Why do people keep thinking the next DLC will be byz, turks and italy?

was something leaked? Or is this some kind of thought insertion or flock mentality?

ive seen quite a number of posts with people either assuming or simply guessing that those will be the civs?

like the guys who erroneously guessed the wrong civs for aoe2’s DotD?


I don’t know what you are talking about but Poles, Bohemians, and Armenians were 3 of the main guesses for DotD

Also, people are saying Byzantines, Turks, and Venetians(don’t know where you have seen Italians) because those are the most asked for. At least, Byzantines and Venetians are.


The Byzantines were incredibly important during the middle ages (so much so the fall of Constantinople is often used as an ending date for that period), so it makes sense they’d be next - plus they help fill out Eastern Europe/Middle East. As for the Turks, they were also important and make a natural counterpart/enemy to the Byzantines for a possible two-civ DLC.


Armenians or Georgians would be so cool to see.

I want Africans and Arabians

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Well the Abbasids will be in the game. As for Africa I guess time will tell.

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I think Ottomans and Japanese are just inevitable somewhere down the line.


It’s all speculation. But as someone who has studied the Byzantine empire for quite a long time, it is at least a very surprising moment whenever I see people saying that Byzantines and Turks should go hand in hand.

When the first nomadic groups of just tens of thousands Seljuks arrived in Asia Minor, the Byzantine empire was already a fully developed, matured and extremely sophisticated civilization of many millions of citizens. To put it in a more elaborate way, it was the direct continuation of Greco-Roman antiquity in the middle ages. There’s really no comparison here.
In terms of enemies, the Byzantines had many foes throughout their history, the most sophisticated and powerful of which were the Umayyad and Abbasid Caliphates, which posed a real existential threat to the empire. Not the Turks.

If anything, the Byzantine loss at Mantzikert was the result of heavily underestimating their opponent as is also stated in the chronicles of the time. To Byzantines, Turks were just one of the bazillion small foreign groups that were arriving at their borders throughout the centuries. It was really nothing special -to them- that quickly snowballed due to apathy and internal decline.
We could say that their existence also triggered a chain of important events like the crusades but the greatest achievement of the Turks in that context was just that they were the ones who delivered the final blow to the Byzantines.
Although you know how the saying goes, on the fall of an oak, every man becomes a woodcutter.

Just to make myself clearer, that is not to say that the Ottomans at least should not be in the game. Considering the game’s timeframe that extends beyond the end of the middle ages, Ottomans can be a suitable addition and they indeed became one of the most powerful nations in the post-medieval world. But if they are to be added, that’s not because of the Byzantines. And Byzantines most certainly do not need the Turks to be added either. They are different powers that reached their peak at different eras.


More content getting added is purely based on how much money this game makes so…

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I think their AoE4 business model is already set and most likely we will get 1-2 new civ in December. I believe it will be very similar to Civ5/6. If thats not the case then I doubt they would release only 8 civ at launch.

I think community should focus on helping the game at its improvement, instead of thinking about the next DLC, guys

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Byztantine took deadly hit from Malazgirt War and defeatet by Turks so you cant think Byztantines without Turks even in the game. Game is focusing mighty Empires so ı can easly say that first dlc is Turks and Byzatines.


are they though? or is it a case of “i want byz and turks, so therefore i see more people asking for byz and turks”

like if i want japanese ill notice how often others also ask for japanese…

im not saying it shouldnt be byz or turks, ill be happy with any new civs…

well when everyone is spitting out 1000 guesses they are bound to guess right at some point… but what im talking about was the “leak” by some bro that X civ was coming, i cant even remember what it was because i thought he was lying, maybe it was Armenians…

these guesses included many other civs, and once it was narrowed down to europe there were only so many options… whereas aoe4 is not narrowed down to europe, we dont even know if they arent counting america or asia…

exactly… DOW3 surely had plans for further expansions…

Yes, they literally are.

Byzantines and Venetians are the top 2

Are you serious? The 3 main guesses were Poles Bohemians and Armenians, I saw maybe 1 or 2 other guesses, lol.

Once it was narrowed down to Europe? We knew it was Eastern Europe right from the start, XD.

There are some people here who seem to have some kind of weird obsession about some of them