Which operating system(OS) do YOU use?

If I understood it correctly, Age of Empire: Definitive Edition will be a Windows 10 exclusive. So I made a poll to know about which operating system the community is the most.

Here is the poll:

I’m a Windows 7 user, so if AoE: DE will be a Windows 10 exclusive I will be very disappointed. : s

I’ve been using Windows 10 since its general release. However, maybe they could also release the game on Steam for example and lower the minimum requirements so people on older operating systems can enjoy the game too :slight_smile:

Currently running Windows 7. Not a big fan of the startmenu or the changes in the UI of Windows Explorer (not IE), that was first introduced with Windows 8

But this game might make my upgrade my machines to Win10 and give it a go.

Windows 10, since the free update. AoE was played on 98 and XP though :slight_smile:

I have 3x a windows 10 system xD

I use ArchLinux for all of my tasks except Windows-only gaming

Windows 10 because so far its proven to be idiot proof for me :stuck_out_tongue:

@Clements said:
I use ArchLinux for all of my tasks except Windows-only gaming

I use CentOS Linux for all my tasks and Windows8.1 to play AOE2HD exclusively :smiley:

Windows 7 for my gaming pc
Windows 8 for my work laptop (where only 3 are games allowed :stuck_out_tongue: )

Windows 10. The update was free and there hasn’t been any drawbacks to updating.

Been an insider on Windows 10 too, been using it ever since. Wouldn’t really turn back to Windows 7 if you’d ask me.

I’m on osX for the mac so it macs it difficult to play these and it would awesome if their was a port to mac

Windows 7 is about 8 years old and Windows 10 is way ahead re: security. Good move from MS to support Windows 10 only.

I use Windows 10, but if I wasn’t using it then I would install it on a virtual machine or i would make another partition on my hdd to play. 40 GB should be enough if you only install AoE:DE on it.

I am using a based Debian system. I hope AoED can be played by wine / playonlinux

I use a customized version of “Ubuntu minimal”

I installed the free Windows 10 upgrade on a new HDD, so I can boot back up to Windows 7 is I ever require it. Also got Windows XP and 98 in Virtual Machine for special cases, though Windows 10 got some updates and now runs a ton of old games no problem somehow.

Windows 10.

Windows 7 on my PC & 8 on the laptop

I’m using Windows 10