Why Did You Stop Playing AOE3:DE?

Yes,age of siege empires 4 xd

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more like company of empires 4, cuz siege acts the same as coh tanks
then again, even after nerfs, balance isn’t where it should be, they either don’t change anything, or just neft it to the ground, no understanding of slight nerf concept

The things that made me quit the DE were the state of balance of the sweden and Inca and the approach of horizontal assymetry.

The early days of AoE3 De were dreadfull, as torps made the swedish eco unraideable (as its a building that can gather all the resources from multiple sources at the same time) and caroleans card giving them bonuses against every unit type made them outright opresive to play against. The same can be said about kanchas and chimu runners being inmune to a fundamental mechanic like the snare while outrunning horses.

Those civs were in such a terrible state for months.

After that came the united states and the african royals dlc filled to the brim with alien stuff like american states and units with uninteligible archetypes. I can eventualy learn how to play them, but I’m not a fan of the excesive horizontal assymetry of the game, as it turns learning new factions into chores.

Widely different factions are a staple of RTS games, but always in few numbers. Having 12 different factions with different units and mechanics (some shared within metafactions like european, native, asian, african and american) its a lot to just play the game.

Fortunately the game balances it out as overdesigned factions fade out after release and op stuff gets nerfed


Its a new unit from the house of Oldenburg.

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Of course, to relic the rts type age of empires are half weird … since they are used to doing faster rts and not so focused on the economy, such as dawn of war and company of heroes…

Great post. Well said. This game is alot of fun when you git gud but takes alot of work to get there. Work most cannot or will not put into a game.

I’ve always been of the opinion what we have should be balanced before the game is expanded.

True balance is impossible but the obvious edges should be sawed off.

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