Which One CIV do YOU want in the game

If you could add one CIV regardless of where it is from which single one would you add to the game. Pick only one, one that you pick not because of logical or equal distribution of civ per region. One that you want to add to the game.

Comment only one CIV name. I’d be interested to read why you pick it.

e.g.(My pick is given)

For me, it would be the Bengalis. As I’m from Bangladesh and I also want to find out how they would speak the Bangla words in game. Another reason being I think deserves a place in the game because they were not part of India, nor did we have lots of camels 11

For me it is Serbian Empire

You might want to recheck your history again modern day Bangladesh was very much a part of India so is Pakistan.

My pick for the civi is tibet.


Any civ at all?
This would be my pick.


Other than Tibet? Georgia or Sinhaleese(Sri lanka not because im from there).


No no. Im agreeing with tou. If i could have any civ. Any civ at all tibet wins.


For me it would be Odias because am from Odisha. Our legacy echoes from India to Indonesia. 2 millennium years old history, with Kalinga fighting the bloodiest war with Mauryans, to Mahameghavahana revenging the Magadhas, Satrubhanja kicking the Kushans to Shailodbhavas starting Shailendra in Sumatra, to Rudhiganga fending off Delhi to Kalingamagha searaiding far off lands like Ceylon to Gajapatis subjugating Karnataka, Gulbarga and Gauda, Khorda Paikas raising the first war of independence. When our wheels of war start turning nothing stands in the way.

Okay that was a biased answer. On a serious note, I don’t care which civ get’s introduced, all I care is balanced use of architecture sets and more importantly balanced representation accross the world.

I’d pick Tibetians. They have a rich and interesting history and I also love the beautiful landscape of the Tibetian highlands. Great campaign material.


I pick Georgians for a great campaign potential of Tamar (She’ll be the same case of Jadwiga where a different hero appears mostly, which is David Soslan) and I would love them to have a different bset from all current civs.

edit: oh I forgot this is about a civ that is related to the person, I feel represented by Saracens and maybe Turks already 11

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If it has to be only one civ… It’s hard to chose, but I’d say the Thais. Their absence in Rise of the Rajas felt like a huge blank spot.

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If I had to choose one civ only out of all the ones I want…


The history, the campaign material, the giant freaking hole in the civ representative geography, all would be covered by Tibet. I have other civs I would want as well, but Tibet I feel definitely deserves a spot in AOE2.


Papal state. Played a huge role in all of medieval history and alliances (team civ).
Different approach to gamestyle, Monk, team, unique actions.
Unique unit: Bishop or Inquisitor in monastery (‘splash’ conversion), can be trained in team mates monasteries.
Monasteries can be built in Feudal and give pop space.
Instead of scout, missionary.
Swiss guard in castle.


That kind of civ design doesnt fit the game.

I just hoped for a civ which goes hard into the monk potential (porbably never happens though).

We already have hard archer civs, hard cav civs in every variation, hard infrantry civs, even gunpowder civs. Where’s the monk love?

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Tbh I think Bohemians and Aztecs kind of cover that idea but monks are just a hard unit to integrate into the game

I would go for Tibetans too.

Imagine if monks were added to the game now. They would be considered such a silly meme unit.


Bring me the Georgians!!

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If I had to pick only one, the Shona of Great Zimbabwe.

In a way they are a very silly meme unit but that’s what makes it stand out.
Think about it, the wololo meme kept aoe2 alive in the minds of the public for over 20 years. No marketing team from even Microsoft could accomplish what the wololo meme accomplished.
What are some of the most memorable units in RTS games of all times? I bet you aoe2 monks will make the top 5 easy.

And yet here we are, neglecting the ambassadors of the genre, the diamonds in the rough lol.
Instead pushing the serious try hard archer meta which is getting stale and won’t bring any new players into the game, just steadily going towards entropy.


Archer civs dont need so many inconventional stuff just to be even more of an archer cuv