Which civs you want to see next in Age II DE

Type below l want to see your opinions
about civ limit, and civs which you want to see.
My sugestion is to add Serbs,Croats and Vlachs in next DLC.
l think thay deserve to be in game like other civs.
l know thats a lot euro civs,but not have problem with it because its game we love.


Civ limit: No
How many civs I want: As many as possible
What I want: 10 civs from Africa, 15 from Asia and a few from America. Europe should only add Serbs and Vlachs.


Agreed but it will be hard to play then because if we have like 100 civs in total then will be hard to learn every single tech and unit abilities.

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If you can learn 42, you can learn 100. In fact learning a civ is a really fun part of the game.


Shona swahili and one more maybe from africa.swiss and venice from europe.maybe georgia and armenia.


Nice choices actually geogrgia and swiss have civ concept on youtube right?

I think all these civs have concepts already made.

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7 thats cool! :sunglasses::sunglasses::sunglasses::sunglasses:

I’m all for more civs but Europe should not be revisited for a little bit, they already have a good chunk of the civs and most the campaigns in the game.


Georgians, Armenians, Jurchen, Tibetans/Tanguts, Somalis and Nubians.


Next I want some African civs. Somalis, Nubians, Songhai, Hausa, Kanembu, Zimbabweans or Beninese would all be very good

If the civ limit exists I dont think we need any euro civ. We just need Georgia. The missibg Balkans civs were never that important


I’d like to see a South America situated DLC, since it’s a whole continent with only 1 civ so far.
Possible civs: Chimor, Wari, Muisca (Moche, Mapuche or Tupi could work as well)


Out of Europe I’d like to see at least a Vlach civ so the Dracula campaign has a more appropriate civ, but I’d like to see a few more non-European expansions first. After that, if they’re able to make more European civs I think they might as well do it.


No city states from Italy or duchies from the Holy Roman German Empire, please. African kingdoms or South East Asia kingdoms would be awesome.

Mapuche are barely clinging to the timeline and fought against Incas and Huilliches, so I’m neutral to them. If you include Mapuche, you have to include Huilliches.


I feel Tupis would only be doable on AoE3, unless you know what they were up to in pre-colonial times.

Agreed but it would be nice to have your own civ in game.:grin:

Thats not a realistic thing to expect, we cant represent everyone

Nationalism is a weak reason to add a civ too tbh


Next? Either Jurchens+Tanguts, Siamese+Chams or Nubians+Somalis. Eventually all of those and many, many more. Especially from Africa and the Americas as those two are quite underrepresented, but I would not be against adding a few more in Europe once rotw has gotten some love.


The devs should stop adding only 2 civs per DLC.


A DLC must include a civ that start with “B”. So we need two different African DLCs. One with Bantu+Nubians and another one with Beninese+Somali.

I’m not much aware of other civs with “B”. Maybe Basques and Bavarians. :rofl: