Why doesn't Spain have cannoneers?

The cannoneer is a castilian harquebuisser and I don’t understand why Spain doesn’t have them.
Once again they introduce the irish brigadiers through the church when there is already a letter for them, why don’t they introduce the cannoneers through the Church?
I think it would give Spain a longer second age, nerf them if necessary.

I understand that Portugal needs exclusivity but it could share this unit with Spain without problem and also our Portuguese friends are already proposing good ideas for Portugal in another topic.



it would be really cool if we would spend more attention to balance as on design. The main Reason why spain cant have cannoners is that it is already a pretty strong civilisation


Sadly, outside of a 1 time send portugal has exported its hand canoneers to taverns/monasteries/palaces all over the world and apparently they are only trainable en masse by ethopia because ofc the native civ should have easier access to Portuguese hand canoneers that Portugal
We also down to 7 for 500c now as ports
Yes im salty XD
So spain can get in line behind ports :stuck_out_tongue:


And if it can have brigadiers? They are going to nerf Spain again in the next patch.

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Yes, BUT they need to use Spanish voicelines

Because the combo of cannoners + rods + lancers would be auto gg in all games, considering that Spain has one of the fastest ff of all.

I think the only way for it to be balanced is for the unit itself to be available in Industrial or have a very high cost with revised stats.


I don’t care how but they put them in

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You mean to tell me two countries that are next to each other, share the same cultural background and were united through a good part of the period happened to share the same uniforms and weapons?

Wow, I’m so shocked, who could have seen it coming?


I have not said that Portugal does not have cannoneers, I have said that Spain should also have them. It’s as if the British don’t have musketeers and can’t get redcoats but the others can. Is the same


I understand this. As a Brit who plays Brits, it was always odd that Highlanders were very distant despite Scotland being part of the civ. It was even more jarring that other civs were starting to gain access to Tavern Highlanders, so I fully get this.

If there’s a way of giving them to our Iberian chums, whether stripped down a little and with more appropriate names (and their respective Voice Overs), then so be it.


yeah but Brigadiers dont make Siege Damage which would be the case for the cannoners.

That’s a matter of balance

Also odd that they never got a gurkha shipment though brits got rangers now I guess.

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I think the best way to incorporate Gurkhas for the British is to have them replace the 13 Cherokee Allies HC card. This would involve having maybe 13 consulate style Gurkha available from an infinite shipment. To prevent this from affecting balance, these Gurkhas should not take up any population space but be capped at 13. Honestly I wouldn’t complain if they were just reskinned Cherokee Riflemen at this stage with all the same stats. (These Gurkhas would not be the same as the ones available to the Indian civ)

Yeah that’s probably the best way to incorporate them, late game rangers are superior so they wouldn’t see much use.

For these Gurkhas to get any use they’d have to have the opposite stats of Rangers, that why I mentioned Cherokee Rifleman (i.e. higher hitpoints, lower attack). Gurkhas could fill the role of “maxing out” your army pop before the end of a treaty period (presuming they are treated like natives not mercenaries).

Anyway I don’t want to diverge too far away from the OP. So to bring us back on to topic, I agree Cannoneers should be available to the Spanish. Do you guys think it would be broken if we gave both Spain and Portugal a card that converts all Crossbowmen into Cannoneers. Or do you think that would be too broken??

I think that would be completely broken. In the case of spain even adding a shipment would be too strong unless it was in age 4. I don’t see why you can’t allow them to train them in some way though like how ethiopia can with a certain age up, that way you still need to train them and they’re quite expensive. I play a lot of ports and I wouldn’t even make them over cassadores, they might add a bit of variety to spain though.

Regardless of the Spanish, let the Portuguese able to train Cannoneers first.

Change The Logistician to provides a Military Wagon and make Cannoneers trainable in Tavern.The extra range become part of units’ upgrades.

That is a good option but they would have to adjust the stats of the cannoneers a lot and remove the mercenary tag, Ethiopia would keep them with mercenaries.

In the case of Spain it could be through card tercio tactics (already discussed in another topic) converting crossbows into cannoneers but if this has a great impact they should not be converted, just replace them in the barracks.

It should be a slightly better unit than the crossbowman, this will give Spain a decent second age in 1v1 and as a team.

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for a decent Age2 spain has received a lot of buffs in the last patches like House of Tramastra, Logistician. At the end of a day we play a RTS Game and not an Historical Battle Player.