Which unique wonders for ROR civs?

Ave omnibus,

One of the many upgrades that AOE2 had over AOE1, is giving each civ an unique wonder. Sadly, this wasn’t corrected for AOE1DE and doesn’t seem to be the case either for ROR. So, let’s speculate on which wonder should each civ get.

First, the current wonders :

  • Colosseum : Romans
  • Colossus of Rhodes ? : Greeks
  • Pyramid of Khufu : Egyptians
  • the Hanging Garders of Babylon : Babylonians
  • Temple of Heaven : Chang
  • Ziggurat of Ur (Babylonian style for the CD edition) : Sumerians, would need being remade for the DE.

That leaves us with 11 civs without a wonder (well 11 counting the Sumerians but they should have their ziggurat). So, whcih wonder should each have ?

  • Carthaginians : Grand Arsenal of Carthage
    This fortified port sheltered their trade fleet (outer rectangular harbour) and their military navy (inner circular harbour). Its layout can still be seen in aerial views of Carthage, on the outskirts of Tunis.

  • Macedonians : Lighthouse of Alexandria
    I feel this choice might be controversial as it is in Egypt instead of Macedonia, but the Ptolemaic Kingdom was the longest-living of Alexander’s successor states

  • Minoans : Palace of Knossos
    It seems like an obvious choice. The labyrinth seems to be too mythological

  • Persians : Arch of Ctesiphon
    Let’s adress the war elephant in the room : this is a Sassanid structure, while many would have expected a pick from the Achaemenids. This is their AOE2 wonder however, so just like the Romans and Chang/Chinese who have the same wonder in both games as they survived long enough, I picked this wonder again for ROR.

These are the 4 for which I have a good idea. The Assyrians should have something from Nineveh, but I don’t know enough about the city to know which exact structure it should be.

What would you suggest ?


Persia: Gate of Xerxes/All Nations
Hittotos: Statue of Arinna the sun goddess

Palmyra: Temple of Bal
Macedonia: Theatre of Ohrid


Makes me sad to remember its ruins were vandalised a few years ago by some fanatics…

This is actually the Cothon, I haven’t heard it referred to as the Grand Arsenal, although that may just be me not having encountered the term before.

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No need to look far, I had no idea about its real name and got pictures of what I was looking for by calling it like that

I think it’s actually Etemenanki, the ziggurat of Marduk in Babylon.

I suggest either the southwest palace (built by Sennacherib) or the north palace (built by Ashurbanipal). But both were pretty sprawling, so would take some artistic licence to squeeze the required size.

For Yamato, Daisenryo Kofun (or some other kofun). This would tie in nicely with the haniwa on their civ icon.


That is correct, though I wish it was actually the Hanging Gardens, since it was, you know, one of the Seven Wonders!


Fair enough, although it’s much easier to base a wonder on a building that’s been excavated and reconstructed, rather than one that’s never been found and might not have existed.

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That is a good point. I never considered that.

When I first played AoE1, I assumed the Babylonian/Mesopotamian was supposed to be the Hanging Gardens – despite its total lack of plants – because it seemed like such an obvious choice.

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