Why can't only Ottomans train heavy cavalry with area damage effects?

They are fine as shipped units. And no need to soooo rude to everyone here


I don’t think I’m being rude, on the contrary, you are being rude to me because you answered without reading my full opinion, which is very sad. I’m sorry if I was offensive though.

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Look, the heavy cavalry with the area damage effect trained in limited numbers from the dynasty house doesn’t seem strange at all.

I understand your point that there are other units that do similar things. However comparing the spahi with a cuirassier for example the spahi has much more hp, more attack, more aoe, more speed. If you wanted a cuirassier equivalent for ottomans then it would need to be massively nerfed and at that point it’d just be a cuirassier by other name.

It’s better as it is being some form of super cuirassier, there’s no way to make it trainable without massive nerfs or a massive cost, you also have a great cavalry unit, the deli.


Honestly at this point the OP just wants to make the ottomans OP

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That’s the cost from the metropolis, which means it’s not the unit price per se. (i guess)

Maybe in imperial, only in the fort and it is slowly trained, and very expensive. Otherwise it would be broken.

Or it could also be a pseudo-send from the capitol, as someone mentioned here.


In Legnica6742 defence, I love an OP unit as much as the next person, however if Spahis become trainable…

…and this would be no fun for any rational person.

Maybe make/request a mod that allows Spahis training through a church tech or HC card.

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Bonjour, il existe justement des mods qui rendent entrainable les Spahis au pire si cela n’est pas possible via le jeu lui même.

actually some friends had a reasonable objection but this comment was a troll, it could be a limited training to just 10 to better distribute the artillery batteries, of course the hit points should be nerfed, although it was not accepted that was my opinion.

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Si el Spahi se pudiera crear en los establos sería nerfiado al punto de no usarse. Otomanos tiene al Delier como caballeria pesada, en caso de no ser suficiente puedes transicionar de edad con el príncipe exiliado y crear Mamelucos mercenarios. Hay más opciones pero dependerán de alianzas nativas y de generación random de la taberna. :blush:

The truth is that I prefer it to be strong and limited by cards, rather than not so strong, but trainable. It would take away the specialness of the unit.


this comment is very logical, at least if endless shipments get +1 bonus, the accumulated shipments points will be used more effectively and the 4th age award should get +1 bonus, it will be more effective for extended rush games.

Jat Lancer have the same condition as the Spahis.

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Sending ‘4 Infinite Spahi’ should become ‘5 or 6 Infinite Spahi’ once you reach Imperial, increasing your food cost as a result.

In fact, I think that many shipments should escalate once you reach imperioal, not just the spahi.

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I agree with this comment because the ottoman does not have a useful age 5 bonus in treaty games, and the mercenary buff does not work either because only 1 tavern can do it, in fact, a topic should be opened about this problem.

Limiting Spahis to 10 could work nicely and would fit with Nazim Fusiliers model - a limited OP unit.

An HC card that compounds with each time spent would be a really cool idea too. Like first time sent delivers 1 Spahi, second time sent delivers 2 Spahis, third time sent etc. with a limit of 10

Maybe add a church tech in late game which could increase their build limit.

Ps. Sorry for the troll but the amount of times I’ve been faced with a spam of heavy cav back in vanilla was painful to say the least. :smiling_face_with_tear:

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They wouldn’t be OP. They would be totally broken lol.


I did not say that sipahis should be raised as they are, I offered 4 conditions.

  1. Will only be produced from the fortress.
  2. it will be extra slow to build.
  3. It will be extra cost to make.
  4. The build limit will be 10.
  5. (Bonus) I also said that the hit points can be reduced by evaluating the comments that come later.

In this case, your brain is not growed because you do not understand what you read.


The basilica mechanic for the elmeti could be useful here.

So basically you can send 3 spahis for #### 300w and 300c from the mosque infinitely, but it could interfere with the shipments and arrive slowly.

This could work in principle. But I am really scared of devs nerfing the spahi in that case. I don’t want the spahi to be made weaker.

some people read the whole article properly and make reasonable criticisms and I agree with most of them, some people are incapable of reading properly and insulting, actually they are disgracing themselves.