Which has better graphics, AoE3 DE or AoE4?

I newer played II DE but for me 3d terain and graphics are very nice in IV…

This is very subjective but for me I like how both games looks and if I had to pick I’d say AoE4 but mainly because I like more the style of the graphics etc.

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KindaMike11111 Fyrapan90 Show me a single AOE-4 screenshot worth admiring.

Check out these from AOE-3 DE:

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Old video , of fan preview footage . Sorry but this is staged.

It has the best nature BY far in any aoe game , aoe4 graphically looks the best.

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It has by far the worst foliage, like, really, that’s obvious. For most players AoE4 looks good enough, it seems and I can see that. But some comments make me feel AoE4 is the first video game they played.


I agree. The weeds and grasses and the general terrain of AOE-4 is beautiful. However, AOE-3’s is also pretty, especially after the remastering.

But what else is artistically better in AOE-4 than in AOE-3?

rivers ,terrain generation , art style , units with not so pronounced colors , biomes and more

“Better biomes and rivers” I doubt it.


Graphically could be. Visually AoE3 looks much better.


its the same thing lol.

graphics is a part of visuals .

It means that in technical terms like resolution and things like that, one or the other is better.

With visually should refer to art and details.

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I don’t mind either tbh. Each is unique however I know that’s not the answer sought after. While AOEIV may look cartoony, I do think it has a very slight edge over AOEIII’s graphics.

On a side note, I definitely prefer the gameplay of IV.

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Too much love put into 3DE for it to be even a contest :slight_smile:
Age of Empires III - Main Theme (Extended) - YouTube


The sheer amount of purely cosmetic flair…

Aztec home city:


100 % soul, unmatched beauty.



Now that AOE4 is already out I’d say I actually prefer how the terrain looks from afar in AOE4. Some AOE3DE maps have too many small patches of different colors that look a little messy.
But I still dislike how the units look, especially with those large chunks of pure player colors, oversized weapons (despite being downsized once) with pure brown and white, and lack of textures and reflections. They look very out of place from the terrain and buildings, which were quite good-looking.


AOE4 does not look bad, but what it is missing is the small details, the variety of animals, the animations, and so forth. Its just a basic game built on a kind of fuzzy terrain which looks the best part of it.

AOE3 puts it all together, crisp, clean, detailed, realistic, and minute details, proportions and animations that keep surprising even experienced players. I doubt any game will ever come close to it.