Why do i have to lose elo when one of my allies drops/resigns at the start of the game?

No Save and Exit option for ranked (tho its most commonly used as Exit option)
No fair full elo loss for the one who resigned/disconnect
No Disconnect quota on player stats, or stop their ability to play ranked when this quota is too high
No punishment for 1 second quitter/resigner/defeat (even after report, still playing today)
No button or function to dodge the current lobby (Alt F4 is the only possibility)

Playing with randoms is not possible currently

Just had following scenario (after winning a game for +7 elo): game starts, 2 player (one of each team) dont get the check mark, both disconnected. Tho its a 3v3 without these 2, another ally resigned instantly. I lost 9 elo, for not having any fault at all…
And people say DE is playable right now 11


They love imposing their own views and want to punish unhappy alt-f4 players by removing the grace period, instead of implementing an opt in system.

Solving issues the wrong way and causing other issues along the way…

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It’s very annoying to have people disconnect. But it’s part of an online multiplayer game. There’s not a clean solution.

Game mechanic options

  • When a player drops, those player’s units can be controlled by an ally

Player options

  • play 1v1
  • play 2v2
  • find real teammates instead of playing with random guys
  • increase ELO to a level where you get more reliable players
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So in other words:
Dont play Teamgames, sorry but your reply has 0 sense and is so useless

If your team loses, you lose ELO. That’s completely logical.

There’s no other fair way I’m afraid along the lines you outlined.

Save and Exit
Why would the “winning” team do this? Would be fair to them?

Non-full ELO loss for disconnect
I will always disconnect when I’m losing a game instead of resigning to keep ELO.

Disconnect quota
Might work. Would have to be quite well done. I can already see the thread I can’t start a game wow I just disconnected twice yesterday

Punishment for 1 second quitter
Their punishment is ELO loss. What else do you propose? Ban them?

Button to dodge current lobby
Once match is found, lobby is created, it counts towards ELO. Otherwise people can just pick their fav map / dodge opponents that are strong.

So there’s just no good solution to disconnects in multiplayer. If you have a good solution please spell it out in detail, we’d love to know about it.

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Are you drunk? Pls stop drinking while writing on this forum, you are clearly not in a healthy mental condition.

Save and Exit worked always, if someone dropped within the first 5 minutes on Voobly, all players usually would save and exit, or if someone refused to, sometimes HIS team would resign to force him to save and exit or else he would lose the 3v1.

This suggestion is so bad, i just ignore it
What i meant is that the Quitter recieves ALL ELO LOSS from the whole team while his team doesnt get elo los

If you disconnect, then its either your fault or the games fault, therefore the quoute should be high (or just use one of the other solution

Yes, make them loss the whole elo and their teammates should remain the same elo or just ban them…
Why you shouldnt get a ban when ruining the game for other players

Are we playing the same game? I dont think so, because currently you can dodge in Lobby by alt f4 and you dont lose elo in DE. Have you like… ever played ranked? This button would only make it possible to dodge without needing to shut the game down.

I am sorry but I have to completely disagree. This is not part of an online multiplayer game. People have been playing AOE 2 on Voobly for years and only rarely had to run into any sort of connection issues. The disconnect issue in AOE 2 DE is so severe that there is a greater than 50% chance of at least 1 player disconnecting in a team game. This is not at all acceptable.

How high and for what timeframe? It’s difficult.

I played with a solid player who had disconnect issues, he’d drop like 3 times in 3 hours from is ISP. Next day his internet was fine. But if the limit was 3 for the month, he’d be unable to play all month from 1 bad day.

Any other situation is imaginable, so you really have to think through suggestions, so they don’t cause more harm than good.

For the game detecting who’s at fault for the disconnect: This gets extremely complex quickly. Disconnect can happen in like 10 different levels of the stack. And as soon as you introduce this, some guy out there will game the system, by shutting off his router vs his PC, or any other hack.

Would be nice if people behaved nicely. Some people will. Should we allow them this option? Maybe yeah. But wouldn’t solve the problem really of people disconnecting and messing up the game.

I think it’s good disconnectors lose ELO, that’s the way they get punished.

Then, if my team is losing, I can take the bullet and disconnect. Only I lose ELO then, my teammates stay high.

Don’t think this works. Or you think the disconnector gets like 4x the ELO loss? Interesting. Seems completely crazy to be punished like 4x the loss from one disconnect. Because most disconnects aren’t a players fault.

What are you talking about? People get disconnected due to no fault of their own! Do you even play the game regularly? If so you would know that you can randomly get a “lost connection to server” and just disconnect out of a game. You should not be punished for what is currently a bug in the game.

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True, game isn’t fledged out.

Suggestions in OP address dealing with the person disconnecting though, not making the game engine better. These are two separate issues.

A couple times in the past months, I climbed over 100 elo points because I “got lucky” and it was enemies dropping instead of allies in 5-6 games in a row. I’ve also had bad streaks of teammates dropping, causing large drops in elo. It’s like playing the lottery

You lose Elo when your teammates disconnect because you win Elo when enemies disconnect… and both phenomena even out, only penalizing people who leave often. If you think your Elo will fluctuate long term due to leavers, you’re wrong

same opinion of the thread