Why can't only Ottomans train heavy cavalry with area damage effects?

that would just be a nerf compared to what we have now since right now you can get more then 10, otto can get 2 mosque and have really good shipment spam and you can actually overpop with them

trainable spahi will basically make no one happy


Bottom line is Ottoman doesn’t need trainable Spahi, they have enough good stuff. Having to ship them for resources works fine. Some people just want to buff civs so they can just win easily.


The only thing they need a name correction. It is Sipahi, not Spahi. Spahi is used for another North African cavalry corps

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thing is there are posts which you can take seriously and than there are posts which you cant take seriously obvious. I guess this post is an kind of an thread for the category where you cant take post serious :stuck_out_tongue:

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For me, sipahies lose their grace if they are spamable. And just like Urumi they are absurdly OP.

If they could be trainable, they should get a massive nerf that would make their shipments of spahies much less impactful and have to be reworked.


I also want to train spahi but I understand that balance issues. If we dont train spahi, why dont we have much spahi shipments? for example 10 sipahi card. Ottoman players cant play spahis too much as we cant train them and spahi number at the shiphments are not enough.

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A unique shipment not infinite of 10 spahies, cost 3k food, not bad for me if it makes u happy.

PD: I regret it, I don’t want to live in my flesh a FI otto with 10 extra spahies, it should cost 5k food.


a 10 spahi card would be worth worth 30 pop, only merc shipments get that many in the game

even a late game one-off mahout shipment is only allowed 28 pop and thats only becuase mahout is so pop inefficient

the comparable urumi mansabdar regiment is only worth 20 pop

the swede 6 mamluke shipment is 24 pop

a 10 spahi card would basically be a game ending card


Ughh if the german card of 4°age send sipahies and not winged hussars…

ı said for example. Ottoman players cant play with spahis too much. I hope devs will have solutions like nizams; sipahis will be heavy cav but they wont be too much strong so there wont be balance issues.

I have played games where I send nothing but spahi, its a team game but its not like its undoable as otto if you just go shipment spam and all vils on food

its even meta right now with the mosque tech and the otto fi and you can can easily get 13 shadow tech spahi and push to kill with nizams and the bombard as well


I think that in the imperial era there would be no problem dealing with elite units. If there was a way to train this unit in the treaty that enables spahis in the fort or in the capitol, I wouldn’t see the problem.

I remember before the definitive edition that the French used cuirassiers like crazy, creating them instantly, boosted to the maximum and with plenty of economy, thinking that only with that unit would they win the game. It was an absolute mistake. Eventually they exhausted their economy, even if they destroyed entire armies. For someone who knows how to play treated this is not a very scary threat, because the against of these units are not only the dragons or the musketeers in these stages of the game, they are the walls and any unit with a ranged attack. Everything is much more macro than in average supremacy games.

So I think that an expensive late game card that unlocks this unit, or enabling them by default in the imperial era only in the forts is not a problem for me.

It could also simply be a capitol send, similar to the Italian basilica send, so that would be another way to limit them for the late game and in quantity. (Other civs could acquire something similar in the capitol, making this building useful for the rest of the game).


Did you know that 5 Spahi can kill 60 xbow… They have area 3 damage. Thank you have a nice day.

no archers are sent against hand cavalry, you can counter with pikemen, halberdier or musketeer, lol

im fairly convinced you don’t play the game at this point

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from what I have seen on the forums, the game looks effectively alien between certain elos

Lots of people play this game as a city builder/ army builder/ “history simulator” game.

I’m not sure that’s a bad thing. But I dont think OP wants trainable spahis to win games or to buff ottomans. I can totally see how massing 50 spahi and wrecking 4 AI is a fun yet pointless activity.

Sounds like they work as intended.

Anyone who played and won the first campaign scenario knows how to beat spahi.

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I’m not a professional but I didn’t write anything wrong, it would be nice if you tell me if it’s the opposite instead of shaking it out of the bag





what’s wrong?

the assumption you are making is that spahi would actually fight these units if they are faced with them, people dont dive spahi into a mass of imp musket or goons, they just go back and let the abus+jan mass kill them

also spahi kinda trades well against vet pike due to their HP and splash