Why does everyone think AOE3DE is being abondened?

A lot of people are acting as if Microsoft is abandoning AOE3 because there hasn’t been a new DLC announced, but the same is true for AOE2 isn’t? They haven’t announced a new DLC for it either. So I fail to understand why people draw the conclusion that AOE3 is being abandoned. Can someone explain?



It’s just a bunch of doomsayers with their irrelevant opinion that love to drop everyone’s morale.


That might be true. What I find interesting is why they are Doomsayers. What brings them to this position. Is it misplayed passion for the game? So many conclusions get drawn off so little evidence.


I really don’t know. Mostly I think they are just people who like to whine


Because we are expecting to have some sort of roadmap beyond 2022. The only what’s in the horizon is a “special event” and with the release of the “complete historical edition” bundle in Steam which leads to more thoughts of AoE 3 DE no longer having new updates. Also no PUP has been released since August.


I think to some extent there’s fear at the heart of it; fear that because AoE3 isn’t as popular as other entries, it’s going to be forgotten. It’s understandable when you’ve been loving a game for nearly two decades & it’s constantly compared in a negative light to it’s predecessor. People get a bit of a chip on their shoulder.

As far as I’m concerned the diehard following AoE3 has will keep the game alive whether it’s getting updates or not. The game is great, & scratches a unique itch for many of us.


There is nothing indicating that AoE3 will get nothing on the Event.

My theory is that the AoE3DE team is helping out the AoMDE team and the AoMDE release might be sooner then we all thing.


By a lot of people you mean 5 of them on a single forum?
And that constitutes using ‘everyone’?
No, not a lot of people. In fact- considering all AoE3 players- pretty much nobody.

I’ve been following this game since 2005 and never read as much nonsense as I did on this forum. People have no clue what they are talking about and zero insight into how games are made and supported.

Hell, for the most part, these naggers don’t realize this game is just a remaster and was planned to be barely more than a gift to the fans as a part of the remastering effort of the trilogy, before the release of AoE IV.
But it turned out great despite a lot of minor issues in v1.0, and devs have been able to greatly expand it since then.

Protip: if you like this game, keep playing and enjoying it, and don’t waste your precious time in this world analyzing meaningless babble and gossip :slight_smile:

Why and what should it get? Don’t get me wrong, I love this game, but why games should receive new content in situations like that? It’s unreasonable to think every entry in the series is going to get ‘something’ because of the franchise bday.
People are contracted to do work, after that period is over the move on to the next thing or leave one way or the other, sometimes leaving just the support team to maintain MP, or create events and fix bugs. Like here.

3DE will most likely have some event, but that’s rather obvious- it has been receiving those for far less important things.

There are much bigger IPs and publishers that don’t really celebrate anything. Just a few posts on a blog is more than in 90% of other cases out there, and special ingame avatars or free skins/mods (2DE) is more than 98%. Sad but true.


Yes,Brazil dlc in December for AoE3 DE and AoM DE in…February 2023 maybe?..

Yes,that’s true…if AoE 3 DE reach the end of its support someday,we can play with it anyway…

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AoE2 had no PUP in august either iirc

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aoe2 not only has pup but also official patch

  • Crossbowman research cost increased from 125 food 75 gold :arrow_forward:175 food 125 gold.
    And changed the crossbowman to make many people feel dissatisfied.lol
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I don’t think that AoE 3 DE will run out of support in the short term, but I do think that little by little the life of this game begins to fade, before the updates were monthly, but the last update with the Iroquois rework took almost two months to come out, and once again it was two months later and the next patch still hasn’t come out. So it seems that maybe from now on the patches will be every 2-3 months and not 1 as before, and maybe then only for four months, gradually turning off what’s left of the game.

Personally, I think that the support of the game will end when all the civilizations have their explorer skins, and between that we will surely have one more DLC from one civilization from America (maybe Argentina or Brazil) and then one more DLC from Asia and no more than it’s.

Most likely, FE will have another high priority other than AOE 3 DE (not counting AoE 2 DE and its dlcs), such as a simultaneous development with Relic in future AoE IV DLC’s, and perhaps another title that doesn’t have DE yet :eyes: . We don’t know, but in the medium term we will already have a clearer picture of what will be the future of AoE 3 DE.


To be true, at some point the support of AoE 3 DE will stop.


That’s true…FE has too much work for 3 titles:AoE 2 DE,AoE 3 DE and AoE 4…they maybe will launch 3 more dlcs to AoE 3 DE:Brazil,Persia-Korea and Poland-Denmark and then pass all of its devs to make AoM DE and its respectives dlcs and obviously continue the work in AoE 4…


You guys are setting the bar too high.
The previous monthly update with new contents was extraordinarily fast. Being slower than that is going back to normal not a major decline.


They are working on the new dlc.

Every time they didn’t release a monthly update was because they were working on a new civ.


Exactly. In fact, although I’m sure this is heresy to say, I like playing it better when no new civs have been recently added (which inevitably messes up the balance). I couldn’t play inca for a long long time, until it was finally nerfed sufficiently. Game balance is what makes AOE 3 enjoyable. When there is something out of whack, it ruins the enjoyment. And game balance is super hard when you keep adding new civs.

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And the truth is the original game for many years didn’t receive any new content or patches and still, a lot of folks played it online. On official version, or modded thanks to some very interesting expansions or just custom scenarios and RMs.
It’s especially annoying to read these things because it suggests they promised something, were paid for something and abandoned it, and broke their word. Where in reality nothing like that took place.

Personally I was blown away that in the remaster they’ve included Swedes and Inca civs, both were and are cool and fun. That was more than I expected. Since then just they’ve released loads of stuff. Hell, their free maps are more numerous than probably all maps from official CnC games combined heh. And people still have the balls to accuse them of abandoning the game, whatever that means :confused:
As if this is Apex Legends, or they didn’t release a s-load of regular patches and updates in a couple of years since the release. It’s one of the best-supported games, not just RTS or a remasters, I’ve ever seen.

I wouldn’t say a word if daily player numbers were in the 30k range or something.
Have a grudge with players, that are spending their time playing Dotas, Lost Arks, or other crap, and not classic RTS games. Developers have nothing to do with that.


Yes, what we could do, as players and fans, is to create you tube content/commentary showing only fun and INTERESTING games, games that aren’t mirrors or meta play, to showcase the fun and innovative strategy that is possible in this game. That could help grow the player base. Now that I’ve said that, the question is, why aren’t I doing it!? uh oh…

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