Why did China cancel the early crossbow?

This makes China almost unable to resist the combination of early warriors and siege vehicles.


It’s too early to talk about game balance .


AOE series games, Chinese civilization has always been an early weakness. It is estimated that Microsoft deliberately designed the game, which is a prejudice against Chinese civilization…


Every civ must be balanced though, right?

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What I know is that many Chinese aoe2 players said they would not buy aoe4. Because they have had enough of Microsoft’s setting of Chinese civilization, and the game will continue to weaken Chinese civilization after it is released.


It’s just an excuse. They just want to play AOE 2 forever.


Same Age of empire 3 DE ,
China is weak civ.
More people toxic for china.

China was OP in the closed beta.
They overreacted.

China is really strong in 1v1 in aoe3DE and very scary when FFing.
Come on.

but lose rush and cav+musk
Example , for pro player.
African Championship of AOE3! - Mitoe vs Ezad - QF Bo5 !casters !rules !socials


Lukas_L99 , n0eL ,

I know , how to play china,

I say Developer(Balance patch)
China is weak age up 2 very slow
lose vs cavalry musk and rush.
example for pro player .
at more tournament pro player play china lose 60-75,80%

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Actually, during the medieval period, there was no Chinese. There were Chinese dynasties, each with its own leader and law. The Chinese civ in AOE4 must be Dynasty specific because right now they have included a Mongol Dynasty called the Yuan Dynasty.

Historically, the Chinese army relied on unit numbers due to its high population and is known for it. Due to that, they were poorly trained or skilled, and equipped. They would always take more casualties on the battlefield and it is no secret. It is China’s biggest concern as its people are not physically fit, or it is not a popular trend there.

idk mate, by that logic there was no France and England either

France would be a united civ ruled by its own ruler, unlike the Chinese.
England was conquered by the Duke of Normandy in which he didn’t conquer for the French, but for himself. Therefore, England didn’t change to another country. The Ruler simply changed.

But the Mongols completely conquered conflicted Chinese dynasties (all of them).
The Ming ruler was not Chinese, he was half Mongolian. You can easily see why? By simply looking at his clothes, he wore a Mongolian “Deel” as the highest-ranking outfit and prayed for the “Tengri”. When he built “Forbidden City”, he ordered to build 9999 houses for its residents and the 10000 house was left for the “Tengri”. During that time the largest single army was counted as 10,000 by the Mongols. 9 steeds were of good blessings and prosperity. Whenever you see 9 or 10,000 it is strongly known as a Mongolian culture. The Chinese don’t have such a thing.

The Qing ruler was a Manchu (not of Chinese origin, but Hunnic Origin), they would pray for their nomadic god “Tengri”, and would wear Mongolian clothes and was considered higher ranking official during that time. Official letters were written in Traditional Mongolian, then translated and delivered to the Chinese people from the Emperor of the Qing Dynasty.

The Imperial Palace or the city is named “Forbidden City”. Its 1st rule was to not allow any commoners an entry. Basically, means no Chinese are allowed to enter the city of the Emperor unless ordered by the ruler. Which was to prevent or hide their identity from the Chinese people and to prevent civil wars, etc.

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The forum administrator doesn’t deal with the Mongol? He is talking nonsense again. He seems to like to belittle China and make up things to insult China. I’m too lazy to reply to this person. It’s a waste of time to reply to an abnormal person.

Come on mate, this is ridiculous. Heck, the Chinese Civ in AoE2 has been - and continues to be - a powerhouse civilization, especially in pro play. Both games were published by Microsoft.


Civs in AoE games have always been named for people not nations or states. In this context, it’s silly to say there were no Chinese during the era of AoE4.


The Chinese of aoe3de were really weak in the early stage, and it was difficult to resist each other’s rush tactics. In almost every version of AOE, the Chinese people were initially set to be relatively weak. I think Microsoft deliberately did it… If Chinese players play Chinese civ in the game is so fragile, I guess no one will like such a game… Because this is inconsistent with China’s history, China has been a powerful country since ancient times…


Do you really believe there’s some sort of conspiracy from Microsoft to cripple the medieval Chinese civilization in a fricking game played by 0.000000000001% of the world’s population? To what end?

Sigh… Better hold on to your pants once we start seeing Portuguese folks in here, because that civ can’t catch a break.

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In aoe3de, many of my Chinese compatriots don’t play Chinese Civ. They think that early China was too weak and difficult to play. On the other hand, many Chinese players don’t like the Qing Dynasty. For historical reasons, the Qing Dynasty brought shame to China…