Whitout projectle travel distance and speed that leads to accuracy, this game cannot be a truly competitive one


AOE2 had those features on release in 1999.

You really need to improve your standard level…


As if gaming industry and technology has stalled for 20 years, and every concept of every new game is re-invented from scratch.


At least wait for it to be completed with the spring patch. Then we will see there.

aoe2 being used as an example of a game without snowballing is so hilariously wrong. that game is all about snowballing because the counter system doesn’t work. projectile inaccuracy means that skirmishers and mangonels are ineffective, so once the xbow player has a lead the game is over

when units have consistent DPS, the game is more competitive, and it gives the counter system a chance to function

anyways, we want to build an empire, not play fortnite dancing minigames with pixel-size units. if you exclude all the strategy players from the game, then there’s nobody left


No the 100% accuracy projectile is definitely an intended design. There is no technical difficulty to implement that (that’s what I mean in the first reply), and it will not be changed with any update. The only reason is they do not want to add that feature, and do not want the players to be able to dodge arrows. Unlike color picking (though I doubt they will consider that at all) or map editors.

However I personally do not really care so much about projectile accuracy because I overall enjoyed aoe3 and aom as well. But this is not because they do not have the ability and/or time to implement that.

An empire with men as tall as houses and statues of chicken and horse?


Not sure this is an accurate generalisation, as an Aoe2 fan for many, many years, I much prefer aoe4, find it more fun and enjoy the mechanics alot more.

such as TC and Tower rushing? xD
with arrows that have 100% accuracy?

Yes, of course you will xD

Both games have tower rushing,
I’m not sure when the last time you saw a TC rush in aoe4 could have been…

And yes, many Aoe2 fans, including myself, prefer the arrow accuracy mechanic.

Just because you don’t like something, it doesn’t mean other people don’t.


Life lessons 101. (20 chars)

bcse in AOE2 tower rushing is so much harder as lots of arrows will miss and not as effective as AOE4 tower rushing? xD

It’s also harder in aoe1 as projectiles move slower than any other aoe game

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You are right, this game is more appealing to SC players than age fans…

I remember that for DOW3 relic removed a lot of the core features for dawn of war trying to appeal to “wider audiences”, they did the same for age IV, game is too simple when it comes to mechanics.


It seems that many people already hear you…

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It was the time period… The same happened with Napoleon total war if you compared to rome or medieval TW, medieval and classic times are cooler than Napoleon times…

Those other things aren’t “decisions” they made. They’re features that are coming but weren’t through development at release. I’m not sure on timeline for color selection, but random civ is coming in the Spring update, along with global queue. There are seasoned AoE2 players on the development team, so they understand the relevance of those features and are planning to add them. User content generation tools should be coming with Spring Update as well.

I think what happened is they were running behind in development, but had a stable, playable game, so they decided to go ahead and release before they had fleshed out all the remaining features.

I don’t have an issue with that. But I DO have an issue with how they communicated it. They should have stated that before release. The front page should have clearly stated: “We don’t expect the game to be complete (all planned core features and balance work implemented) until Summer 2022, but the basic functionality is stable and playable, so we decided to go ahead and release for anyone who wants to get in early.”

They should have called it an early release, then planned to market the full release with Summer Update. Unfortunatley, they didn’t do that, so now they have to figure out how to re-capture interest.


Peoples here using SC2 as an example of “constant accuracy makes a game competitive” have never played enough SC2 to understand what makes SC2 competitive compared to AOE4 : SC2 is way more faster and micro is essentially based on split and fast unit movement/pick up … Which obviously removes the necessity of putting some “non-constant accuracy” everywhere (and there are still : storms, disruption, reapers grenades and fungal growth for example). SC2 pushes players reflexes and speed to accomplish the micro.

On the other side of RTSs, AOE2 and AOE4 are SLOW RTS, so if you want some beautiful micro to happen and be satisfying to accomplish or watch, you can’t rely only on picking units to focus others units, that becomes boring in the end and this is not something a spectator can see clearly in a messy fight. You need to rely on something else. AOE2 did it great with balistic accuracy. And stop saying people want AOE2 2, it is so childish, they just want what damn WORKED FINE. As much as I’d like AOE4 to be as readable as SC2 because currently, clicking on units and having feedback is just hell … Why not take the best sides of both ?

And to be honest if you want to have constant accurary like SC2, you need hit and run to be as crystal clear so that you know when to retreat and when to move forward clearly. In AOE4 arrows have a behavior that I still don’t get and I never really know when my unit will be shot or not, like when you get close to forums or archers, you just “pray” that a last arrow won’t shoot your horseman, it always seem random even if it doesn’t. Never felt that as much in SC2. And it is probably due to bigger unit sizes contrats and camera being closer to the battleground, making the readability of “tiles” easier.

Reintroducing non-constant precision in AOE4 could make fights more intense, more dynamic while not removing any macro focus play, it is even the opposite, I give you an example : in the start of the game, when loosing a single unit is critical, you can make your unit retreat if you feel in a bad position and continue macroing. Because balistic is not accurate without upgrade your unit has 99% chances to survive. That would also bring diversity in the use of the units. For example let’s say archers are made a bit stronger against horsemen, but ballistic is inaccurate : same result as if you “hard code” it as horsemen being stronger. But the skill of the players would slighty change that which is what we want in an RTS which is not based on APM : expressivity of player skill and tactics.
That would also make archer what they were made for : a bunch of units which covers positions of other units instead of being snipers … (but this is purely a question of historical/physical consistency, not really relevant to gameplay)

To end, +1 on the TC/Tower rush argument also, this is just a cheese so stupid. The game is way too slow, shooting distance too big and the buildings way too strong in early game to allow this kind of stupid things to happen… This is taking some features of the AOE games (strong buildings) but without what balances it early game : balistic. Relic, please wake up on that :slight_smile:


From my POV, if we want more historical accuracy, I would also like to be able to choose the zone where my archers fire like area siege does. If you want to dodge arrows, you should be able to choose where you shoot the arrows, but of course, it would make the game more tedious and difficult.

What could be worked on is that the shot is canceled just when you get out of range.


I really appreciate that they didn’t make people able to dodge.
Still the game has failed on so many levels and is so full of bugs and unbalance that it is just crap.
Tested it for 1€ and left it.

Dodging with ONE unit might make SOME sense, when you have an army, it makes exactly ZERO sense.
As other units would take the arrows instead.
It’s fine as it is.

Stop writing WE want/don’t want and use ME/I instead.
There are thousands of players who don’t share your opinion.

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imagine, that it can work as you said… what a shock.

PS It already done in aoe2 21 year ago. (It can D-depends, but for tower/castle fire - it works, as you described).