Which has better graphics, AoE3 DE or AoE4?

The only reason I play age IV is because it’s newer but age 3 graphics are far superior in every sense, when I get bored of IV will return to 3 for sure… Hopefully Relic/Microsoft realized the reviews and will improve graphics /texture over time.


Ok, that’s enough (for now :dizzy_face:)


This Is how Aoe4 would had appeared in my opinion. Hoep to see future Graphic DLC or a future titles with a really next generation Graphic.


An SC-2 player was surprised to see what AOE-3 looked like for the first time and loved the design of the Mexican haciendas.

But it is still elegant and harmonious. It has been improved as far as a graphics engine created in the early 2000s can be improved.

I was talking about aoe4 here.

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aoe4 is more of a fantasy colors. aoe3 is more realistic. i appreciate both but for a historical game like this i would never prefer the fantasy colors because they belong to games like zelda or the witcher not age of empires.


This aged well… hope Microsoft would get their act together and promote AoE III with streamers that got into AoE IV. A lot of them tried liking AoE IV and got bored of it and are looking for something with more depth: Enter AoE3


Absolutely gorgeous indeed


I don’t think a lack of promotion is what has been holding AoE 3 back. I know the game has its fans, but you have to accept that those who aren’t fans just don’t like the game, and it can’t be fixed by promoting it more to them. Personally I simply hate the game’s mechanics such as treasures, cards, lack of collection buildings.

Re the graphics, I prefer the oversized units in 4, and think 3 would be improved by having an option to scale up the size of units by a user defined amount. Basically, as you zoom out, recognisability of units becomes a problem before recognisability of buildings, and scaling up the size of units makes the game more playable when zoomed out more. So long as it’s just a user setting, people who don’t like oversized units can keep them sized in proportion to the buildings if they prefer that.


Please count in the UI and UX of AOE3DE as well.

It can be more realistic in the 3D modelling, but the crazy extreme blue and red team colour, the UI of the bottom bar, the buttons, and fonts, are EXTREMELY DISGUSTING.

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This is not entirely true. The reason AOE-3 doesn’t have a large number of players is because it isn’t popular enough, which is not a reflection of the quality of a product.

Sony’s PS is better than Microsoft’s XBOX because it is more popular…?

Avengers - Endgame and Avatar are the best movies in history for having been the highest grossing…?

Something similar happens with AOE-3. The circumstances under which AOE-3 was launched in the mid-2000s are different.

Also the time of context is not as popular as the middle ages. This was said by one of the developers of AOE-2 and AOE-3.

A professional SC-2 player who didn’t even know AOE-3 tried it for the sole reason that they had released a DLC with the Mexican civilization. Once he tried it, he loved the game mechanics, the physics, the details and the graphics in general. He even said that if he had met him earlier, he would have been playing it for years.


Of course, there will always be people who haven’t tried something but would like it if they did. But many people tried AoE 3 DE when it was released, and haven’t continued to play it:

almost every game has more players in the start, it would be weird not to. it doesn’t mean there are necessarily less players now it just means people play it less often over time.

also in honesty the launch of AOE3DE was pretty bad, with a lot of technical problems.

AOE4 to me seems very uninspired, it feels like a game you get when building it from commission where the majority are conservative, most factions are fundamentally capable of doing the same things, with the changes mostly being just gimmicks.


Right now I can’t even play in teams. Only 1v1 with everything graphically set to the minimum. Surely back in 2005 most people couldn’t run it optimally.

graphics normally have no big effect on team games, cpu bottlenecks meanwhile certainly do
my cpu (core i7 8565U) does fine in aoe2 de even on 4v4, but on 3 de and even more so 4, like with you, its 1v1 only capable, on 3 de it can do 2v2 with some stutter, this has nothing to do with graphical settings, going to absolute minimum changes nothing in all cases. For me at least, comparing 3 de and 4, while having roughly equal performance on both (maybe 10% better on 3 de), 3 de wins without trying, even if you max 4 out, many settings don’t make any visible improvements (geometry detail for example), above medium, which is already unusually hard to run

You know what ? , the problem with aoe3 is that it haves so many problems in the online mode .

Thats why aoe3 has less players than aoe4 or aoe2

Its the best in the saga imo.

Dont get me wrong , i like aoe4 and i see the potential about it . But for now aoe4 needs A LOT of work.

Because the performance is bad on low-end machines

Actually, graphics need to be “ordered around” by the CPU so the more units, the more shaders need to run so more cpu overhead.

true but load from having more players in a match still greatly exceeds it

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