Why did you stop playing AOE4 or why do you play it less?

I’d play it more if the balance was better, the Mongols still completely dominate 1v1 at a high level, they have way too many bonuses going for them and have a completely Forgiving playstyle that even when the mongol player plays average and you play like a god, it’s still extremley hard to finish them off.



Thank you all for your posts. Hopefully the developers will consider the posts why you stopped
playing or why you play less in order to avoid further player lost and bring you and many others back to AOE4.

I’m still playing AOE4 but also less than before.

Many of you mentioned things are also reasons for me to play less.

So this are my reasons why I play less AOE4 than before:
-High focus on competitve players and e-sport with too big prize money.
-Rather slow development, at least before season 1. Maybe I’m wrong here if things are being developed that we don’t know about.
-In general significantly less content, civilizations, game options /settings (better because of a great mod advanced game settings) and many other things than in previous Age of Empire games.
-I don’t really like the campaigns. The campaigns should be more entertaining like in AOE2. It doesn’t need an expensive film crew for good campaigns.
-On the maps there should be more animals, plants, treasures and villages / natives to AOE4. There should also be more different terrain, vegetation. The maps in AOE4 are therefore often a bit lifeless.
-No mercenary units
-The AI has no character like in AOE3. It is not fun to play against AI. Every civilization should have a leader representing them. For example Dschingis Khan for the Mongols, Johanna from Orlean for French AI and so on. They should react to taunts (still missing in AOE4) and tell taunts from their own when they for example attack, defend, before they lose and other situations. An animation should be displayed when they taunt / speak. Best example would be Stronghold.
-Weird golden Border
-Not enough zoom options
-Not enough micro for battles. There should be hero units or more units like English Longbowmen with special attacks that really matter. In the economy part I don’t want more micro. Some civs like HRE have already too much economy micro with the prelates.
-Stone walls are too weak and bombards to strong against units and buildings
-There are no hero units for all civilizations. Only the mongols have the Khan. Every civ should have one. This would make battles and the game in general more fun to watch and play.
-The graphic needs fine tuning
-All tech, units and so on have the same golden icon. There should be different colors. For example a brown house. This would make it less difficult to differentiate them and would look less steril.
-No color picker
-Unit formations have almost no function
-No value in putting units on walls because Stone walls are too weak and siege too strong.
-No cheats


The lack of updates is part of the reason, now while I think new content is awesome, it’s more the fact that the game still hasn’t fixed a lot of the major issues. Especially the zoom, the zoom is still bad. And the 200 pop cap, too low given that units now take up more than 1 pop space depending on what they are. Leads to smaller armies and far grindier games. Also the introduction of time-gated ranked seasons rewards has really made it clear this game has no place for a casual like me.


Is that because you feel the need to have them all? Having played a lot of Rocket League, where it’s essentially impossible to own every cosmetic item in the game, I’m not at all bothered by the idea of cosmetic items existing that I’ll never have.

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Partly. Every game has the digital hoarder who loves collecting all the things. Time-gated content is deliberately designed to elicit FOMO. It’s an awful decision that should never be done.

the game is fun and all… but… i feel it empty, don’t know, i guess need more civs and more variety of maps (snow), and new (tecnically old) forms to play like regicide. It’s a great gameplay but it’s so empty.


It’s funny, I’m the same boat, I don’t really mind/care if I can’t get certain achievements. That said, I can 100% understand completionists being utterly turned off to the game they can’t reasonably complete without “getting good”, which can require a huge investment of time/effort.

Exactly. It’s why I’m a huge proponent of Elo as the best ranked system and why (as ■■■■ as Overwatch is), I think it had the best event system, letting you get past event items when the event is redone. Elo is a constant thing that shows your skill, anyone can get a high Elo and be just as good as someone who played for 1000 hours if they’re a prodigy at the game. It’s a huge turnoff to suddenly be told “Welp, content is forever being locked away from you because we want to get more people to grind ranked for the rewards.” And that’s what happens with every event in every game, you grind for the best rewards and end up sapping any fun out.

I’m not gonna bother with AoE4 ranked, it’s really bad, and even more proof that this game was made for e-sports tornaments and Koreans to get carpel tunnel. From the start it was abundantly clear that this game was made for nobody but the super competitive elite. Which is why I just don’t find it as fun.

serious hack.
hacker’s landmark locked HP which can’t be destroyed and my unit directly deleted without combat.
never imagined that the anti-hack of a game can be annoying like bfv

I don’t think this is the case. I’ve stuck with 4 rather than 2 largely because of the more relaxed dark age. I tried 2 again recently, and the whole forcing villagers to drop off food because it’s always tight for being able to make the next villager, luring boar, pushing deer, it just feels like they’re all mechanisms designed to make it micro intensive. In that respect 4 is arguably the game that is more casual friendly.

They’ve made it clear in the update notes that their goal with 4 is to make the player feel like a general, making higher level strategic decisions. Many of the changes in mechanics, I feel like they made them mainly because what they’ve done in 4 just makes more sense than how 2 is. For example, the burning of buildings causing ongoing damage, or how terrain and buildings affect projectile weapons. There are some counter-examples, though, such as mangonels not causing friendly fire, but again that seems more casual friendly, if anything, to me.

There are other design philosophies they’ve stated in update notes, such as wanting people to need armies with multiple types of unit. I don’t think those kinds of philosophies are targeting super elite players over casual players, they’re just starting points for how to develop the game. I think we can probably all agree that if the meta were to fill your pop space with one type of unit, and you win if you have more of them than your opponent, that wouldn’t make the game very deep.

Another big difference between 2 and 4 is the number of civs, and again, if anything I feel this makes 4 more casual friendly, as there are so many fewer matchups to learn.

I don’t think the big money tournaments are intended to make the game as a whole unsuitable for anyone else. Other e-sports games have big money tournaments while also having huge numbers of casual players. Many of the elements in AoE 4 are also in very successful e-sports games, such as ranked season rewards. I think they haven’t necessarily translated some of those ideas into AoE 4 in the best possible way yet, but I don’t think they inherently make the game only for the super elite. In Rocket League, for example, very few players feel that the game isn’t for them if they are lower ranked, instead people are often thrilled when they first become good enough to get into e.g. platinum. Everyone knows it takes thousands of hours to become good at RL, I’d guess basically nobody gets the highest rank rewards in their first season. Getting to Grand Champ, let alone SSL, in 6 months of playing RL is seen as an extremely rare achievement. AoE 4 is perhaps exposing people to some of these things for the first time, but in other games nobody would be getting upset about not being able to reach the highest rank in their first season. Most people will never reach the highest rank in their lifetime. That doesn’t mean they can’t get a sense of achievement from gradually improving over time.

I play it more than ever! That mangonel nerf was just what the game needed. It does seem like additional tweaks to mangonels are in order (i.e. massed ranged infantry in the late game probably needs a more effective counter than it currently has), but the game is proceeding well from my perspective. The tournament games on Twitch have been great too, so even at high level things are looking healthy to me. Love it!

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I come back evry 3 weeks to see if I still have a chance but no, my choices are: beaten by mega pros or beating mega noobs. No middle point, matching system with total strangers completely shattered my experience and my hopes, treaty mode was never officially added and I could never manage free mode. As I was a high rank player in AOE3 and considering it has SO many new things and civs, Im sooo sad to say im coming back to aoe3DE (not uninstalling aoe4) but no more hopes for this game, for ALL the reasons we have been mentioning all these months. I dont have any friends in real life who play this so I was CONDEMNED from day one to be matched to strangers/noobs/drop hackers/quitters and that destroyed all my chances, my elo SANK to the VERY bottom and I know I’ll never get outta that horrible zone. No chances for me in this game.

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I’ve never seen someone make a convincing argument for the advantages of ranked seasons over non-time gated Elo, it grants you the same satisfaction of getting to a higher rank without the pressure of having to do it in a certain timeframe. Getting a high Elo in AoE2 is an achievement, getting to Conqueror in AoE4 is a chore if you want the rewards, which is why a lot of people even bother with seasons, because they lock awesome stuff behind it. It’s not about the rank, I couldn’t care less about the rank, it’s that they lock stuff behind that rank that shouldn’t be there. Nobody needed artificial sweeteners to play ranked in AoE2, and there you weren’t punished by losing awesome rewards if you didn’t own the game for the first seasons. It’s one of many reaons that I and others are convinced that this game was made for e-sports and not regular people, and I’m not super convinced by your points.

Are you expecting that the ranked ELO will reset each season? It doesn’t in Rocket League, except at the very highest ranks to prevent cumulative inflation. So there is still non-time-gated ELO, and the rewards are purely cosmetic, both in RL and AoE 4, so I’m still struggling to see the problem. If you want it to be like AoE 2, just ignore the rewards, and it’s no different, you still have your non-time-gated ELO just like in AoE 2, assuming it won’t reset in AoE 4. I’ve never used any of the ranked season rewards that I’ve obtained in Rocket League anyway, the majority of players use other cosmetic items. There’s loads of rewards in Rocket League for seasons before I started playing that I’ll never have, but most people who do have them never use them, so who cares? I’m still not seeing the connection between any of this and it being made for e-sports and not regular people. I’m just a regular person and I don’t care about the rewards. I’ve never played a ranked game, don’t intend to, and don’t care about the cosmetic items I won’t receive. I doubt the top players care about them either. What does a conqueror level cosmetic do for someone who is top of the 1v1 leaderboard? Nothing, basically.

While I agree that time-gated content can be designed to take advantage of FOMO in a punishing way, it doesn’t have to. You’ve even given an example of content re-use (Overwatch). Borderlands 3 has the same thing - seasonal events are now something any player can enable whenever they want, for as long as they want.

If something like either of these things came to Age IV, would you be less annoyed?

this game sucks because static defence dose not scale at all.
You make castles then bombards kill you. Building should scale and not be useless after imperial.

This is why you rush to imperial and win. So dumb and boring

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Also no team ranked. Dev only care about the 20 or so pros left that play this game. Nothing for the reg player or people that like team games.

Even SC2 which catered to pros had team ladder and a better arcade mode.


We aren’t talking about Rocket League, Rocket League has nothing to do with this game. There is no “expectation” about it, and how Rocket League does it is irrelevant, they have directly said that your rank will reset at the start of each season. I really don’t think you should even be bringing up Rocket League, it’s a really bad comparison and has just made you say something totally incorrect because you found a correlation where there wasn’t one.

You yourself said it, the game already tracks your Elo for matchmaking, so the only reason they’re using ranked seasons is to artificially encourage people to play ranked and because super competitive people prefer ranked seasons. AoE2:HD did it best, displaying your Elo at all times in lobbies and having that be the sign of skill and is a permanently static number, Definitive Edition ruined ranked by making it matchmaking only (they 100% could have done both) and 4 completely ■■■■■■ it by going for ranked seasons. Your Elo doesn’t reset, so why did they choose to go for ranked seasons instead of just sticking with Elo? Because ranked seasons are better for e-sports wannabees and actual e-sports people, and nobody else. A non-time based competitive front worked for AoE2, and that game must be doing pretty much everything better than 4 given it has about 10000 more players at any given time.

And yes, time gated rewards are ■■■■■■■■. They are designed to encourage people to turn the game into a daily activity in order to try and get them to pick up competitive so that they can play the game even more. That’s the only reason games add stuff like this, in any game in existence. Overwatch at least had the decency to limit it to a crappy profile pic and let you accumulate your ranked points to buy sweet golden guns, and Overwatch’s ranked ■■■■■■■ sucked too. Just because you don’t care about them doesn’t mean that they’re not crap. Saying “Oh just don’t care about it” isn’t a valid point because not caring about something doesn’t make it not a problem. It’s a ■■■■ design choice to make content that goes away every 3 months, it punishes people who started late and who aren’t absolute god tier pros. I really don’t care what you have to say about Rocket League and how many rewards you’ve missed out on, that system sucks too, like all time-sensitive content.

I definitely think that Overwatch’s design ethos for having the content return every season is good. That is the only positive thing I will say about Overwatch’s event system because well, loot boxes, but yes, I would be less annoyed if the content didn’t go into the shredder, far, far less annoyed, but honestly I still think that time-sensitive content as a whole is kind of dumb. It seems like at least Borderlands 3 basically said “Meh it’s whatever season you want it to be go wild” and didn’t go with the ■■■■■■■■. I shouldn’t have to play a game during a certain time frame to get something, that is an anti-player move that is designed to get people playing for longer.

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Okay, so that is the crucial piece of information that hasn’t been mentioned before. That is crazy, I agree. I don’t see why it’s a bad thing for me to mention Rocket League for comparison, as many aspects of AoE 4 that haven’t been in AoE games before are very similar to Rocket League, yet somehow they have changed them for the worse instead of realising that how things currently work in Rocket League are the result of years of tweaking based on experience.