White mist when zoom maxed out


I love the graphical aspect of the game and the artistic choices that have been made with UI and colors. But I noticed that whenever I zoom out at maximum amplitude a white and diffuse mist appears on all game area and is strongest on top of the screen.

For the top part of the screen I find this very distracting and for the rest I think it destroys the colors of the game, making it quite washed out.

I wish there was an option to completely remove this :confused:


They add this for the same reason they were stingy AF by only giving you +1 step for max zoom out:

Relic believes there is only one “correct” way to play the game, which is how they think it should be played, while all players who want to zoom out more are wrong. So they actively discourage you to zoom out more. They only added this to make people shut up since a very high % of people criticised the zoom level during the beta and stress test.


Could I disable the white foggy effect from the screen borders?


No because this is a poor intentional design choice

I have the game on high for all graphics settings and 1080p, this is how it looks for everything that is not in the center of the screen:

Any solutions? I can’t play the game like this.


So its fog you see when you place the camera on elevated positions?

When you look from elevated positions it is normal though.

Let me test it and I will get back. I dont think it was like this for me in the beta.

It seems to be the hills indeed, but this is still very annoying. I wish there was an option to remove this fog completely. It doesn’t do anything good, on the contrary.


It’s bad when there’s things you figure they couldn’t fix.

But when you see this you know it’s because they wanted it this way.

They thought this was a good idea. Let that sink in for a minute.


Yeah… But they wanted it like this for what? I dont get it. I cant think of any reason. In their trailers, where they showcase the game, they never had this horrible fog. They made sure everything was pretty by panning the camera at whatever angle they wanted, and now we cant even do that - camera is stuck at a specific angle, but image if we could and all you could see was this dense fog!


Probably for performance, anything in that fog probably does not render.

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Hah, but they could allow options in graphics for those with good computers to get rid of this. Why do we all have to suffer? We already got robbed with these average graphics for performance sake, and now we all get this fog in our eyes.


Its not for performance,
This isn’t an FPS where the clipping distance has to be worried about - instead culling occurs outside of the view fulstrum as that is always controllable…

anyway, the REASON this is happening is because the post-processing effect is derived from the depth of the pixels on the screen, The shader which is controlling the onset of fog has preset values, which were tweaked to look best at the default zoom. When they changed the zoom to zoom out a little more after closed beta, they didn’t remember to put in a way to retweak the fog shader values, thus when you zoom out further than what was present in open beta, then the fog wont wash out the background except for extreme elevation changes (which would be working as intended), but otherwise give a lovely atmospheric fog effect.

So long story short, its because they half assed the zoom out ‘fix’ from closed beta.


We’re in the best of hands.

I’m feeling particularly grateful the DE’s turned out so well.


No solution other than a refund, this is an intentional design choice by the geniuses at Relic who know better than the players


Thats not true. You could still work with the fog covered areas. E.g. not displaying particle effects there or going to lower LOD geometry for those areas. We see the LOD-jumps in some of the fly-by cut scenes for the norman campaign (around the lower left/right corners). So they definitely use that already really close to our FOV.

They could surely extend the distance before the fog starts for the direction in which you currently point the camera (and take the height change through elevation into account as in OP’s screenshots). They decided against that for some reason (performance gains) or it’s an oversight as you say:

the fog make it unplayable. did the devs even play the game? or they play on a tablet?


Yea, the LOD and motion blur effect.
I hate it too
Why do devs waste resources and time on such a useless annoying thing? Should be working on something else that could actually improve the game…

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OK, I cant handle it anymore, the fog makes the game unplayable. There’s fog EVERYWHERE, I zoom a little and 1/3 of my screen has fog, I put my camera on a hill and 2/3 of the screen is in fog, there’s a valley down ahead where enemy is coming from and where I have vision with units and buildings - cant see ■■■■ because there’s fog there. It is absolutely ghastly, unbearable, garbage effect. It’s like an eye cataract. It makes the game look so terribly ugly. Why would anyone add such an effect to the game is beyond me. JUST LET US DISABLE THIS GARBAGE!!!
I’m gonna make a post in the bugs section and post it as a bug.