Which has better graphics, AoE3 DE or AoE4?

I mean, no, it’s literally nicked from the Crossbow thread (I realised after the fact, so it’s not even their arrow - the arrow is probably meaningless here). It’s not their image in the first place, and anyone can tell at a glance that that doesn’t represent the sharpness any image should have at max zoom.

It’s certainly not the game at 4K, that’s for sure. I have actually played the game, right? I know what it looks like at that maximum zoom (1080p here, though).

i think its worth remembering here that AOE3 has far more units in the game, which probably hurts the readability somewhat.


I newer played II DE but for me 3d terain and graphics are very nice in IV…

This is very subjective but for me I like how both games looks and if I had to pick I’d say AoE4 but mainly because I like more the style of the graphics etc.

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KindaMike11111 Fyrapan90 Show me a single AOE-4 screenshot worth admiring.

Check out these from AOE-3 DE:

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Old video , of fan preview footage . Sorry but this is staged.

It has the best nature BY far in any aoe game , aoe4 graphically looks the best.

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It has by far the worst foliage, like, really, that’s obvious. For most players AoE4 looks good enough, it seems and I can see that. But some comments make me feel AoE4 is the first video game they played.


I agree. The weeds and grasses and the general terrain of AOE-4 is beautiful. However, AOE-3’s is also pretty, especially after the remastering.

But what else is artistically better in AOE-4 than in AOE-3?

rivers ,terrain generation , art style , units with not so pronounced colors , biomes and more

“Better biomes and rivers” I doubt it.


Graphically could be. Visually AoE3 looks much better.


its the same thing lol.

graphics is a part of visuals .

It means that in technical terms like resolution and things like that, one or the other is better.

With visually should refer to art and details.

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I don’t mind either tbh. Each is unique however I know that’s not the answer sought after. While AOEIV may look cartoony, I do think it has a very slight edge over AOEIII’s graphics.

On a side note, I definitely prefer the gameplay of IV.

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Too much love put into 3DE for it to be even a contest :slight_smile:
Age of Empires III - Main Theme (Extended) - YouTube


The sheer amount of purely cosmetic flair…

Aztec home city:


100 % soul, unmatched beauty.