Why dont put the bonus is deal versus shock infantery on every dragoon type unit? example cuatreros

please pun it on the IU

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goons deal bonus damage vs coyoteman type, not abstract shock infantry. that’s why goons don’t counter erks, which is a desirable feature


Goons counter hand shock infantry.

Like Coyote, Shotels, chimu etc.

They don’t counter ranged shock infantry like ERK.
The game distinguishes between ranged and hand shock infantry and has different icons and tags for them.

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Bonus against Ranged Shock Infantry are hidden because they only affect one unit.
All units that have bonus damage against Ranged Cavalry also have bonus damage against Ranged Shock Infantry. (maybe with the exception with some vanilla campaign units)


The game should just label Shock infantry as Heavy cavalry and Ranged shock infantry as Light cavalry. And try to find a way to make different types of units more visually distinguishable. These terms and graphics make simple things unnecessarily complex and stop new players coming.

When I play Aztec and make various types of units, I just see a mass of soldiers on foot. I can’t distinguish them at all…

This game really need more new blood.

The modifier against Heavy Cavalry is usually bigger then the one against Shock Infantry.
They are not the same.

But I agree the icons are bad. Also the on hover details are so unreliably. It sometimes takes me 20 seconds to get them to display, nothing you could ever realistically do in an MP match.

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We can change the units description of Coyote runner like “Aztec’s unique Heavy cavalry. Receive less bonus damage than normal Heavy cavalry”.

This reminds me the civilization bonus of Sicilian of AOE2, and it’ss more understandable.

By the way, the rule of Arrow Knight is actually Artillery. I suggest it should be selected by pressing the select all artillery hotkey. The description could also be changed like “Aztec’s Unique Artillery, good against other Artillery and buildings.”

arrow knights are infantry, and are countered by units with a bonus vs infantry, such as naginata. they are not directly countered by units with a bonus vs artillery, such as ranged cavalry. This is party why they’re so awful vs artillery.

Erks are currently the only ranged shock inf

and unless this was patched recently, some hand shock infantry isnt countered at all by ranged cavalry - specifically rattan shields and tiger claws


Never knew this… Why does the wiki says they are weak against Light cavalry?

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the wiki said howdah were bad vs heavy cav and good vs skirms until last week when i edited it, a lot of those boxes are pretty bad. I’ll confirm and edit it if needed, I’d already been going through those :slight_smile:


they changes this. they are now properly tagged as coyoteman.


thats great news, thanks for confirming

so why there isnt an icon of coyoteman type and an icon for shock infantery?
i only see icons of shock infantery
and iam pretty sure that cuatreros deals bonus damage versus coyotes and chimus and its not displayed on UI

but cuatrero is a goon, and it doesnt have the bonus displayed on IU

yes but the bonus versus ranged shock infatery is lesser than the bonus versus ranged cavalry, so it sohuld be displayed always onIU

thats a great question. probably because they didn’t add one in 2006 and no one’s been bothered to change it except a few mods

The whole counter system can be redesigned.
Lots of things can be simplified.
Simplify the units type to 6 basic units type: Heavy Infantry, Light infantry, Heavy Cavalry, Light Cavalry, Artillery, Misc (Explorers, Villagers, etc)

And unify the graphics.
All melee infantry are HI.
All ranged HI wear tricorns, bicornes, or other big hats.
All LI wear small hats or no hats.
All HC ride black horses, wear black fur cape, or carry black flags.
All LC ride white horses, wear white fur cape, or carry white flags.
And let all units of the same type use the similar move animation. For example, let all ranged HI move with military step. Let LI trot and squat when they fire.

Release official mods if some people prefer old graphics.
The game needs to be easier to learn to get new players.

I don’t understand, for me the bonus is displayed correctly on UI with its own icon (Hand Shock Infantry = “Coyotemen” = Chimus etc…):

This has been fixed some patches ago.


The only thing I think needs fixing now is to have a icon for light shock infantry (ERK) and there be a seperate icon for Heavy cav and All cav since they are still the same

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Why they should add an icon for just a unit??? Just use units that have bonus vs Light cav.