Why are there never any games/lobbies in AOE DE

Why are there so few players, it makes no sence. I go back to the old PC based (not Microsoft or Steam based) AOE DE and find games there. I don’t get it. We know everyone is at home, so can anybody explain?


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Hi @FlameAngel5120,

There is a known issue with being able to find lobbies in the lobby browser which may make it appear as though there are less players online than reality. There is a new Game I.D. in the created game lobby but without an option to search for a Game. I.D. in the game browser, it only benefits the devs at this point.

As far as player population issues, there are several issues which started with the game re-release on Steam. Most DM players prefer the old client due to a few changes including unit collision. The functional unranked lobby system on the old client was replaced by a version which made it difficult to arrange new games. Player feedback on all the new changes has been ignored for months which has not gone over well with the community.

Thankfully with the latest game update some of the restrictive unranked multiplayer UI has been removed and now players can adjust the number of players after the lobby has been created, just like we could before the crossplay release.

Lately I’m seeing more players online which I attribute to the definitive edition bundle, which is encouraging. I hope it continues. I’m also hoping the updates will continue to come out and more of the mistakes from the Steam launch can be undone.

There’s a problem lately: You can’t see them, and they can’t see you. I discussed this with Memo last night and he said he was talking with a dev about it. All the expert RM players are talking about this problem.
Try hosting a game and nobody will come in. When you exit 2 minutes later you’ll see 1 or two new lobbies. Enter them and ask people if they saw your lobby. They’ll all say they didn’t.


i agree with you totally bro, only that restrictive unranked was not there and we wanted the same for ELO games so we can change the settings inside the lobby so we dont need to rehost all the time. AOE consumes lot of time playing and people are greedy. They need some benefit to play hard n win so ELO helps them :smiley:

Our servers have been bugged for the past 3 weeks and they dont care to look at it. We host and nobody could see our lobbies. Basically they have ignored this community and dont even care to fix small issues which leads to annoyed people not playing it anymore and no growth.


I agree with zeda0 this is very annoying we need a fix for this asap !!
We are customers and the product we have bought isn’t working and we have no answer from dev about it

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I feel like part of it also likely stems from the fact that more people are familiar with/prefer Age 2 anyways. I have a number of friends who own Age 2 HD or DE but I think I’m the only one who owns Age DE.

Thanks guys, it all makes sense now. The other thing that seems to happen, maybe related to the buggy lobbies, is you get kick out of games before they start.

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I feel with you. :slightly_frowning_face:

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