Whitout projectle travel distance and speed that leads to accuracy, this game cannot be a truly competitive one

that is a fantasy RTS genre game…

I played RTS before AOE1 released, troll.

i just had a game where a guy spammed mangudai and because the arrows never miss and they fire while moving, he just ran around my base killing everything, what’s the strategy in that?

ELO? Strategy? LOL?

Another straw man fallacy…

SC2 is an RTS (proper comparison) and ranged units don’t fail (except when using skills, which AoE4 has in part with some units) and it’s the most competitive there is, it doesn’t matter if it’s more fanciful, it’s a game.

The goal of a soccer game is to score more goals than the opponent and the result of that is to shoot correctly on goal and defend yourself.

The goal of a BR is to be the last one standing and the result of that is to eliminate one or more opponents with your weapons.

The goal of AoE4 is to defeat your opponent(s).
Is the result of that produce a ranged unit so that it does not fail? NO necessarily (especially knowing that it has its counter marked).

The micro exists and it is different, many professionals of the game have said it. Logically the macro is important and is what makes it a good AoE.

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and Hera just left it.
He was the one who said the micro is different but not better than AOE2 as it ignores projectile physics and acts just like a hoaming missile.

No hill bonus and more to say.

AOE4 took a step backward.

The Viper for example was so disappointed he said the game needs to do a lot to become a competitive game. Its micro is nowhere near to AOE2 and unit counters are not effective. Stupid sieges (probably the most famous in his stream before the 11009 patch), unrealistic projectile physics, and more.

I played COH1&2 for more than a decade, it is truly innovative and add a dumbload of randomness and calculation into the game, wow every guns having different distance DPS / accuacy / received accuracy due to covers, distance, so good, they got different armour in each units, tanks had penatation, BLABLABLA. AOE4 having NONE so SUCK…

Guess why COH2 kicked out from ESL shortly after they attempt getting into e-sport?

A friendly plane shot down and crashed into his unit, they all die.

OMG, the Pro having fancy micro with their tanks, Great unit positioning in the height of the last battle, the Tiger missed, OMG, it missed AGAIN, then another shot NOT PENETRATING… AND THE TIGER IS ABANDONED, WHAT A GAME…

What a Joke.

Innovation? Complexity? You think Relic didn’t have those?

Sorry, the market speaks out, they are more friendly to a dumb ONE UNIT GAME called LOL.

You must not compare AOE2 projectile to COH 1&2.

COH 1&2 had their projectile accuracy based on randomness. See you have no idea what you are talking about here. You just spamming nonsense at this point…

Then why should you compare a 1998 museum old relic to a 2022 game?

Neither Viper nor Hera have complained about homing projectiles as long as they are balanced and fire within range (which is something that can be improved).

There’s no step back with archers having ballistics built in, I’d say it’s a step forward as no older RTS (except AoE3) had that mechanic.

The game needs more quality of multiplayer elements, mods, editor, rankeds and polish more balancing over time. That’s what they complained about, not the homing arrows.

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In reality Viper nearly got so pissed to Animation Cancel that he played much less AOE4 after Szalami gave him a big elephant AC slap in his New Year Stream.

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Because it did a much better job with projectiles! and many other things.
Compared to the 2021 AOE4 game ignored it lots of crucial features and mechanics of AOE and caused many former players to absolutely ignore the game and stick with AOE2. This one is just one of those reasons and there are more. We will see what will happen in the spring patch.

You know what, 1998 game had a much better User Interface (UI) with cool icons of units and upgrades with various sword and armour icons, instead of the same sword-shaped signs, etc… When clicking TC with garrisoned workers it illustrated stats of the TC and different types of units from selected units were simpler to select and micro too. Guess what happened to the 2021 game? It does not have it. There you go!

The 1999 museum-old AOE2 is just better in most aspects and AOE4 was supposed to be the next legendary title to replace AOE2. We really want that to happen as most of my friends who play AOE2 are disappointed and just moved back to AOE2 and generally, AOE2 players don’t like the AOE4’s unrealistic physics approach. As a result of such poor decisions, AOE4 alienated its AOE fans.

a better comparison would of been DOW2, that game was amazing, even though it had the same mechanics and shared other aspects to COH, DOW2 was still amazing, yes the random accuracy of units was annoying, but that is what happens when you try something new, sometimes its great, sometimes it is not great, but they have hundreds of examples to use to make a medieval combat game, but went for the bare bones basics and did nothing else to innovate, unique units is something almost every RTS has, so that was nothing special, not everyone agrees with you, for instance, players going form DOW2 to DOW3, players did not even enjoy DOW3 and were disappointed with relic, in my personal opinion they are killing their reputation for the sake of making an E-sports game, but not everyone competes in E-sports, they just simply watch it, so if you are telling me they should design a game based on the pro’s opinions, so people who watch the pro’s can enjoy watching it instead of playing it, the casual player will never be 100% invested, then they are destined to fail. this is a case where innovation makes way for simplicity, which is just sad in my opinion.

I couldnt agree less with you and more with what ZdsAlpha said. It’s a strategy game, not a “micro-every-single unit best” game. If you have 5 archers and the enemy 10, the enemy should win. Change your strategy, not your rate of hammering the mouse or keyboard…

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exactly, that’s why they added animation canceling. to hammer ur keyboard.

it’s about saving 2 archers who will die 100% (with autoarrows), but with missing you can retreat and save them.

never seen 5 winning against 10. probably, you saw it in another universe or dreams.

Hera didn’t “leave” it.
If hera “left” AoE4, he also “left” AoE2.
His youtube content is just going to be different now since he enjoys to step into league for now.

And no, hera didn’t say that aoe2 has more micro… The oposite.

You are just lying around and shifting the goalposts and narratives so much to back up your position, it makes you look like a disingenuouse person and a complete troll.

AoE was never micro heavy, it was always more about what you bring to the table rather than how you execute it most of the time compared to SC.

But no matter what I say, you will just make false analogies and hide behind 5 goalpostshifts again to hope that after a few comments the nonsens you are writing here seems more legitimate and reasonable than it is again.

He left AOE (temporarily as he is not sure about what he holds in the future).
He will play AOE tourneys to make some money as a side hustle. This is what pro gamers do man.

In his other streams, he did say AOE4 lacks micro compared to AOE2. You just have to watch those ones. The Youtube announcement video just talks about the basics.

Why are you so mad at me? Are your arguments too weak so you make up things? LoL.
You need solid proof, to prove your point because right now you are commenting what you have dreamt last night and imagined to be true xD

It is so funny to see your comments and I have to say that they are quite entertaining!
Good luck with your trolling career.

He’s honestly not worth engaging with. My favourite is his analogy of the 100% accuracy arrows in AOE IV being equivalent to aimbots in FPS or every shot on net in football/soccer being a goal. People actually wasted time trying to explain why that anology doesn’t work here…

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LOL, remember that you lied to me before about Hera?
Yea, that was very embarrassing!

guys… imo this topic won’t come in the next patches, it is very subtle and a very fine adjustment we are talking about here… we should focus on the big changes first maybe…