mention it, but I’d like to see Austria along with Germany.
It would be much easier to say in a situation where the game encompasses like 100 years of history. During these few centuries names, borders etc. changed so many times it’s crazy. A single modern country can be potentially part of numerous ingame 'civs;.


Sure it is Italy and poles this is only new civ and to European dlc buy for now

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I have been dreaming of Brazil for a while now.


If you mean the upcoming single civ then it’s gonna be Brazil as another redundant rev civ.

For overall upcoming I’d rather have Persians, Poles and Danes. Getting tired of the American and 19th century focus as there are plenty of civs outside America that are worth adding.


DE did not received any new asian civilization .
I hope they add Persia (Safavid Empire)


Creo que será Brasil :brazil: pero para variar apuesto por Argentina :argentina:


In what world do we need 3 Italian civs, when we lack some pretty basic empires/regions still?

Like Persia, Indonesian area, Northern and Southern Africa, Mapuche or one other native civ, as long as it stood out and resisted.

Italians as one civ still makes sense, its a people group, not a state.


Explain what ‘lack’ means.
Age of Empires game is not a geographical atlas, meant to cover the entire world and all of its regions for the sake of it. Its goal is to make an interesting and fun game.
Game, especially a remaster, is not ‘lacking’ anything by default. When we’re talking about expansions main drive should be mentioned fun and cohesion in relation to existing content and general game design. And commercial reasons. These things are meant to be sold to people and should include exctiing, recognizable things.
Just like German, Italian Unification barely makes its way to the very end of AoE3’s time period. For all that time there was no Italy as we know it,

I mentioned these options because they are interesting to me, whereas I couldn’t care less about Mapuche or Southern Africa. Is there something wrong with having an interest in various things?
It’s fine to not want Italians, it’s fine to have Italian expansion with 8 minor italian civs (‘city states’).
One is not more valid than the other.

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I hope “Italy”, with a renacentist/archaic design.


I’ll never understand why people want a bunch of squabling city states past their prime over actual great powers. Italians are natives or mercs at best. Perhaps
a revolution but I dont think they should ever be a full civ.

The topic is what we think will be the next civ, not the one we want if Im reading it right. And I think we’ll get Brazil next. Beyond a devs interest in adding them, the american civs seem to be the ones coming in singles, but perhaps theyll break their habit?


We already have Portugal and Spain, which have a Mediterranean style and start archaic.
I don’t see why having one more European civilization like this is desirable.


Judging by past experience, the success rate on predicting the next civ is very low if not zero lol


I think we get bolivia or madagascar or indonesia :joy::joy::joy::joy::joy::joy::joy:

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When I look for another civ I look for something that brings a new feel.

Although I’ll be happy with just about anything, I’m not convinced that a European civ like Italy, an African civ like Morocco, or an Asian civ like Korea will feel distinct enough to justify their inclusion.

The biggest glaring holes I see are with the native civs. I’m personally hoping for either:

  1. A water-based polynesian style civ
  2. A desert based native american civ

My money is always on Malta, though. Bring on the hoop throwers!


If it is an european civ this time like Italy, Danmark or Poland, I think that the chances for an european dlc like The African Kingdoms in the future will become much smaller. I don`t think the devs will bring us more than 2 eropean civs to the game.

The surprise was big (and cool) with Mexico, so I can`t imagine what they will bring us this time. My hopes ar for Brazil, Italy, Marroco and Persia.


I too think adding a Habsburg Austria civ distinct from the Prussian-controlled Germans would be excellent! They are practically the only major empire of Europe at this time that has been left out, and there is so much potential for fun, new Historical Battles with them in contest with already extant civilizations (I’m thinking the 1683 Ottoman Siege of Vienna as one example).

Releasing such an Austrian Civ would also provide an excellent excuse to release maps covering Europe, which is the only major inhabited continent (besides Australia) that does not yet have playable maps in AOEIIIDE. Adding those maps would in turn unlock so much potential for fun historical battles, including the various Habsburg-Ottoman wars, the major battles of the Napoleonic Wars (Waterloo, Borodino, Leipzig, the invasion of Spain, etc.), the battles of Frederick the Great, the Dutch Wars of Independence and the Anglo-Dutch Wars, the Great Northern War between Sweden and Russia, the list goes on and on. Europe was practically constantly at war over the two or three centuries covered by AOEIIIDE, so there would be near infinite potential for further expansion within the game after making these two additions! I think such a release would be really fun!

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Hoy día 18 del mes 4 del 2022
Apuesto que la próxima civilización será Brasil, Argentina o Gran Colombia.

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The current Germany might be renamed to Austria and a new Prussia might get added but a “new” Austria is never going to happen.

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North Sentinel Island civ.